Oakleigh South Primary School


1st March

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” – Leo Buscaglia


Issue 5  – 1st March 2023


Thursday 2nd March
– Senior Choir
– Prep Welcome BBQ

Friday 3rd March
– Outdoor Movie Night

Wednesday 8th March
– World Maths Day

Thursday 9th March
– OSPS School Tour. 5:30-6:30pm
– School Photos

Friday 10th March
– School Photos



Term 1
27th January – 6th April
(Students begin 30th January)

Term 2
24th April – 23rd June

Term 3
10th July – 15th September

Term 4
2nd October – 20th December


Tomorrow, the parent group will be hosting their first ‘Prep Welcome BBQ’ in three years. The evening is a chance for new and old families to meet each other in a casual environment while the children can play together, enjoy a BBQ and be entertained by Charlie Sillypants.

Yesterday’s whole school assembly celebrated lots of Mathletic Gold certificate recipients. GEM awards were presented and segments to update the school community on Clean Up Australia Day and introduced PASS the new OSPS cybersafety program, finishing with the senior choir performing. I hope many of you were able to log on to ospsTV to view the assembly.

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for Years 3 and 5 students will be held in March this year. The NAPLAN test window is between Wednesday 15 March and Monday 27 March. NAPLAN tests assess student knowledge and skills in writing, reading, conventions of language (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) and numeracy. The results of the tests provide information for students, parents, teachers, and principals and can be used to improve student achievement.

Today is the last day for prep assessments. We look forward to welcoming our preps for their first full week of school starting next Monday 6th March.

Have an enjoyable week.






Schools Clean Up Day Competition: Design a Poster!

Time to get creative! Students can design a poster to encourage other schools to get involved in Schools Clean Up Day…the winner will have their artwork featured on our School Clean Up bags.

Entry is across three age groups:
1. Preschool (3-5 years)
2. Primary (6-12 years)
3. Secondary (12-18 years)

A winner will be selected from each category to receive a $1,000 Wahu gift voucher.

An overall winner will have their artwork featured on our School Clean Up bags.

Competition is open until 31st Mar 2023.






The Victorian Government offer a Sports, Camps and Excursions Fund for families who hold a valid means-tested concession card are eligible to apply. A special consideration category also exists.

A payment of $125 for eligible primary school students and $225 for eligible secondary school students will be paid directly to the school to be used toward camps, sports and excursion costs for the student’s benefit.

CSEF payments to schools will commence from 1 March onwards. Schools are able to continue processing applications until the end of Term 2.

Please click here to apply – CSEF Application Form.

Those families that were eligible in 2022 will be rolled over, you do not need to reapply.

If you have any issues please contact Carlyn carlyn.backers@education.vic.gov.au



There are still over 100 books which are on loan from 2022 and need to be returned to the school library.

Please check your child’s book shelf, sibling’s book shelves, under the bed, in the wardrobe, and all those other sneaky places books like to hide.

Overdue notices have been sent home with your child if they still have a book from last year.

If your child thinks they have returned a book, please tell them to come and see Mrs. Bahnsen or Mrs. Charles in the library. Thank you.




The Year Ones have started the year with a bang! We’ve had so much fun getting to know our new teachers and classmates.  We have been learning fun new things and making new friends too.

We have started our Integrated Studies topic, ‘Knowing me, Knowing you’.  In this topic we have learnt all about each other by creating ‘All About Me’ posters and finding our personal strengths.  Some of our personal strengths include being a master of the monkey bars, diving to the bottom of a pool and even being a maths whizz!

Do you know what a bucket filler is? This has been our biggest focus this week. We are learning how to treat others appropriately and how to be a good friend.  This can be tricky to understand so we learnt about being a ‘Bucket Filler.’ A bucket filler is someone who treats someone else with kindness and fills their bucket up, and we don’t want to be a bucket dipper; that is someone who treats someone poorly and dips into someone’s bucket.

The Year One students have identified how they can be bucket fillers.  This might be helping someone when they are hurt, giving someone a big smile or showing their 5Ls and using their manners! We are all going to work hard this year at being bucket fillers!

Japanese News


Dressing up in Yukata, the Japanese summer Dress.

We had a Japanese volunteer teacher, Natsuki Sensei, for the past 2 weeks.  During her time at OSPS, she introduced our children to a variety of activities and experiences including paper balloons, Japanese dance as well as assisting the whole class. She also brought a special Japanese summer dress called Yukata. Very lucky Year 3 students had a wonderful opportunity to dress up in Yukata!

Nastuki Sensei thoroughly enjoyed her time here and loved learning and teaching at OSPS.


Friendship beyond borders.

In week 4, we had a surprise visit from Ayumu, who was a member of the very first exchange group of students from Tamba Higashi Elementary School, in Japan, way back in 2016. Since that first exchange, we have established a strong relationship with Tamba Higashi Primary School in Japan, regularly keeping in contact with them until restrictions were eased enough in both countries to allow us to restart our exchange program.

When Ayumu was 11 years old, he spent 8 days at OSPS and stayed with the Robinson family. That friendship has continued and grown stronger over the last 7 years. The friendship between the two has developed to a point where the five members of the Robinson family have visited and stayed with Ayumu’s family in Japan and then reciprocated by hosting Ayumu’s family here in Australia.

We have received a little message from the Robinson family. “Thank you for running this great program, we have met the most wonderful families and opened up so many opportunities for the kids. If you ever need anyone to speak about the huge positive impact this exchange has had on both families, we are happy to share our experience”

We are currently in discussion with Tamba Higashi Elementary School to see when we can start the program again, so stay tuned!


Congratulations, Sumiko Sensei.

Sumiko Sensei has been selected to be a member of the 2022–2023 Victorian Curriculum F–10 Languages Reference Panel. Reference panels will be providing advice on the revisions required to ‘adopt and adapt’ the recently endorsed Australian Curriculum into the next generation of the Victorian Curriculum F–10. It is wonderful to see her excellent work has been recognised, and she will have a role to play in shaping the future Japanese Language curriculum for all Victorian students. Well done Sumiko Sensei!!




G: We are grateful for being able to buy fun toys such as roller-skates.


E: Have empathy for our families because they do so much for us.


M: Take a brain break and dance!




The year ones have started their Resilience Project lessons off with a bang! We have been learning exactly what Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness are and how we can show it.  To show gratitude each class is creating a ‘Garden of Gratitude’ and everyone has identified what they are grateful for in their world. Some things we are grateful include our families, friends, toys, house and teachers.

During literacy lessons so far this term learning about how to rule a margin, write the date and we have been practising writing recounts.  We love writing about our weekend and showing off all the amazing things we did.  We are great at including our 5W’s including Who, Where, When, What and Why.

“On Sunday I flew my drone and my plane with my Mum and Dad at Oakleigh South field.  It was fun!” Pranav P 1MT.




Sport results vs Oakleigh Grammar


Sport Girls Boys Mixed
Flag Rugby 5-1 vs. Flag White (OSPS) 6-2 vs. Flag White (OSPS) No game
Softball 13-12 20-16 No game
Basketball 59-1 67-27 17-14
Volleyball 53-42 40-17 STARS 32-28
Cricket No game No game 2/24 vs. 9/22






Camp Australia use the OSPS facilities to deliver before and after school care to families. They also offer care on curriculum days and school holidays.

The building is situated adjacent to the staff car park and they have access to our junior school playground and junior oval for outside play.

Check out their flyer for information and head to their website to register.




Parent Group along with the Prep teachers are pleased to announce the Welcome BBQ for the 2023 Prep students and their immediate families.

This will be held on Thursday, 2 March from 5 – 7pm. This has always been a great event for our families to meet in a casual environment while the kids can enjoy the playground and entertainment.

We ask that you RSVP via the TryBooking link sent to families in Compass so we can ensure there is adequate catering.

It is great to see the Prep Welcome BBQ come back in 2023 after several years unable to hold the valued event. Thank you to Parent Group!



Parent Group is pleased to announce that Cinema Under the Stars is back for 2023.

We will be showing Puss in Boots on the front oval, on Friday, 3 March.

Gates open at 6.30pm with the movie starting at dusk Please BYO picnic rugs, chairs, pillows, blankets etc to make it an enjoyable and comfortable night.

Light refreshments & glow products will be for sale in the hall prior to the movie starting.

Tickets can be purchased through the following link: https://www.trybooking.com/events/events/landing/1016197

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Parent Group on osparentgroup67@gmail.com




We are so excited to be working with The Resilience Project (TRP) this year again to support and foster the Mental Health and Wellbeing of our students and whole school community.


The Resilience Project is committed to teaching positive mental health strategies to prevent mental ill-health and build young people’s capacity to deal with adversity and challenges in everyday life.


Check out the link below ‘Introducing TRP to Parents and School Community’



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