During this lockdown the school was directed by the Education Department to provide a remote learning program and also an onsite program (following the same remote program but at school) for children whose parents are essential workers with permits and vulnerable students.
In appreciation of the leadership team, office staff, teachers and education support staff who have attended school to facilitate the onsite program, the parents of those who attended put on a lovely morning tea, coffee and lunch. Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtful words of appreciation. Thank you to parent volunteer Nicole Stenton for arranging this on behalf of all the parents.
Guy’s Gourmet Catering were superb in catering for the morning tea and lunch! Yummo!
Of course we can not forget our staff who are also working tirelessly remotely…we thank you wholeheartedly too however you’ll all just have to wait until we are back to face to face learning to come together for a celebration and thanks.
We hope to hear from the government on Sunday what the road map has in store for the Education sector in Term 4.
Thank you again, it was super appreciated by the onsite staff.