During the Term 3 school holidays, OSPS ran a myON reading challenge for all students across the school. The challenge was very well received with students in all year levels giving it a go!
Here are some of our fantastic results.
Books read – 10,000
Pages read – 204,000
Minutes read 76,000
Challenge Winners
Prep Aahana PNM & Jake PJF
Year 1 Bella 1CG & Nicholas 1CG
Year 2 Catherine 2AP &Marvin 2TM
Year 3 Lilly 3NH & Shabad 3MT
Year 4 Gemma 4NM & Akshaj 4AS
Year 5 Dulara 5FF & Alexander 5LG
Year 6 Akshadha 6MW & Matthew 6LD
Congratulations to all students who participated and to the following students on their outstanding reading.