Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, Year 1’s it’s African Drumming Time!

The Year 1 students arrived at school to hear the sound of a kora (a Senegalese string instrument that he actually made himself) playing in the background by our special guest Bouba. Students enthusiastically peeked through the window to get a glimpse of Bouba jamming solo as he prepared for a big day of African drumming. As part of our Term 3 integrated studies unit ‘Around the World’, each Year 1 class participated in an interactive dance and drumming workshop. Our 45-minute sessions brought so much life and energy into the classroom and the time went far too quickly! Bouba taught us how music has the power to break down barriers as it is a universal language that can bring everyone together with a big smile. Students excitedly played their djembe drums throughout the workshop where they learned how to follow a beat and keep to the rhythm ‘DuDu – KiKi’. We also had the opportunity to have a dance and sing along to the rhythm of the drums. Thank you Bouba from the company ‘African Drumming’ for such an incredible musical and cultural experience. The Year 1 students and teachers all had a blast!!