Performing Arts

The Arts

There is ample evidence that the arts help students to develop the attitudes, characteristics, and intellectual skills required to participate effectively in today’s society and economy.

The arts teach self-discipline, reinforce self-esteem and foster the thinking skills to crave creativity, so valued in the workplace. They teach the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Essentially, students should know and be able to do the following by the time they have completed primary school:

  • They should be able to communicate at a basic level in the four arts disciplines – dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts. They should be to relate to various types of arts knowledge and skills within and across the arts disciplines.
  • They should be able to develop and present basic works of art.
  • They should have been involved in a variety of arts performances and presentations

Music and the Performing Arts.

The Music stream is a sequential and developmental program encouraging students to explore and develop ideas, using musical skills, techniques, and processes and then presenting their work in a positive environment. Students listen and respond to and critique a variety of music through various activities such as moving, dancing, singing, listening, playing, creating and performing. They will develop basic musical skills in rhythm, melody, expression, form and style.

Oakleigh South Primary School is committed to creating an understanding of and interest in the performing arts to all our students and providing it in an enriching and enjoyable environment.

Programs offered at Oakleigh South Primary School.

  • All grades from Prep to Grade 6 participate in a weekly 50 minute session where children sing, dance, dramatize, play instruments and learn music theory.
  • In the younger years the children learn a wide variety of songs and play tuned and untuned instruments. They develop spatial awareness and auditory discrimination through dance and musical games and are encouraged to dramatise and express their ideas of the world.
  • As children move through the grades these concepts and skills are developed further and enhanced by additional focus on specific aspects of music. These include; recorder tuition, advanced repertoire of songs, creative, folk, and contemporary dance, drama games, skits and stagecraft and eventually a full scale theatrical performance.
  • Dance-Extravaganza performance Dance program for all years 3 and 4 children as part of the music program in terms 2 and 3.
  • School Choir. Open for all children from Grade 4 and up. Interested students meet once a week after school in the music room for practice.
  • Recorder. Taught as part of a music program to all years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 children.
  • Private practical music lessons are available after school for keyboard and guitar.
  • Incursions

Performance Opportunities at Oakleigh South Primary School.

OSPS encourages and provides students with opportunities to perform in front of community based audiences. These include;

  • Classroom performances in front of the grade.
  • Annual grade 2 musical production for the school community.
  • Annual Grade 6 Production for the school community.
  • Grade 5 classes provide choral support to the Senior School Production.
  • Performances by individual children and grades at the whole school assembly on a weekly basis.
  • Grade 3 and 4 Dance-fit classes culminate in performances for the general school community.
  • Choir performs at school assemblies and at the annual school fete.
  • Choir has also performed at a variety of one-off events including, shopping centres, external Christmas Carol functions, etc.
  • Involvement in out of school hours activities – eg Moomba and State School Spectacular

Set and Costume Hire

OSPS have a wide variety of costumes, props and sets available for hire.

Please see “Set & Costume Hire” section of About Page.

Year 2 Production 2022


In this enchanting musical, the members of the insect population take on personalities and demand the respect and positive attention they have lacked for so long.

The action and humor is continuous with an hysterical rhyming script and several unforgettable characters from the emphatic Lana the Ladybug singing That’s No Way to Treat a Ladybug to the insects demanding respect from the human race. T

he clever story and engaging songs of this best-selling musical are guaranteed to capture the imaginations and hearts of performers and audiences alike!

Year 4 Production 2022


The two siblings, Jack and Annie, return to visit the magic tree house on a dreary, rainy day. They find a book where the sun is shining and the waves are crashing, and wish to travel to this tropical place.

They realize they are in the 18th Century Caribbean, the time of pirates! The siblings meet Captain Bones, a mean old pirate who captures the two and forces them to help him find buried treasure.

It’s up to Jack and Annie to find their way back to the Tree House and make their way home.

Previous Year 4 Productions

2019 The Magic Treehouse: Pirates at Noon Kids

Master showman Harold Hill is in town and he’s got “seventy-six trombones” in tow. Can upright, uptight Marian, the town librarian, resist his powerful allure?  The story follows fast-talking traveling salesman, Harold Hill, as he cons the people of River City, Iowa, into buying instruments and uniforms for a boys’ band he vows to organize. The catch? He doesn’t know a trombone from a treble clef. His plans to skip town with the cash are foiled when he falls for Marian, whose belief in Harold’s power just might help him succeed in the end in spite of himself.

2018 The Magic Treehouse: The Knight of Dawn Kids

The two siblings, Jack and Annie, return to visit the magic tree house.  As they read a book about knights and the middle ages, Annie is intrigued by the Black Knight and the mysterious quest one must successfully complete before becoming a knight.  When she wishes to visit the castle in the book, the siblings are whisked away to medieval times.  They set off to learn more about the Black Knight and his quest, experiencing a grand medieval feast, escaping through secret tunnels and dancing with enchanted suits of armour. Through their adventure, the two discover the power of hope and the true meaning of gallantry, all in an effort to find
their way back home.

2017 The Aristocat Kids

The Aristocats Kids is the story of a kind and eccentric millionairess who wills her entire estate to Duchess, her high-society cat, and her three little kittens. Laughs and adventure ensue as the greedy, bumbling butler pulls off the ultimate catnap caper. Now it’s up to the rough-and-tumble alley cat, Thomas O’Malley, and his band of swingin’ jazz cats to save the day.

2016 The Jungle Book Kids

The OSPS year 4 students were spectacular in their performance in the jumpin’ jazzy jungle. Banished by the ferocious tiger, Shere Khan, a human boy named Mowgli and his panther friend, Bagheera, were on the run in the deepest parts of the jungle. On their journey, the two meet a sinister snake named Kaa, a herd of elephants and a giant bear named Baloo, who teaches them the swingin’ musical rhythms of the jungle. After surviving a dangerous encounter with a band of monkeys led by King Louie, Mowgli and Bagheera are forced to run for their lives. When Shere Khan returns, our heroes must rally their fellow animals into battle and restore peace throughout the jungle.

Jungle book production HR

Senior Productions
Senior School Productions presented by Yr. 6 since 1995 include:

2020 Aladdin Jnr

The story you know and love has been given the royal treatment! Aladdin and his three friends, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim, are down on their luck until Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and the Genie who has the power to grant three wishes. Wanting to earn the respect of the princess, Jasmine, Aladdin embarks on an adventure that will test his will and his moral character. With expanded characters, new songs, and more thrills, this new adaptation of the beloved story will open up “a whole new world” for your young performers!

2019 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Eccentric inventor, Caractacus Potts, sets about restoring an old race car with the help of his children Jeremy and Jemima. They soon discover the car is magic, and has the ability to float and take flight. When the evil Baron Bomburst desires the magic car for himself, the family joins forces with Truly Scrumptious and Grandpa Potts to outwit the dastardly Baron and Baroness and their villainous henchman, the Child Catcher.

2018 Seussical Jr

Transporting audiences from the Jungle of Nool to the Circus McGurkus, the Cat in the Hat narrates the story of Horton the Elephant, who discovers a speck of dust containing tiny people called the Whos. Horton must protect the Whos from a world of naysayers and dangers, and he must also guard an abandoned egg that’s been left in his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird.  Although Horton faces ridicule, danger and a trial, the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him.  Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family and community are challenged and emerge triumphant!

2017 Peter Pan Jr

Wendy Darling loves to tell stories to her brothers, Michael and John.  But when her father announces she must move out of the nursery, Peter Pan comes to visit the children and whisks them away to Neverland. Their journey introduces them to the Lost Boys, Fairies, Mermaids, Indians and even the infamous pirate, Captain Hook!  It’s Peter to the rescue when Wendy is taken captive by the dreaded captain, who has his own sinister plans in mind for our hero.

2016 The Lion King Jr

The Lion King Jr. is the story of a young lion prince, living in the flourishing African Pridelands. Born into the royal family, precocious cub, Simba, spends his days exploring the sprawling Savannah grasslands and idolizing his kingly father Mufasa while youthfully shirking responsibilities his position in life requires. This changes when an unthinkable tragedy orchestrated by his wicked uncle Scar, takes his father’s life. Simba flees the Pridelands leaving his loss and the life he knew behind. Eventually companioned by two hilarious and unlikely friends, Simba starts anew. But when the weight of responsibility and a desperate plea from the now ravaged Pridelands come to find the now adult prince, Simba must take on a formidable enemy and fulfill his destiny to be King. A vibrant and exciting tale from the great creatives at Disney, The Lion King Jr. is a story of love and redemption that nobody should miss.

2015 The Little Mermaid Jr

In a magical kingdom fathoms below, the beautiful young mermaid Ariel longs to leave her ocean home to live in the world above. But first, she’ll have to defy her father King Triton, make a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula, and convince Prince Eric that she’s the girl with the enchanting voice.

2014 The Wizard Of Oz Jr

Dorothy Gale and her dog Toto are swept away to a magical land in a tornado and embark on a quest to see the Wizard who can help her return home. Her journey leads her and her special friends, Tin man, Lion and the Scarecrow to Oz and the discovery of some special gifts.

2013 Olivia Jr

A female Oliver! This brilliant and innovative show, set in Victorian times, traces the steps of Olivia, from downtrodden orphan to star of the stage. On her journey to the bright lights of London, she is befriended by Eliza Doolittle [from “My Fair Lady”] and, after a series of adventures, becomes a singer in a new Gilbert and Sullivan show, thanks to the unlikely assistance of Fagin and The Artful Dodger.

2012 Mulan Jr

We travelled back to the legendary, story-telling days of ancient China with this action-packed stage adaptation of Disney’s Mulan. The Huns have invaded, and it is up to the misfit Mulan and her mischievous sidekick Mushu to save the Emperor! This is a heart-warming celebration of culture, honour and a fighting spirit.

2011 Honk Jr

This is contemporary adaptation of Hans Christian Anderens story of The Ugly Duckling.

2010 High School Musical Jr

Disney Channel’s smash hit movie musical came to life on our stage! This show made us realize that friendships are based on more than a strong fashion sense.

2009 Alice In Wonderland Jr

We enjoyed Alice’s madcap adventures in Wonderland as she chased the White Rabbit, raced the Dodo Bird, got tied up with the Tweedles, rapped with a bubble-blowing Caterpillar, and beat the Queen of Hearts at her own game! We loved our three Cheshire Cats and dozens of other wonderfully wacky characters.

2008 Aladdin Jr

Welcome to Agrabah, City of Enchantment, where every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail! All of our favourite characters were here in this stage adaptation of the Disney hit, including Aladdin, Jasmine, and of course, the Genie. Filled with magic, mayhem, and flying carpet rides, the audience hummed along to many of the iconic songs.

2007 Seussical Jr

A delight for our children to perform, Seussical was a fantastical, magical, musical extravaganza. All our favourite Dr. Seuss characters, including Horton the Elephant, The Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz, lazy Mayzie and a little boy with a big imagination—Jojo were brought to life with color and melody. Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family and community were challenged and emerged triumphant, in a story that made us laugh and cry.

2006 Food For Thought

A group of prestigious and a mirth-making master chefs have been invited to a competition which ultimately develops into a comical murder mystery.

2005 Joseph

The story is based on the “coat of many colors” story of Joseph from the Bible’s Book of Genesis. The show had little spoken dialogue; it was completely sung through.

2004 Cinderella

The story is based upon the fairy tale Cinderella, The story concerns a young woman forced into a life of servitude by her cruel stepmother. With the help of her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella is transformed into an elegant young lady and is able to attend the ball to meet her Prince.

2003 Pirates of Penzance

Wacky, irreverent and entertaining, THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE JR. spins a hilarious farce of sentimental pirates, bumbling policemen, dim-witted young lovers, dewy-eyed daughters and an eccentric Major-General, all morally bound to the often-ridiculous dictates of honour and duty.

2002 Annie Jr

It’s upbeat plot and flamboyant characters have made Annie one of the most beloved musicals in history–what girl hasn’t dreamed of performing the title role or playing the outrageous Miss Hannigan? Annie’s story begins at an orphanage where life is tough. Luck is on her side when she gets the opportunity to live with the millionaire ‘Mr. Warbucks’.

2001 Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie. A mischievous boy who can fly and never grows up, Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood having adventures on the small island of Neverland as the leader of his gang, the Lost Boys, interacting with mermaids, Native Americans, fairies, pirates, and occasionally ordinary children from the world outside Neverland. In addition to two distinct works by Barrie himself, the character has been featured in a variety of media and merchandise, both adapting and expanding on Barrie’s works.

2000 The Boyfriend

The show is based at Madame Dubonnet’s Finishing School on the French Riviera. Polly, an English heiress, falls in love with Tony, a delivery boy. Conscious of her father’s warning to beware of boys dating her for her family’s money, Polly pretends to be just a secretary. Things get complicated with the unexpected arrival in Nice of Polly’s parents and Lord and Lady Brockhurst. It turns out that Lord and Lady Brockhurst are in fact Tony’s wealthy parents. Polly and Tony have shared the same secret – they both come from wealthy families.

1999 Heroes

Welcome to Ancient Greece, a place of quests and adventures, of gods and heroes. and of sandal salesmen called Jason. But this wasn’t the story of Jason and the Argonauts – nope, this was the story of a rather dopey sandal salesmen who wanted to be a hero. He met the wanderer Ulysses, still trying to find a home port after rather foolishly cursing the gods. Luckily he got the fleece, married the girl and lived happily every after – and why not – it is a musical!

1998 Joseph and His Technicolor Dream Coat

The story is based on the “coat of many colors” story of Joseph from the Bible’s Book of Genesis. The show had little spoken dialogue; it was completely sung through.

1997 Food For Thought

A group of prestigious and a mirth-making master chefs have been invited to a competition which ultimately develops into a comical murder mystery.

1996 The Princes Pursuit

The prince must travel far and wide to seek his true love and bride. On the way he meets all manner of well- known fairy tale characters, even the funny Pumpkin Puffs!

1995 Sheerluck Holmes

Set within the framework of late Victorian England, this musical is a hilariously extravagant send-up on the great detective and the ever-bumbling Watson! With such characters as Greasy Pierre (the French butler), Colonel Horatio Bagshot, Virginia Huntingdon-Smythe and many, many police-men, we enjoyed the foggy, dark humour of this murder mystery. Who done it ? Why, it’s elementary.…