Enrolment Applications

2023 Enrolment Applications – Mid Year Applications for this year


If you have moved to the Oakleigh South Primary School zone, and are looking for placement during the 2023 school year, please complete the enrolment forms below, and email with all supporting documents and your child’s last 2 school reports to our Enrolments Team at enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au


Enrolments will be accepted in digital format only via e-mail

** Please note: If forms are incomplete or missing supporting documents, we are unable to process your application.

2024 Prep Enrolment Applications


The Department of Education has released a new statewide Prep enrolment timeline.

The timeline advises families when and how to enrol their child into Prep at a Victorian government primary school, including Oakleigh South Primary School.

The new timeline will apply for children starting Prep in 2024. All government primary schools will follow the new timeline in 2023 to support Prep enrolments for the 2024 school year.

You can find information and resources about the new timeline, including factsheets, at: Enrolling in Prep. You can also download the ‘Foundation (Prep) Enrolment Information Pack for Parents/Carers for the 2024 school year’ from the Starting School webpage (available from 24 April 2023).

You will be able to apply to enrol your child in Foundation (Prep) 2024 at Oakleigh South Primary School from 24 April 2023.

What you need to do:

    1. Book a school tour via TryBooking if you wish to learn more about our school and the enrolment application process. Unfortuantely, we are unable to provide personal tours.
      If you have any questions, please contact the Enrolments Team via email or on 9570 1016.
    2. Download the Foundation (Prep) enrolment information pack from Enrolling in Prep (available from 24 April 2023)
    3. Submit an enrolment application, with all the supporting documentation for Prep by Friday 28 July 2023 Enrolment Form Prep 2024
      Please complete and email along with all required supporting documents (please see below for list of required documents) to our Enrolments Team at enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au  Enrolments will be accepted in digital format only
    4. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by Friday 11 August 2023. If you receive an offer of placement, you email the acceptance form to accept the offer by Friday 25 August 2023.
    5. Take part in enrolment information and transition sessions during Term 4, 2023.
    6. Your child will start Prep from Tuesday 30 January 2024.

Please check that ALL areas are this form and signatures are completed and supporting documents are attached.
** We cannot process your application until ALL information is provided **

Supporting Documentation





(if not born in Australia) including visa information and arrival date in Australia

 *  PROOF OF RESIDENCE – The Department of Education require all applicants to provide 100 points proof of residence with their application.

To view the complete information, please click the link 100 Point Address Check List  or view the list of documents and their point value.

**  Please ensure documents equallying 100 points are sent with each enrolment, or we are unable to process your application.


Tour Dates 2023


Our School Tour dates for 2023 are listed below.

Bookings are essential, and can be made via TryBooking.

Map to Robotics Room for School Tour: 2023 TERM 3 Open Day Map To ROBOTICS

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer individual tours.

Prep 2024 Enrolments will be accepted in digital format only, via e-mail from Monday, 24th April 2023

For further details call 9570 1016

2024 Prep Enrolments will be accepted from

Monday, 24th April, 2023

in digital form only to enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au

please read the guidelines below.

Student Enrolment Guidelines

At the February, 2015 School Council Meeting, the issue of placing a restriction on Student Enrolments was discussed in great detail. The school had earlier received permission from the Department of Education to grant the Enrolment Restriction, due to the rapid increase in enrolments.


Proof of residence is required.

** The lease must be through a Registered Real Estate Agent. Private lease arrangements will not be accepted

School Council have implemented Student Enrolment Guidelines effective immediately.

In the first instance, Prep Enrolments will be capped at 147 ( or 7 Classes).

Other Year level enrolments will also be granted according to criteria below.

  • All students who reside in the Designated Neighbourhood Boundary
  • Students with sibling entitlements
  • Other students in order of closeness of their residential address to the school, if places are available.

The School will finalise enrolments at the end of July each calendar year. Parents will receive written confirmation shortly after. If places are still available, they will be offered based on residential proximity to the school.

Enrolments will only be accepted for the next Calendar Year.

For all Designated Neighbourhood Boundaries in the area:

To view the Department’s Placement Policy



Designated Neighbourhood Boundary

Enrolment Enquiries Form

Fees & Parent Payments 2023

On a yearly basis, Oakleigh South Primary School asks for parent payments for Essential Learning Items – these are items and activities which the school deems essential for student learning. These parent payments are vital to our students, and ensure the adequate resourcing of our classrooms. Please refer to the Department of Education and Training’s Parent Payment Policy for further details.


For a summary of the main principles of the Parent Payments Policy, please click on the link below.

Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook 2023 – TBA