With our strong connection and continued work with The Resilience Project at Oakleigh South Primary School, to support and foster the wellbeing of our students, staff and parents, we are thrilled to announce that Hugh van Cuylenburg will be delivering an online presentation to our parent community.
Hugh and the TRP Team are so looking forward to our upcoming Parent and Carer Discovering Resilience Webinar (with other schools) on Wednesday 31st May from 6:30pm to 7:30pm AEST (60 minutes).
What you can expect.
Hugh will be delivering his flagship ‘Discovering Resilience’ presentation. Through his high-energy humour and captivating storytelling, Hugh will share simple, practical tips we can use everyday to improve our wellbeing.
Why a Parent & Carer presentation?
When building positive mental health in schools, we know the best impact happens when we work together.
The ‘Discovering Resilience’ presentation helps do just that by sharing those same evidence-based strategies being taught in the classroom, so they can be also practised at home and beyond. Attendees will also be reminded of the importance of their own wellbeing- we bring the best versions of ourselves to our family and community, when we make time to look after ourselves.
Please see the Compass item for the link to register.