Oakleigh South Primary School


13th December, 2023

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo Da Vinci


Issue 40  – 14th December 2023

Thursday 14th December
– Year 6 Graduation Ceremony 7pm

Tuesday 19th December
– Term 4 Ends. 3:30pm dismissal.

Wednesday 20th December
– Curriculum Day (no students required at school)




As the year comes to a close, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to make it another exceptional year at our school. A big THANK YOU must go out to our hardworking children, our dedicated staff and to our amazing families.

We have several staff that will be leaving us, whether it be retiring, working at a new school or for other adventures. Sue Thompson and John Rice are retiring and heading off to enjoy the next stage in their life. I’d like to thank Sue and John for their wonderful service to our school and wish them all the best for the future.

Meg Corbett, Rhiannon Hill, Manny Le and Liam Whittaker will not be returning next year. Thank you all for your contributions to our school and I’d like to wish you all the best for new adventures.

We will also be welcoming several new staff starting next year.

The Year 6 students are enjoying their final week at primary school and will celebrate their graduation with lunch today and the ceremony tonight. A big thank you to the Year 6 team and their parent helpers who have worked so hard to make this event happen for our Year 6 students.

Please remember to keep reading over the holiday break. Whether it be a book or accessing Reading Eggs, it is so important to keep practising your reading. Don’t forget to log in to Mathletics too to keep your maths skills up to date!

Lastly, I’d like to wish all our OSPS community an enjoyable festive season and a happy and safe New Year. Enjoy this holiday period with family and friends and I look forward to welcoming you all in 2024.

The term will end for all students on Tuesday 19th December at 3.30pm.

See you all on Tuesday, 30th January 2024.

Ron Cantlon


CODE CAMP After-school is back @ OSPS Term 1 2024 (Prep – 2 students 2024)


Code Camp is back for an after-school program from Term 1 in 2024. To begin with, they will be offering their ‘Little Coders After-school’ for 2024 Prep – Year 2 students on Tuesdays from 3.45pm – 5.00pm in the Prep Building Computer Lab. They hope that programs for older students will be offered in future terms.


Code Camp is an outside service provider approved by OSPS school council to use our facilities. Parents register directly with Code Camp and the group sizes are from 8 – 12 participants per facilitator (Max. 2 facilitators).


Parents will receive a $15 Early-Bird saving if they enrol by 15 December at $284, after this time it will cost $299. To utilise the early bird discount, please use the following code: T124EB


A bit about the Little Coders program: ‘Your child will love the fun and interactive way we teach kids to code at Little Coders. In fact, it’s so much fun, they won’t realise they’re learning! Throughout the term, our students discover the basics of coding and take their first steps to becoming a coding superstar via fun, age-appropriate explanations, real-world scenario demos, games and group activities. Each week they will learn a new coding concept and apply this knowledge to code different games using drag and drop coding blocks within Code Camp World (our purpose-built coding platform).’

Happy coding!


Dear Parents and Carers,

The last day for Classroom Cuisine will be Friday 15 December.

They will return on Friday 2 February 2024.

The last day for Subway will be Thursday 14 December.

They will return Thursday 1 February 2024.

Thank you

Oakleigh South Primary School



Harry – Prep NC|
Working Together
|For being an awesome team player when working in a group during our Little Einsteins unit.

Kieran – Prep NC|
For the enthusiasm you show during all challenging Maths lessons. You are very impressive Kieran!

Alysa – Prep NC
For being a kind and caring friend to all of her classmates.

Sophie – Prep NC
For making sure your work is completed to the best of your ability and presented beautifully.

Yunus – Prep AM
For using delightful manners in the classroom. You are a superstar!

Christian – Prep AM
For not giving up when making and building projects during Little Einsteins!! Super Effort!

Aston – Prep AM
For making so many great choices and becoming his best self!!  Amazing Aston!

Addie – Prep LM
For being a caring and supportive class member who always tries her best. Keep it up Addie!

Xander – Prep LM
For working well on all tasks and listening carefully at all times. Well done Xander!

Sose – Prep LM
For approaching each day with enthusiasm and cheerfulness and always working at her best!

Ava – Prep BB
Working Together
For always working well in groups and helping others! Fantastic work Ava!

Sebastian – Prep BB
For always being super polite and greeting everyone with a warm and friendly smile!

Nyra – Prep BB
For producing super creative and exciting writing in her narrative! Awesome work Nyra.

Felix – Prep BB
Working Together
For always helping his peers and teachers! Wonderful work Felix!

Dhwani – Prep NM
For always using excellent manners to show respect to her teachers.

Hayley – Prep NM
Working Together
For working together nicely with other students in small groups. Well done!

Zeke – Prep NM|
For always trying his best to make improvements in his reading and writing. Well Done!

Elise – Prep NM
For always working hard and doing her best in all her work! You’re a Super Star!

Katerina – Prep HM
For always working hard to make improvements in her reading and writing. Keep up the hard work!

Frankie – Prep HM
For always working hard, being kind to others and being your best self. You are amazing!

Sam – Prep HM
For always having great enthusiasm to learn and proudly sharing his knowledge with the class!

Poppy – Prep RO
For always being inclusive, respectful and kind to others. We LOVE having you in Prep RO, Pops.

Eric – Prep RO
For excelling in all areas of the curriculum this year and coming to school with a great attitude.


Sara – 1MT
For pushing yourself, always practising your maths concepts.

Gurliv – 1MT
For always being polite and respectful to everyone.

Sarthak – 1MT
For doing a great job with ‘Star of the Week’ every week.

Alisha – 1CG
For always providing fantastic detail in her weekly weekend recounts. You’re a superstar Alisha!

Tahlia – 1CG
For demonstrating great persistence and determination in progressing her reading skills. You rock!

Alicia – 1CG
Working Together
For always showing kindness and being helpful to her peers during Integrated Studies. You’re a star!

Howard – 1CG|
For being a maths whiz, flying through his Maths Invader levels and solving the harder challenges!

James – 1AM
Working Together
For always lending a helping hand to his classmates when he has completed his work! Excellent James!

Mahadev – 1AM
For his outstanding use of adjectives in his journal writing. Congratulations Mahadev!

Jayden – 1AM
For your incredible Star of the Week presentation. We loved learning so many new things about you!

Adrian – 1KS
For always working well, showing enthusiasm and contributing to class discussions.

Zayda – 1LD
For being a hard worker who always puts loads of effort into all of her activities! Way to go Zayda!

Jashvith – 1LD
Working Together
For always showing kindness to everyone in 1LD and for participating well in group activities.

Harper – 1LD
For always being respectful to her peers and demonstrating good manners in and beyond the classroom.

Ellie – 1LD
For coming to school with a positive attitude and consistently producing fantastic writing pieces.

Mithun – 1NM
For working hard in class and doing an amazing job in Maths! Well done!

Zachary – 1NM
For having such an amazing semester and doing a superb job in his writing, handwriting and maths!

Myra – 1NM
For always showing exceptional manners and being respectful to her peers and teacher.

Axel – 1JG
For showing curiosity and giving all tasks a great go in Maths Club.

Issei – 1JG
Working Together
For showing great sportsmanship during Year 1 Fitness this term.



Reyyansh – 2GL
For working hard to reach Senior Maths Invaders levels. Congratulations on your achievement!
Nick – 2GL
For always getting over 1000 Mathletics points every week. You are a superstar!
Saisha – 2GL
For always being a kind friend and honest classroom helper. You are a superstar!
Nina – 2GL
For being a classroom leader and a great role model. Well done on your amazing behaviour!
Janis – 2MJ
Working Together
For being a friendly and cooperative member of the class. Great job, Janis!
Rophe – 2MJ
For always showing respect and kindness. Your thoughtful actions are appreciated. Keep it up, Rophe!
Harley – 2SC
For making a more conscious effort to improve his handwriting. Keep it up, Harley!
Edward – 2SC
For always showing beautiful manners when asking questions.
Ziggy – 2SC
For flying through Maths Invaders levels throughout the year. Awesome job, Ziggy!
Ethan – 2CD
For demonstrating a strong dedication to academic excellence all year.
Rachel – 2CD
For always being a kind and courteous friend to all your classmates. You are a star!
Duke – 2AP
For his incredible efforts with the songs and dances during the Year 2 Production.
Nikila – 2AP
For his fantastic reading and independence since joining the A.R. program. Keep it up Niki!
Joe – 2AP
Working Together
For his great work as the Robin in the Year 2 Production. Well done Joe!
Aaliya – 2AP
Working Together
For her fantastic performance as Bluebell in the Year 2 Production. Great work Aaliya!
Evelyn – 2TM
For always treating her classmates and peers with respect. Well done Evelyn!
Harvey – 2TM
For making outstanding progress in his writing stamina this week! Fantastic work Harvey!
Tristan – 3ML
For displaying resilience and perseverance when practising for the times tables challenges.
Avyukth – 3ML
For displaying excellence, optimism and dedication in all academic tasks.
Yug – 3ML
For displaying resilience and perseverance when facing challenging numeracy and literacy tasks.
Ryan – 3ML
For displaying integrity, strong moral principles and being honest even when it is hard to do so.
Eleni – 3MW
For working hard to improve your reading and writing.
Saina – 3MW
For tackling tasks and achieving good results.
Ananya – 3AN
|For always being incredibly kind and supportive towards her classmates. Great work, Ananya!
Scarlett – 3AN
For showing great improvement in her writing. Amazing work, Scarlett!
Chetana – 1NM
For always being polite and saying “Arigatou” to her teachers at the end of each lesson. Keep it up!
Ivy – 2AP
For always working diligently and trying her best in Japanese. Keep it up!
Matthew – 3AN
Performing Arts
Working Together
For working together with Aaron and Forbes on your Music project and producing excellent work.
Emma – 3DD
Performing Arts
For displaying excellence during Ensemble performances and band.




The Year 5 students recently completed a lesson with a focus on ‘Sportsmanship’.  Discussing their ideas of what sportsmanship means to them and distinguishing between unsportsmanlike and sportsmanlike behaviours.

They were asked to reflect on the importance of displaying the qualities of good ‘sportsmanship’. They had a great time playing ‘heads and tails’ whilst encouraging the other team.

Keon 5HP: Sportsmanship is to congratulate both teams whether you win or lose.

Sage 5HP: Sportsmanship is when you say ‘GG’ to the other team, which means Good Game!

Shiven 5KP: Encouraging others, playing by the rules and celebrating the wins and losses with a positive spirit.


Gratitude – Grateful for Merricks staff members and our amazing Year 5 teachers for taking us on camp.

Empathy – Shown towards the teams that lost in the Trivia Night on camp.

Mindfulness-Being safe during all water activities and all coming home safe and sound.



Last week, all of the Year 5’s went to camp at Merricks Lodge on the Mornington Peninsula. It was our first time at this coastal camp and we went for 3 days. It was a 1 hour drive from our school. Once all our buses arrived, we were greeted by the staff and briefed on the camp rules.

There were many fun and enjoyable activities that we participated in, such as beach activities, aqua challenge, kite making, radio rogaine, surfing, boogie boarding and canoeing. We had 7 groups that rotated through all the great activities. On Wednesday night, we had a trivia night! There was tough competition amongst the groups. Everyone tried their best but only three groups could win a certificate. In 3rd place was the deluxe gamers. In 2nd place came the Revenge of the Toads and in first place was The Puggy Corns! The famous faces were really challenging for everyone!

After a good night of sleep we woke up to a day of fun activities. The food was fabulous and for dinner we had schnitzel and veggies and pasta with garlic bread. For breakfast we had cereal, waffles with berries and bacon with hash browns. The lunch menu was the best – burgers and chicken wraps YUM! On Thursday night we brought our blankets, pillows and sleeping bags and watched the movie we’d been reading about in class all term: Paper Planes. It had a very heartwarming ending. On Friday we packed up our luggage and vacated the cabins. After breakfast, the activities groups finished off their remaining rotations and then had a farewell lunch. By the time we were all on the bus at 1.30pm we were very worn out and tired and some of us even fell asleep. We arrived back at school at 3pm and were very happy to experience such a fun-filled camp. Thanks to Ms Paroukas for coordinating the camp, and all the teachers who came along – there were 14 teachers. It was a very memorable outdoor camp and the grade 4’s should be excited to experience Merricks camp next year.

By Haimi and Bohan 5MS



“I really liked the movie night because it was fun. The food was nice, especially the brownies for dessert. My favourite activity was surfing because the coaches dragged us on the boogie boards. We learnt how to stand up on the surfboard.” -Evie 5EW

“My highlight of camp was surfing because I liked standing up on the board and being able to catch the waves. I liked playing ‘ga ga’ ball because it was a new and different game to play and really fun.”

-Theodore 5CC


“There were lots of fun activities to enjoy on camp. I liked how the camp staff treated us and respected us. My favourite activity was canoeing because we got to explore different places on the lake and play games too.” -Gabriella 5LG


“I liked finding out who was in my cabin and seeing my cabin for the first time. There were lots of fun activities to explore. My favourite was boogie boarding because it was a fun experience.” Nadia 5HP


“My favourite activity was surfing because we actually got to surf. It was a great experience. Another highlight was stand up paddle boarding, as we got to ride on the waves. I also liked canoeing as we got to ride the canoes around the lake.” Reyansh 5KP

YEAR 5 in the 1800s

Year 5’s went back in time and spent a day in the classroom set in the 1800’s. This was a fantastic way to end their unit of study in the Australian colonial period.

Students explored games played during that era, role playing in a 1800’s classroom setting and they also made a common toy that children enjoyed playing with.

The Year 5 students were dressed in character and staff played their role as classroom teachers of the time. Many lines such as: sit up straight, requests for shoes to be polished and hair neat and tidy could be heard across the year 5 building. It was truly a very educational and fun day.




On Thursday 7th of December, OSPS held their annual House Swimming Sports at Oakleigh Recreation Swimming Pool.

Well done to all the children who participated, you swam your best and your behaviour was excellent.

Thank-you to all parents and staff involved as you made this day run smoothly.

Best Performances

Olia – 1st in all events – 50m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 50m Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly. ( Swimmer of the Carnival )

Boyd – 1st in Free and Breaststroke

Liam – 1st in Backstroke ( Gr 2 )

Zoe – 1st in Freestyle, Breastroke and Fly and 2nd in Backstroke to her sister, Gaby

Reagan – 1st in Freestyle and Butterfly

Rani  -1st in Freestyle and Backstroke

Kathleen – 1st in Breaststroke and Butterfly

Theodore – 1st in Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly and 2nd in Breaststroke

Results are up outside the Year 6 building. Information re training sessions in 2024 for the squad will be sent out before Term’s end.




Last Thursday & Friday, our Parent Group ran the Christmas stall for the teachers and students. With money in hand, we watched as the students excitedly chose presents for their families, friends, and in some instances, themselves. It seemed the hardest part for some was having to decide which present to choose. It was great seeing children in all year levels put their math skills to use and add up their purchases or work out how much change they should be getting. As always, we would like to thank all parents that helped with the set-up, pack-up and the sale itself. Without our wonderful volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to continue with these events.

For the last month, Parent Group along with the leadership team has given their support to Anglicare by hosting a toy drive for those less fortunate and doing it tough at this time of year. To all our wonderful families that donated, thank you! The office has received an incredible amount of donations which we are sure will bring a smile to families in need in the lead up to Christmas.

On behalf of Parent Group, we’d like to wish the school community a happy and safe holiday season and thank you for supporting our events in 2023. We look forward to a fun-filled 2024.



Disclaimer – The organisations advertised in this newsletter are not affiliated with and have no relationship to Oakleigh South Primary School. The publishing of these advertisements does not imply endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by the school. They are provided as a community service.


Quiksound Productions and Monash Youth Services presents ‘Art Day’, a lively social opportunity for young people in the City of Monash to connect over their shared interest of art. Supplies from multiple art mediums will be available for use and no experience required!

This event will take place over two days with each day targeting a different age range. Participants are encouraged to either work on their own projects and/or contribute to a collaborative art piece.

Tuesday 16 January 10:00am – 12:00pm for 8–13-year-olds Thursday 18 January 1:00pm – 4:00pm for 14 – 25-years-olds

For more information and to book head to https://aus01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.monashyouth.org.au%2FEvents%2FArt-Day&data=05%7C02%7CAnthony.Rowe%40education.vic.gov.au%7Cdda033b617b44837459608dbf9b1c2c9%7Cd96cb3371a8744cfb69b3cec334a4c1f%7C0%7C0%7C638378314113127689%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C3000%7C%7C%7C&sdata=PKdb1gaoAZkDrVIZUCfF9IunpDxspNiiqCwPNi854U8%3D&reserved=0