Year 6 budding leaders have been on an incredible journey during Term 4, delving into the fascinating world of Government & Civics & Citizenship.
In an immersive and hands-on unit of work, each class embarked on a real-life political adventure by electing their very own Premier! The vibrant states of James, Major, Marsden, Martinez, Morrey, and Wells have witnessed the birth of multiple political parties, each with its unique flair and focus.
Our students have not only stepped into the shoes of politicians but have also explored the dynamics of teamwork and leadership. Within each political party, there were dedicated roles such as Candidate, Speaker, P.R. Manager and Clerk. Together, these young minds have worked collaboratively, putting their skills to the test to ensure their candidate secured the coveted title!
A key aspect of this engaging program was the development of policies. Lively discussions, brainstorming and deciding on three policies, represented the core values and beliefs of their respective parties. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to articulate their ideas and understand the importance of thoughtful policymaking and debating.
We’re sure our Year 6 parents and guardians have heard about these policies in the past weeks as our Year 6 students have presented their visions for a better and brighter future.
Well done Year 6’s.