Oakleigh South Primary School


15th March

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” – Chinese Proverb


Issue 7  – 15th March 2023


Wednesday 15th – Monday 27th March 
– NAPLAN assessments – Years 3 & 5

Wednesday 15th March
– Running Club begins @ OSPS – 7:30am

Thursday 16th March
– Year 6 Interschool Sport  (away vs. Coatesville)
– Senior Choir

Friday 17th March
– National Day of Action Against Bullying

Tuesday 21st March
– Harmony Day
– Whole School Assembly
– School Council Meeting

Friday 24th March
– National Ride2School Day



Term 1
27th January – 6th April
(Students begin 30th January)

Term 2
24th April – 23rd June

Term 3
10th July – 15th September

Term 4
2nd October – 20th December


I hope everyone got to enjoy some special family time over the long weekend.

As usual at O.S.P.S., we were straight back into another amazing event yesterday with the Year 1 Grandparents Day on. Due to the pandemic, we have not been able to hold this exciting day for the past 3 years. First the children welcomed their grandparents and special friends into their classrooms, then headed to the hall where they sang some songs, led by Mrs Barnard. Then it was time to join their grandparents for a bite to eat, which was kindly put on by the parent group. Thank you to the staff and parent group for organising this very special day on the school calendar.

Yesterday, our prep children attended their first junior assembly. Mrs Virtuoso and Ms Jackson reported that their behaviour was excellent. Some of them received their first Valued Student awards and proudly stood on the stage with their certificate. Congratulations preps on a job well done at your first assembly!!

Next Tuesday, we will be celebrating Harmony Day. The message is Living in Harmony! It is a day to celebrate our country’s diversity and a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. OSPS welcomes families from over 45 different backgrounds, so to celebrate and recognise this, we are inviting all students to either dress in orange or wear their culture’s traditional outfit. It will be a day to show pride for your culture and show support for cultural diversity and inclusiveness in our school.

A huge congratulations to our O.S.P.S. Division Swimming Squad who represented the school at last week’s Division carnival. We had 18 students represent the school with some fantastic results.  Thank you to all the staff who helped on the day.

Have a fantastic week ahead.





Tickets for our Easter Raffle are now on sale, at a cost of $3 for 5 ticket. Please check your Compass for ticket sale details.

For this raffle to be successful, we are asking families to donate eggs or chocolates (please donate eggs or chocolates that are nut free. Eggs or chocolate where the packaging says ‘may contain traces of nuts’ is fine to donate.) These donations will make up our prizes.

Please bring any donations to the office on or before 3 April 2023. Winners will be announced on 6 April 2023, at our final assembly.

There were 130 winners drawn at our last raffle, it would be amazing if this year’s raffle was even bigger!!




Parent Group held their AGM on Wednesday, 8th March and is pleased to announce the following parents into the available positions:

President: Nicole Stenton

Vic President: Koby Lacy

Secretary: Nelsie Fernandes

Treasurer: Nina Malovic


We wish our appointed members all the best in their roles. If you would like to join Parent Group or volunteer at events when available, please feel free to contact Parent Group on osparentgroup67@gmail.com.




A few reminders to ensure our school community is kept safe at all times.

Please DO NOT drop off your child in the Windsor Avenue lane way. Please use the parent car park. Many families use the lane way to walk or ride to school.

The staff car park is for OSPS staff only during school hours. Please refrain from using the car park. If you do use it after hours, please drive slowly and be mindful of foot traffic.

Please encourage your child to use the designated school crossings located near the school. Students should hop off their bike and walk it over the crossing.

Many thanks.



The Victorian Government offer a Sports, Camps and Excursions Fund for families who hold a valid means-tested concession card are eligible to apply. A special consideration category also exists.

A payment of $125 for eligible primary school students and $225 for eligible secondary school students will be paid directly to the school to be used toward camps, sports and excursion costs for the student’s benefit.

CSEF payments to schools will commence from 1 March onwards. Schools are able to continue processing applications until the end of Term 2.

Please click here to apply – CSEF Application Form.

Those families that were eligible in 2022 will be rolled over, you do not need to reapply.

If you have any issues please contact Carlyn carlyn.backers@education.vic.gov.au



Oakleigh South Primary School is excited to be celebrating National Ride2School Day on Friday 24 March 2023.


National Ride2School Day is the perfect opportunity to establish new healthy habits and promote the many benefits of active travel.


On Friday 24 March, we encourage all students and their families to leave the car at home and give riding, walking, scooting or skating to school a go.


For more information about the day and its benefits, search National Ride2School Day.





Term 1 Digital Technology has started with students practising and learning new computer skills. Our Year 1 students started with Microsoft Word, learning some of the basic skills including how to create a new document and save it. We also explored how to format their text size, colour, font type and even how to make it bold or underlined. Some students even got as far as inserting online pictures. We also practised using the Windows search function to find programs and File Explorer to open files.

Our Year 3 students practised new and old computer skills using the program Microsoft MovieMaker. Students worked in groups to ask their classmates questions and film them using the tablets. We then practised transferring files from a tablet and a USB onto the computer, to then produce a short Interview using the MovieMaker software including video files, music, titles and captions.

Our Year 5s have combined the area of Earth Sciences with digital technologies, to produce Planet websites using the Google Sites software. In groups, students selected a planet within our solar system and researched some core questions including the planet’s proximity and relative size compared to the Sun and the Earth. Students then collaborated to create a home page, insert additional web pages, insert imagery and create links within the website and to other sites.

The Preps have begun learning about the basics of a computer including what a computer is (Desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone) and the parts to make it work. We have been practising using the mouse and the keyboard to login to the computers, and then try simple games including Maths Invaders.




GEM Club-  Every Tuesday during lunch time our Year 4-6 students have the opportunity to join GEM Club.


GEM stands for Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness.


These are the three of the fours, the fourth being Emotional Literacy, of  the Resilience Project who we are very fortunate to be working with this year to support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of our school community.


The students are able to draw, create, read, design and take time out of their busy day to pay attention when solving puzzles, living in the present moment when partaking in GEM Club activities.




Ryan – Prep BB


For always working his hardest in every activity! Well done Ryan!


Lachlan – Prep BB


For always showing respect to his peers and teachers! Fantastic work Lachlan!


Elle – Prep AM


For trying her best in Journal Writing and beginning to write down sounds she can hear! Super Elle!!


Ananda – Prep AM

Working Together

For helping others and being a great team member when packing up! Wow Ananda!


Sky – Prep HM


For always helping to keep the classroom clean and tidy.


Samaira – Prep HM


For being a kind and mindful classmate helping others who are in need. Well done!


Cindy – Prep RO


For always presenting beautiful work. We adore you, Cindy


Louie – Prep RO


For always displaying wonderful manners and being a kind and respectful friend towards others.


Lori – Prep NC


For being a polite and responsible member of our school. We will miss you so much in Prep NC!


Yianni – Prep NC


For an impressive start to Prep. You have already shown that you’re a responsible learner!


Harvey – Prep LM


For being a polite, responsible member of our school, who is a role model to others.


Marisa – Prep LM


For having a happy and enthusiastic attitude towards all aspects of her learning.


Zoe – Prep NM

Working Together

For always thinking of others and helping out in the classroom. You’re a star!


Finley – Prep NM


For settling in to Prep with excellent manners, displaying kindness and respect for others.



Nick – 2GL


For receiving over 12 thousand points in Mathletics last week. Well done Nick!


Nina – 2GL


For being a positive role model for her peers by consistently displaying all of the school values.


Billy – 2MJ


For his outstanding behaviour and dedication to his learning. Keep up the amazing work!


Indiana – 2MJ

Working Together

For working cooperatively with everyone and always being helpful, kind and inclusive.


Saahir – 2CD


For your amazing writing skills and inclusion of WOW words.

Irini – 2CD


For becoming more independent each day and for always taking care of your classmates.


Shreeya – 2TM


For demonstrating an excellent standard in her work book presentation! Well done Shreeya!


Hunter – 2TM


For working so diligently every single lesson. You are such a hard worker, Hunter!


Ivy – 2AP


For her detailed ‘Crazy Wishing Hat’ narrative! Keep up the good work Ivy!


Johaan – 2AP


For always completing his work to the best of his ability. Keep up the good work Johaan!


Aahana – 2SC


For always displaying a respectful attitude and continuously demonstrating the 5Ls.


Ryan – 2SC


For achieving an incredible amount of points each week on Mathletics.


Devam – 2LW


For your amazing attitude in class since returning to school!


Sehaj – 2LW


For your consistent and outstanding work in Mathletics!



Sam – 1KS

Working Together

For being a responsible, kind and caring classmate! Well done Sam!


Haasvi – 1KS


For always demonstrating the school values and producing beautiful work! Well done Haasvi!

Jasmine – 1CG


For producing great recount writing each week, filling the pages with lots of detail. You rock Jaz!


Robbie – 1CG


For creating a great 2D shape pizza, showing off all his amazing shapes knowledge. You’re a star!


Deethya – 1MT


For confidence and bravery speaking on stage at assembly.  Well done Deethya!


Travis – 1MT


For creating an amazing symmetrical shape pizza!


Matthias – 1LD


For being a kind and friendly class mate who is always ready to give a helping hand. Go Matthias!


Kelly – 1LD


For always giving 100% effort in class and having a ‘never give up’ attitude! You’re a superstar!


Nysa – 1NM


For always working hard in class and always showing her 5Ls.


Nicholas – 1NM


For being respectful to his peers and always willing to help others in need.


Alvin – 1JG


For using his imagination to write entertaining narratives. You might be an author one day, Alvin!


Athena – 1JG


For being a kind, fair and respectful class member who models ALL of our school values beautifully! 


Henry – 3MW


Congratulations Henry on doing a great job with your A.R. reading.


Renee – 3AN


For always being incredibly kind and respectful towards her teachers and peers. Well done Renee!


Lakshya – 3AN


For consistently staying on task in all lessons and always giving 100% effort. Amazing work Lakshya!


Chloe – 3DD


For her consistent, excellent work in all subjects. Well done Chloe.


Aavni – 3DD


For beautiful handwriting and producing top quality work in everything you do. Nice work Aavni.


Luka – 3DD


For his continued respect and understanding of others. Amazing empathy Luka. So polite!


Ellie – 3RH


For working hard and persisting to complete her times tables challenge. You are a star!


Maddie – 3RH


For working hard and persisting to complete her times tables challenge. You are a star!


Anika – 3ML


For helping others and consistently displaying respect and kindness.


Ryan – 3ML


For treating others kindly and consistently displaying respect, courtesy and good manners.


Harvey – Prep LM

Performing Arts

Working Together

For your excellent behaviour during your Performing Arts lesson and working together with your class.


Pranav – 1MT

Performing Arts


For being respectful, and showing beautiful manners during your Performing Arts Class.




Working Together

For working hard and listening carefully at all times. Keep up the great effort, 1CG!


Eiji – 3RH



For always being so thoughtful and considerate towards others.




Last Wednesday our Year 6 students participated in round 5 of inter school sport against St Pauls. We were fortunate to be able to play some games at home, while our basketball team played at St Andrews due to our building works. Our flag white rugby team travelled to Coatesville to play them.


All games were played in good spirit, thank you to all the coaches who support the team each Tuesday and Wednesday at school during training sessions and games on Thursdays. Round 5 results are below.



Sport Girls Boys Mixed
Flag Rugby

Flag Green 10-0

Flag White 2-1 (vs. Coatesville)

Flag Green 4-2

Flag White 1-6 (vs. Coatesville)

No Game
Softball 19-4 26-22 No Game
Basketball 5-13 68-28 20-18
Volleyball 0/40 St Pauls 2/50 1/66  St Pauls 2/64 0/23 St Pauls 2/30
Cricket No Game No Game 2/85 vs. 5/64

Huge thanks to parent volunteer Con for taking rugby photos, you can see more of his work here:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ConstantineFilms/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/constantinefilms/



Over the past 2 weeks the Year 5 students along with their coaches have enjoyed travelling to Coatesville to participate in an interschool sport program.

Other students who did not choose a Term 1 sport walked to the South Oakleigh Bowls Club and enjoyed lawn bowling. These students will be participating in the competitive fixture in Term 2.





On Tuesday the 28th of February OSPS had 29 students represent the school at the Bentleigh District Swimming carnival. This was a very successful carnival for OSPS. We came third in the overall placings and many of our students progressed in their individual event and relay. Students who progressed to Division swimming are as follows.

Serena G – 1st 9/10 Girls 50m freestyle, 1st 9/10 Girls 50m butterfly

Zoe R – 1st 9/10 Girls 50m backstroke

Amelia S – 1st 12/13 Girls 50m backstroke, 1st 12/13 Girls 50m breaststroke

Olivia H – 2nd 9/10 Girls 50m breaststroke

Michael L – 2nd 12/13 Boys 50m breaststroke

Chloe C – 1st 11 Girls 50m butterfly

Oakleigh South Relays – 1st 9/10 Girls 200m relay, 2nd 9/10 Boys 200m relay, 1st 12/13 Girls 200m relay, 1st 12/13 Boys 200m relay.


The students who progressed again represented the school on Friday February 10th at the Division Swimming carnival at Oakleigh Recreation Centre. Results are below.

Boys 12/13 50m relay – 5th

Girls 9/10 50m relay – 4th

Boys 9/10 50m relay – 10th

Serena G – Girls 9/10 50m freestyle 3rd (final)

Amelia S – Girls 12/13 50m backstroke 8th, 50m breaststroke 9th

Zoe R – Girls 9/10 50m backstroke 13th

Michael L – Boys 12/13 50m breaststroke 9th

Olivia H – Girls 9/10 50m breaststroke 13th 

Chloe C – Girls 11 50m butterfly 8th






Camp Australia use the OSPS facilities to deliver before and after school care to families. They also offer care on curriculum days and school holidays.

The building is situated adjacent to the staff car park and they have access to our junior school playground and junior oval for outside play.

Check out their flyer for information and head to their website to register.




This week, (March 15 & 17), all 2nd hand items in the uniform shop (excluding school bags, scarves & beanies) will be reduced to $2.


There will be no holds during the sale. We would also like to remind parents and carers that the uniform shop does not have EFTPOS facilities so you will need cash on the day.




We are so excited to be working with The Resilience Project (TRP) this year again to support and foster the Mental Health and Wellbeing of our students and whole school community.


The Resilience Project is committed to teaching positive mental health strategies to prevent mental ill-health and build young people’s capacity to deal with adversity and challenges in everyday life.


Check out the link below ‘Introducing TRP to Parents and School Community’




Dear families,

While we know sleep is essential for good health, research shows that many children and young people are not getting enough sleep on school nights. This can affect thinking, concentration, memory, reaction times and mood.

Research shows about 12% of primary school-aged children, a quarter of 12- to 15-year-olds and half of 16- to 17-year-olds don’t get enough sleep on school nights. The recommended amount of time to sleep for primary school-aged children is 9 to 11 hours. For teenagers, it’s 8 to 10 hours.

Signs that your child is not getting enough sleep can include:

· low mood and irritability during social interactions

· reluctance or arguing about getting off devices and going to bed

· falling asleep during the day

· difficulties waking up for school and sleeping in late on weekends to catch up

· changes to communicating or interacting at home.

You can help your child to improve their sleep by:

· establishing a regular sleep pattern and consistent bedtime routine

· supporting them to avoid using electronic devices such as smartphones before going to bed and in bed

· encouraging your child to exercise and spend time outside in daylight, steering clear of vigorous activity in the hour before sleep

· encouraging them to wind down and relax before going to bed.


If your child is still having trouble sleeping, has persistent problems with low mood, excessive daytime sleepiness, restlessness in bed, severe snoring or wakening unrefreshed, despite getting adequate length sleep, they should see a doctor.

For more information on sleep health, you can refer to: · Sleep tips for children and Facts about sleep for parents and school staff, from the Sleep Health Foundation · Why sleep is so important, from the Kids Helpline’s · Sleep explained, from the Better Health Channel


Disclaimer – The organisations advertised in this newsletter are not affiliated with and have no relationship to Oakleigh South Primary School. The publishing of these advertisements does not imply endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by the school. They are provided as a community service.