Term 3 in the village is about healthy eating with a focus on dairy …. and, 10 years on – the lucky villagers have , once again , been selected to be part of the exciting , hands on / interactive Picasso Cow Program run by Dairy Australia.

The year 3 staff unveiled this special project last week – a white fibre glass cow – a blank slate on which the children will create their dairy magic as they work through the learning, design and creation tasks of the program .

Year 3 families have been given the chance to name our new cow – a name preferably linked to the dairy industry , dairy foods or the dairy journey – from farm to plate .

Have you seen Chilky Tricalcianna Ushi outside the school library? Her name is a combination of three names sent in by three separate families.
Chilky – ch for cheese ilk for cheese and y for yogurt
Tricalcianna – for 3 serves of calcium a day
Uski – Japanese for cow

Our new girl is a lot smaller than Chilky … track her down and take a peek .. she is a bit pale now but watch this space !

Year 3 families or anyone else with any brilliant ideas please send your name suggestion together with the reasoning behind the name to a year 3 village staff member.