OSPS students celebrated ‘World Maths Day’ by participating in many different maths activities, games and challenges and had lots of fun!
One of the activities running on the day was a Live Mathletics Challenge, open to students around the world. To compete, students had a 48 hour window in which to play 20 rounds of Live Mathletics, all against other students in their year level, from different countries.
At the end of the 48 hour period, the results were in and the Leader Board was announced. At OSPS, we had many stand-out results. These are the top competitors from each year level at OSPS:
Prep: Methsandie
Year 1: Emma
Year 2: Laurence
Year 3: Prayag
Year 4: Revan
Year 5: Alexander
Year 6: Leo
Alexander in year 5 deserves special mention as he finished Number 1 in Australia and Number 3 in the world! He now goes on to compete in a Championship Challenge on Friday May 28th. This Challenge sees the top 4 competitors in the world, for each year level, competing against each other in an additional 3 Live Mathletics Rounds.
Best of luck to Alex, who will stay after school on Friday, to compete in this super exciting event!