On Wednesday the 31st of May 2017 all of the Year 1’s were lucky enough to go to Scienceworks to further explore their Integrated Studies Topic for the Term, “Science”. This is 1NC student, Kavya Ginoya’s recount of the experience.

WOW! I had an epic time at Scienceworks.

First, we went to the big Planetarium. We saw a funny movie called Tycho Goes to Space. After we saw the Melbourne city. On top of the Melbourne city there were stars which can join together and make amazing pictures. The planets we saw were Jupiter and Saturn.

Next, we went to the free viewing area. In there we got to build different things on interactive screens, we played sports and played different games.

Finally, we went to Nitty Gritty Super City. We went to the mirror and music area first, some of the mirrors showed yourself taller, I looked very funny. The next area we went to was the building area. After I went to the bike, it looked weird and it was too big to put my foot down onto the pedals. Next, I went to the boat, when I pulled the rope the flag went up, when I let go the flag went back down. The last thing we did in Nitty Gritty Super City was go to the Café, I didn’t serve any food because I didn’t have time.

My favourite area was Nitty Gritty Super City, it was so incredible. Scienceworks was an amazing experience.

Kavya Ginoya (1NC)