The Year 6’s went on a phenomenal camp to Halls Gap. Not only did the students have a great time but they also learnt important values, through the fun activities provided.
Students visited the beautiful Venus Baths, faced the exhausting challenge of climbing the Pinnacle and hung off the edge of a cliff during the nerve-wracking abseiling. The exhilaration students felt after facing their fears on these adventures was priceless. Another entertaining aspect of camp was the variety of sport areas we had to play at: tennis court, soccer ground, volleyball court and ping pong table.
The Halls Gap staff served us fantastic meals throughout the week consisting of parma, pasta, pizzas, wraps, burgers, ice cream, pancakes – the list could go on! Accommodation-wise each room had comfortable beds and we even had our own en-suite! Overall, the Year 6 Camp was a blast and the time we got to spend with our friends and teachers will be treasured for many years to come.
What a way to end our primary school journey!