The Year 1’s zoomed off to Casey Safety Village where an exciting, fun filled and educational day was spent learning about fire and road safety.

During Fire Safety, students learned about “A Metre from the Heater” and the importance of being two steps away from anything that could burn them. The students practiced Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll and to Get Low Down and Go, Go, Go under smoke. Knowing who to call if we need help is important! We are all experts now on how to be safe if we ever have a fire at home.

During the road safety session, the students learnt all about different road signs, how to be a good pedestrian on the roads and how to ride a bike properly with a correctly fitted helmet. The students learnt to ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think’ and were able to put this into practice when they had the chance to ride a bike around the town track. They also had the opportunity to be a pedestrian and completed an extravagant treasure hunt while following the safety rules and ensuring we stop at all red lights, give-way signs and railway crossings. The best part of the day was being able to ride the bikes around the town!

We had an absolute ball learning all about fire safety and road safety and can’t wait to teach everyone what we now know. We all had a wonderful day and loved learning about how to be extra safe both around fire and on the roads.