Please see the wonderful news and message below from Maria Strintzos about the progress on the library for Tsefa Primary School.
‘A CHILD WITHOUT AN EDUCATION IS LIKE A BIRD WITHOUT WINGS’. We are building a library in Haftu’s old village school – Tsefah Primary – to help hundreds of deserving children learn how to fly! It’s taken awhile, but now with the combined help of generous schools in Melbourne like Haileybury College and Oakleigh South Primary School, companies like Shh Silk, Beca Engineering, numerous individuals, the Relief Society of Tigray/REST my employer, the local community, the Hawzien Education Office and Hawzien Government we are building a large, quality library (to Government standards), that we can all be proud of. And we will furnish it, equip it, fill it with books, and provide modern teaching aids kindly donated by Haileybury. The next step is to bring electricity to the school so that we can fill that library with computers and lots of bright light any time of the day. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart. And to the people and students of Tabia Simret/Hawzien/Tigray – you will always be my source of inspiration.