Today we welcomed back our prep students to face to face learning! The students and teachers were just so excited to be back.
Our preps settled in almost immediately, undertaking their classroom routines and tasks with enthusiasm.
Although masks are a recommendation for Prep to Year 2 students, there are a number of prep students wearing masks while inside at school. They take them off and pop them in a zip lock bag when out at recess and lunch. There are prep students who are not wearing masks. All the prep students we spoke to today were being very respectful to each other as a part of our school values, regardless if they were wearing a mask or not.
You will notice George, pictured with Mrs Jackson, is wearing his beanie in the classroom and there were many students with an extra layer on. Please pack extra clothing for your child to keep warm. The Department of Education has recommended that heaters and air conditioners remain off and that windows and doors are open to allow for air flow.
We can’t wait to see our Year 1’s and Year 2’s back this Thursday 21st October. Then our Year 5’s and Year 6’s back this Friday 22nd October. Our Year 3’s and Year 4’s will need to wait until next Tuesday 26th October for their first day back to face to face learning.