As part of Year 6 CodeClub this term, 17 students attended the RoboCup Regional Rescue tournament at St Michaels Grammar. The competition is a project-oriented educational initiative that supports local, regional and international robotic events for young students. Our 4 teams entered the Junior Rescue section of the competition which involves students creating robots that compete by following a winding line on a series of tiles to a designated rescue area and pushing out an object (the victim). On the way the robot could encounter obstacles, bridges and short cut opportunities that challenge the students.

Over 15 hours of preparation saw the teams meet before school and at lunch times to design, build and code their robots in preparation for the event. With some assistance of parent Chris Trewin and Mr Eykman, students worked together to problem solve elements of engineering and technology in order to achieve their final goal. Their greatest challenges included following the black winding line, going over a bridge and finding the object in the green zone. Even on competition day, teams were still working hard to prepare and debug their programs, so it was incredibly exciting for all involved to see every team complete at least one of the 5 courses.

A big congratulations to all of the students involved for their commitment and determination to the event. Thanks also to their parents for helping get them to before school sessions and supporting on the day. Finally a huge thank you to Chris Trewin for all of his time and knowledge. The teams success on the day would not have been at all possible without his support.