Annual Report to the School Community

Assembly DVD Purchasing

John Crane is once again filming all the assemblies for 2017. A DVD of each assembly will be available to purchase on Qkr! for $5.

To order a DVD, please head to Qkr! and under the ‘Specialist Charges’ tab, select “Assembly DVD” and write the date of the assembly you wish to order.
Please allow 2 weeks for your DVD to be delivered to your child.

Any issues please contact Karen Hall in the Office.

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Parents are welcome to scan and e-mail medical plans to

Contact E-mail for Staff

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Staff E-mail Contacts

Oakleigh South Primary School


Ron Cantlon 

Assistant Principals

Sue Jackson

Erik Albers

Nikki Virtuoso

Business Manager

Jo Chapple

Office Staff

Sarah Van Deursen

Karen Hall

Carlyn Backers


Team Leader: Anthony Savva

Tess Farry

Jade Freeman

Angie Martyn

Amy Philipsen

Sarah Rayment

Megan Reed

Year 1

Team Leader: Jess Gray

Natalie Cancino

Jess Kohinga

Melissa Lenehan

Emily McElhinney

Nick Morrey

Melanie van Delft

Year 2

Team Leader: Siobhan Ilsley 

Jenny Barnard

Jackie Di Siervi

Kelly Hall

Simonne Marsden

Vanessa O’Connor

Claire Stevenson


Year 3

Team Leader: Juli Kearney

Ken Benson

Di Dwyer

Kim Kerr

Maddy Morrison

Jan Presnell

Jenny Smith

Murray Wilde

Year 4

Team Leader: Tony Muir

Kirsten Brown

Diane Kassiotis

Anita Salems

Geoff Zielin


 Year 5

Team Leader: Matt Barker

Team Leader: Evert Eykman

Lisa Goudie

Nadine Kingsley

Kate Mallet

Helen Paroukas

Maria Sakellaris

Year 6

Team Leader: Anthony Rowe

Sean Alston

Chris Roth

Catherine Sangster

Fiona Wells


Years 4, 5, 6 Elaine Wilkinson

Years 3, 4, 5, 6 Lemone Meyer

Years3 Sue Thompson

Year 2 Meg Corbett

Year 1 Naomi Marsh

Prep Stacey Lolas



Year 2-6 Marcus Mooney

Prep, Year 1 Stacey Lolas



Rochelle Hunt



Mami Martin

Sumika Ranjitkumar

Naomi Marsh


Specialist Staff

Nicky Bathols

Kate Mallett

Julie McCormack

Kirsten Whitworth


ES Staff

Sally Bahnsen

Nathan Beaumont

Brad Cantlon

Lyn Cantlon

Dawn Charles

John Crane

Trina Crimmins

Joan Healy

Helen James

Janet Wilkin

Flexibuzz & QKR!

OSPS uses Flexibuzz for important school announcements and Qkr! for online payments for camps/excursions/purchasing etc. Every OSPS family will need to download Flexibuzz & Qkr! onto their phones, tablets, laptops or PCs.

At the beginning of each school year, it is vital that each famiy accurately register the correct students and the correct class and year level to ensure they are receiving timely information, and making payments for the correct student.

Lunch Service

The school is using the services of CLASSROOM CUISINE to provide Student Lunches every MONDAY and FRIDAY.
Orders must be completed and paid for ONLINE before 8.30 am SHARP on the day required.

OSHC Camp Australia

Oakleigh South Primary School Council have engaged CAMP AUSTRALIA to manage all aspects of the school’s OSHC, including Before, After and Holiday Care.

Out of Hours Services

Oakleigh South Primary School venue is host to a variety of service providers. Please note that service providers are not managed or run by Oakleigh South Primary School, they hire our venue. Please use the link to find out further information to get in touch with their service.

Auskick – Oakleigh

Balmoral Calisthenics


Cricket – Clayton District

Fit for Kids – Tennis & Golf

G.K.R Karate

International School of Japanese

Jewish R.E – United Jewish Education Board

Oakleigh Dragons Football Krushers

Oakleigh South Netball Club Oakleigh Jets U11’s

Pilates – Ricki Eckhous

Purple Dog Mosaics

Sing for Fun – Lisa Maxwell Cripps

Soccer – Grasshopper Soccer

The Music School – Keyboard & Guitar



Parent Group

All parents are welcome to be involved with their children’s education and the Parent Group provides an opportunity for members to work together to further the interests of their children by:

  • Encouraging social interaction among parents and families.
  • Providing resources and facilities for the pupils through fundraising activities

Examples of the wonderful social events and fundraising events organised by parent group are:

  • Prep Welcome BBQ
  • Outdoor Movie Night
  • Easter Hamper Raffle
  • Fete Craft / Mother’s Day Stall
  • Family Night Out – i.e Inflatable World
  • Father’s Day Breakfast (proceeds donated to charity)
  • Trivia Night
  • School Disco
  • Giving Tree (donated to Salvation Army)
  • Christmas Stall

Meetings are advertised in the school newsletter, however we also have a large team of helpers that assist during events and fundraisers who do not attend meetings. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to find out further information.

Carlyn Backers

Parent Group


Oakleigh South Primary School has developed policies in line with department regulations. They have all been approved by School Council. The following policies are available for your perusal at the office: External Providers Policy, Duty of Care Policy & Procedures, Administration of Medication Policy, Critical incident Plan Policy, Accidents & Incidental Reporting Policy, Working with Children Check Policy. The following policies are available via the links below:

Acceptable Use Agreement OSPS

Anaphylaxis Management Policy OSPS

Bullying and Harassment Policy OSPS

Child Safe Code of Conduct

Child Safe Policy OSPS

Computers and Mobile Device Policy OSPS

Curriculum Framework Policy OSPS

Dress Code Policy OSPS


Excursions and Camps Policy OSPS

ICT Acceptable Use Policy OSPS

Parent Payment Policy OSPS

Student Engagement & Welfare Policy OSPS

Visitors Policy OSPS

The Department has developed a new Schools’ Privacy Policy and related documents for all Victorian government schools. The new Schools’ Privacy Policy will be implemented over term one of 2018. Please click below for further information. Once ratified by school council, the OSPS policy will be uploaded.

School Council

School Council Membership 2018

The first meeting for the new “School Council Year” was conducted on Wednesday 25th April. All Office Bearers have been elected and all 15 positions filled. Carlyn Backers is on School Council as a Parent Group Delegate. She will be able to attend all meetings and report on the Parent Group operations. A Schedule 7: School Council Members has been published here.

School Council Elections

School Council Election Results 2018

At the close of nominations, Thursday 15th February 2017, in the PARENT CATEGORY, there were 6 Vacancies and 6 Nominations, so no Election will be held. Congratulations to our new School Council members.

The PARENT NOMINEES (in alphabetical order) are:

Lindsay GUY
Kate LIU

The DET NOMINEES and successful candidates are:


TOTAL MEMBERS 15 (Parents 8, DET 5, Community 2)


Sam Diplaris (President)

Kate Liu (Treasurer)

Kate Rawlinson (Secretary)

Carlyn Backers (Parent Group)

Campbell Davies

Margherita Floros

Lindsay Guy

Andrew Holman 


Ron Cantlon (Principal)

Sue Jackson

Erik Albers

Anthony Savva

Julie Kearney


Nikki Kaur 




Appendix A: School Council Elections Information for Parents

School Council Elections 2018

What is a school council and what does it do?

All government schools in Victoria have a school council. They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the key directions of a school within centrally provided guidelines. In doing this, a school council is able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students.

Who is on the school council?

There are three possible categories of membership:

  • A mandated elected Parent category. More than one third of the total members must be from this category. Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DET) employees can be Parent members at their child’s school as long as they are not employed at the school.
  • A mandated elected DET employee category. Members of this category may make up no more than one third of the total membership of school council. The principal of the school is automatically one of these members.
  • An optional Community member category. Its members are appointed by a decision of the council because of their special skills, interests or experiences. DET employees are not eligible to be Community members.

The term of office for all members is two years. Half the members must retire each year, creating vacancies for the annual school council elections.

Why is Parent membership so important?

Parents on school councils provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help shape the direction of the school.

Those parents who become active on a school council find their involvement satisfying in itself and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.

How can you become involved?

The most obvious way is to vote in the elections, which are held in Term 1 each year. However, ballots are only held if more people nominate as candidates than there are positions vacant.

In view of this, you might seriously consider

  • standing for election as a member of the school council
  • encouraging another person to stand for election.

Do I need special experience to be on school council?

No. What you do need is an interest in your child’s school and the desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future.

What do you need to do to stand for election?

The principal will issue a notice and call for nominations following the commencement of Term 1 each year. All school council elections must be completed by the end of March.

If you decide to stand for election, you can arrange for someone to nominate you as a candidate or you can nominate yourself in the Parent category.

DET employees whose child is enrolled in a school in which they are not employed are eligible to nominate as parents for the school council where their child is enrolled

Once the nomination form is completed, return it to the principal within the time stated on the notice of election. You will receive a Nomination Form Receipt in the mail following the receipt of your completed nomination.

If there are more nominations received than there are vacancies on council, a ballot will be conducted during the two weeks after the call for nominations has closed.


  • Ask at the school for help if you would like to stand for election and are not sure what to do
  • Consider standing for election to council this year
  • Be sure to vote in the elections.

Contact the principal for further information.

Schedule 4: Notice of Election and Call for Nominations

An election is to be conducted for members of the School Council of Oakleigh South Primary School

Nomination forms may be obtained from the school and must be lodged by 4.00 pm on Thursday 15th February, 2018.

The ballot will close at 4.00 pm on Thursday 1st March, 2018.

Following the closing of nominations a list of the nominations received will be posted at the school. The terms of office, membership categories and number of positions in each membership category open for election are as follows:


TERM OF OFFICE: From the day after the date of the declaration of the poll in 2018 to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2020



TERM OF OFFICE: From the day after the date of the declaration of the poll in 2018 to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2020


If the number of nominations is less than the number of vacancies, a notice to that effect and calling for further nominations will be posted in a prominent position at the school.

Ron Cantlon


Term Dates & Bells

Term Dates


Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

Term 4: 

8 October to 20 December (2.30pm students finish)

21 December (teachers finish)



Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

Term 1: 

29 January (teachers start)

30 January Year 1 – 6 students start

31 January Preps 9.30 – 12.30  (No Wednesdays during February)

Last day of Term 1 is Friday 5 April (2.30pm finish)

Term 2:

23 April  to 28 June

Term 3:

15 July to 20 September

Term 4: 

7 October to 19 December (2.30pm students finish)

20 December ( teachers finish)

Bell Session & Times

8.45am Bag bell

9.00am Start of day bell

9.00am Session 1

9.50am Session 2

10.40am Start of recess bell

11.10am End of recess bell

11.10am Session 3

12.00pm Session 4

12.50pm Lunch eating time bell

1.00pm Start of lunch

1.50pm End of lunch bell

1.50pm Session 5

2.40pm Session 6

3.30pm End of day bell

Uniforms PSW

School Uniforms are provided by Primary School Wear (PSW)

New uniforms can be purchased form their outlet store in Mills Street, Cheltenham or online.

PSW Cheltenham

15 Mills St, Cheltenham VIC 3192 (03) 9768 0332

Uniforms Second Hand

Oakleigh South Primary School parent volunteers run Second Hand Uniform Shop which is located in the junior wing.

If you’d like to volunteer to assist please contact the office. Washed and suitable donations of uniform can be handed in at the office.

Opening hours are: 8.45am to 9.00am on Wednesdays and Fridays.