Over two action packed days Tia, from Reptile Encounters, amazed the Prep students and teachers with a wonderful array of creatures, ranging from Goliath Stick Insects and Kermit the Green Tree Frog to Charlie the Saltwater Crocodile and Vicky the Victorian Carpet Python! The Prep children were full of excitement as they learnt many wonderful facts about reptiles.

Bob the Shingleback Lizard can confuse predators because his tail looks like his head and Boof the Frilled Neck Lizard can run on his two back legs as fast as 30km per hour! The highlight for many of us was meeting ‘Tiny’, the not so tiny Olive Python at 4 meters long and being in awe of Charlie the Saltwater Crocodile…one day he will grow to be over 7 meters long, weigh 1000 kg and live for over 100 years! WOW!

All the children and teachers had a fantastic time and were even given the opportunity pat and hold some of Tia’s awesome creatures. Check out some of our photos to see how much fun we had.