In response to the recycling crisis and worldwide litter problem, Monash University students developed a process to recycle plastics and reprocess into products that can be used locally.

As part of the Precious Plastics Program , the university students built a machine that shreds plastics and melts them into new items. ‘When Monash Council staff visited the demonstration project we saw a terrific opportunity to educate the young people of Monash on future recycling technologies, and what they can achieve as a young sustainability leader.’ Josh Fergus Councillor.

O.S.P.S . through the Year 3 Village was one of ten Monash primary schools to express an interest in being part of the project. Students collected plastics ( 2, 4 & 5 ) during the term one holidays) which was then collected and taken to Monash University for reprocessing into recycled plastics signs. The kids came up with slogans and a few were combined for our unique school sign – now proudly on display on the new village fence.

The university students made a video of what happened after they collected their plastics, showing the collection, its reprocessing into signs and the delivery of a sign to one of the schools involved.

Anna from Monash Council presented our sign to the Village at a special Year 3 assembly earlier in the term.

See Lindsay Guy’s video below – thanks Lindsay!