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Riley Street, Oakleigh South, Vic, 3167

T 9570 1016

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Oakleigh South Primary School



Ron Cantlon


Assistant Principals

Sue Jackson (P-1)

Nikki Virtuoso (2-3)

Erik Albers (4-5)

Anthony Rowe (6)


Business Manager

Jo Chapple


Maintenance & IT

Rico Virtuoso


Office Staff

Sarah Van Deursen

Carlyn Backers



Team Leader: Jade Freeman

Bethany Bonham

Nikita Collins

Stephanie Giabardo

Naomi Marsh

Angie Martyn

Megan Reed


Year 1

Team Leader: Jess Gray

Lauren Di Maio

Cassie Furst

Cheyenne Gunning

Nicholas Mason-Parker

Sarah Rayment

Alice MacDonald


Year 2

Team Leader: Amy Philipsen

Stephanie Chris

Gabriella Lema

Melissa Lenehan

Siobhan Le

Tayla McArtney

John Rice

Mel van Delft


Year 3

Team Leader: Nigel Hooley

Team Leader: Julie Kearney

Di Dwyer

Melanie Flynn

Jenny Smith

Melissa Toth

Murray Wilde


Year 4

Team Leader:  Anthony Savva

Meg Corbett

Kelly Hall

Diane Kassiotis

Nick Morrey

Kirsten Whitworth

Enis Wintersea


Year 5

Team Leader: Helen Paroukas

Nick Crane

Fiona Freeman

Lisa Goudie

Nadine Kingsley

Kirwan Peluso


Year 6

Team Leader: Simonne Marsden

Leon Davey

Jackie Di Sierv

Lemone Meyer

Chris Roth

Fiona Wells

Elaine Wilkinson

Geoff Zielin


Performing Arts

Years 4 – 6 Michael Mietzcke

Years 4 – 6 Elaine Wilkinson

Prep – Year 3 Jenny Barnard



Year 2 – 6 Marcus Mooney

Prep, Year 1 Mick McMahon


Visual Arts

Rochelle Hunt



Year 2, 5 & 6 Mami Martin

Year 1 – 6 Sumiko Ranjitkumar

Prep Nicky Bathols


Science / STEM

Maria Sakellaris


Digital Technologies / STEM

Evert Eykman


Specialist Staff

Trina Crimmins

Kim Kerr

Kate Mallett

Julie McCormack

Sue Thompson

Kirsten Brown


Tutor Staff

Vanessa O’Connor

Kerryn Pinkus

Carissa Martinez

Elaine Parry

Matthew Gordon

Tony Muir

Natalie Cancino


Education Support Staff

Helen Avgeridis

Sally Bahnsen

Brad Cantlon

Penelope Cato

Dawn Charles

Joel Downey

Georgia Hopkins

Hayley McAlinden

Nicola Morgan

Connie Pikardou

Janet Wilkin