We’re going to the zoo, zoo zoo………the Prep students visited the Melbourne Zoo, as part of their Integrated topic ‘Schoolyard Safari’.

Students became Wild Explorers for the day, as they roamed the zoo and participated in a hands-on education session with a Zoo Keeper. During this session, students got the opportunity to learn about and meet one of the Zoo’s animals, either Henry the turtle or Maddy the snake. It was a delight to see students ask a number of fantastic questions during these sessions and listen intently throughout.

Following this, students put some of their new found knowledge to the test, as they built habitats and classified the poo from different animals – a highlight for many!

Despite the cold weather, the rain stayed away so students were able to see seals, tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys and many more animals moving happily about their homes at the zoo. Some students were even luckier enough to see an elephant have a bath and it could even be suggested that the elephant behaved better than most children at bath time.

A big thank you to all the parent helpers from each class who volunteered their time to help at the zoo and to the classroom teachers who worked hard to plan such a fun and successful excursion.