It’s going to be like no other term we’ve ever experienced, remote and flexible learning. We’ve got this.

All the staff have worked tremendously hard to plan and prepare online learning for the OSPS students. We’ve tried to set up our programs with as much flexibility and ease for students and parents, whilst catering for individual needs and continuing the learning journey.

Please, we stress, if you have any issues, problems, concerns or questions your first port of call is your classroom teacher via e-mail. Also you might like to share your success stories.

Don’t forget – the OSPS learning hub is the one stop shop for all the links, tutorials, help guides – perhaps have a look here first and the answer may just be a click away. Content and improvements will be consonantly completed across the term.

The OSPS learning hub can be accessed via the link on the home page of the OSPS website. Or here is the direct link

Remember our school values, Excellence, Respect, Working Together, Integrity and Resilience – we expect all students to follow our school values during at home learning time!