A huge thank you has been sent to OSPS from Anglicare to the OSPS parent and staff community who donated toys at the end of last year.

Here is what Anglicare had to say ‘To begin, we look back at 2023. Across Victoria, we collected close to 8,500 toys and 7,000 individual food items. That equates to $250,000 worth of toys that were donated and nearly $30,000 of yummy food!

Our school partners (that means you!) were responsible for more than half of these toys and a whopping 85% of the food contributions! Your mammoth contribution is a testament to the generosity and kindness of your students, parents and of course, the amazing teachers and faculty staff who were responsible for bringing everything (and everyone) together! Every child and young person in our Out of Home Care services, plus children of any age who visited our 17 emergency relief service centres over the holiday season had a gift to open on Christmas Day and some food to put on the table. Our Victorian Schools community played the major part, and you should feel enormously proud ❤️ Thank you!!!’

OSPS will be awarded an Appreciation Certificate. Thank you OSPS community.