Our prep students have been busy preparing for our Teddy Bear Sleep Over, by decorating a cardboard box to make beautiful beds for their bears to sleep in. In the afternoon the Preps read stories to their teddies, danced with them and rocked them to sleep before saying goodnight.

The next day, we all wore our pyjamas to school and quietly crept into our classroom to see what our teddy bears had been up to… and oh, my goodness!

There was mess everywhere! The children squealed with delight upon seeing what mischief the bears had been up to! The bears had taken over the Prep classrooms with streamers, party food, games and movies. Some bears were building castles, others were eating pizza, and a few were even flying from the fans! Afterwards, the children helped to tidy the classrooms and we all enjoyed our class teddy bear picnic outside.

Have a look at some of the photos from our Prep celebration days. We’ve had so much fun!