On Saturday the 13th of August, our amazing RoboClub students competed at St Michael’s Grammar in the Regional Championships for RoboCup. Entering the Riley Rover the event involved students creating robots that compete by following a winding line on a series of tiles to a designated rescue area. On the way the robot would encounter a ramp, an oil spill and would be required to push out a victim from the final tile.
All teams successfully completed a course with 2 teams reaching the finals. We were pipped by a very small margin to have Team Solo consisting of Andrew Macrae, Alexander Zhang and Ajay Mehta finish second, and Team Mandolorian with Kenneth Huang and Andrew Mindakis finishing in third. This was a fantastic result given this was only our second time entering the event. A huge congratulations to all of the other 7 OSPS teams that entered, for the effort and dedication shown to their robot and the event. You all did our school proud!
A big thanks also goes to My Eykman, Mr Leon Davey, Mr Enis Wintersea, Ms Amy Philipsen and Mr Nick Mason Parker for giving up their lunchtimes and Saturday to support the students. Thank you also goes to the parents for their support of all of the children on the day.
Now, on to the next robotics challenge for our RoboCup teams to take on!