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6th December, 2023

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle


Issue 39  – 6th December 2023

Thursday 7th December – Friday 8th December
–  Parent Group Christmas Stall

Thursday 7th December
– House Swimming
– Senior Choir

Thursday 14th December
– Year 6 Graduation Lunch 1pm
– Year 6 Graduation Ceremony 6pm

Tuesday 19th December
– Term 4 Ends. 3:30pm dismissal.

Wednesday 20th December
– Curriculum Day (no students required at school)




Last Friday, our 2024 prep children met their teachers for next year in their classrooms. Their parents were invited to have a latte in the hall and shop for second hand uniforms while they waited for the session to end. All the children were extremely settled and loved being at ‘school’! Thank you to the parent group for making the coffees and helping at the uniform stall.

Last week our Year 5 students enjoyed a coastal camp at Merricks. Although the weather wasn’t favourable to begin with, this didn’t dampen the children’s spirits and a very memorable time was had by all. Thank you to the staff who went on camp and supported the children to have a fantastic experience.

We have one whole week of school left, followed by two days the next week. There will be a whole school assembly at 2pm on Tuesday 19th which will be streamed on OSPStv for families to view.

The term will end for all students on Tuesday 19th December at 3.30pm.


Have a great week.


Ron Cantlon




We are pleased to advise that our annual Christmas stall will be taking place this week on Thursday, 7th and Friday 8th.

Thursday 7th December Year 2 & 4
Friday 8th December Prep, Year 1, Year 3, Year 5, Year 6

On your child’s allocated day, please send them to school with their money in a sealed zip lock bag that has their name and class clearly written. As no bags are provided, we also ask that you send your child with a bag for their shopping.

We are also looking for volunteers to help across both days as well as, Wednesday, 6th with set up. If you have availability please add your details to the google sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yy3oOwI3Nz1lt6Jx44FlhIUrawvkxLHlOdxnaaNAGns/edit#gid=0

Just a reminder that all volunteers will need a valid Working with Children check. If you’re applying for as a volunteer these are free.

Happy shopping & Merry Christmas!

CODE CAMP After-school is back @ OSPS Term 1 2024 (Prep – 2 students 2024)


Code Camp is back for an after-school program from Term 1 in 2024. To begin with, they will be offering their ‘Little Coders After-school’ for 2024 Prep – Year 2 students on Tuesdays from 3.45pm – 5.00pm in the Prep Building Computer Lab. They hope that programs for older students will be offered in future terms.

Code Camp is an outside service provider approved by OSPS school council to use our facilities. Parents register directly with Code Camp and the group sizes are from 8 – 12 participants per facilitator (Max. 2 facilitators).

Parents will receive a $15 Early-Bird saving if they enrol by 15 December at $284, after this time it will cost $299. To utilise the early bird discount, please use the following code: T124EB

A bit about the Little Coders program: ‘Your child will love the fun and interactive way we teach kids to code at Little Coders. In fact, it’s so much fun, they won’t realise they’re learning! Throughout the term, our students discover the basics of coding and take their first steps to becoming a coding superstar via fun, age-appropriate explanations, real-world scenario demos, games and group activities. Each week they will learn a new coding concept and apply this knowledge to code different games using drag and drop coding blocks within Code Camp World (our purpose-built coding platform).’

Happy coding!



Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of Term 4, Subway (The Links) and Canteen Hub are very pleased to be able to offer the ‘Subs For You School Lunch Program’ to our school.

Orders will close at 12pm the day prior to your selected day (eg. Orders for Thursday, 25 August will close on Wednesday, 24 August at 12pm).

Instructions on how to order and register are attached to this Compass.

  1. Please register at app.canteenhub.com.au/register-customer
  1. If you need to cancel your order this can be done via app.canteenhub.com.au under your profile up to the order cut-off time.
  1. If you need to cancel your order on the day please email help@canteenhub.com prior to 8:30am.

Please note that Classroom Cuisine is still available for orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please contact osparentgroup67@gmail.com if you have any questions or issues.

OSPS Parent Group



Omar – 4DK
For applying himself, taking on feedback and trying his best. Well done, Omar!

Adhrith – 4DK
For always showing kindness, respect and empathy towards others. Keep it up, Adhrith! 🙂

Alice – 4DK
Working Together
For being a great team player, looking out for others and having everyone’s best interest at heart!

Mithun – 4CR
For demonstrating excellent work ethics this term and producing work of which he can be very proud.

Emma – 4CR
For always displaying the 5 School Values and being a respectful student. Well done, Emma!

Saar – 4CR
For his excellent writing pieces which are rich in vocabulary, descriptive and are a great read.

Nidhi – 4CR
For always acting on advice positively and promptly in an effort to improve her learning.

Aarna – 4CR
For her narrative, ‘The Gift’. It employed a range of writing techniques and was well written.

Demi – 4CR
For always showing empathy and kindness towards everyone. You’re a beautiful human, Demi.

Tigy – 4OL
For persevering through challenging tasks to complete work to the best of her ability. Well done.

Eric – 4OL
For using a variety of number strategies to solve Number Talk challenges.  Excellent work Eric!

Alwyn – 4AS
For presenting an outstanding inventions speech on the aeroplane!

Parnika – 4AS
Working Together
For being a wonderful and dedicated Student Voice Representative for 4AS this year!

Samara – 4LD
For delivering an excellent presentation on the invention of spectacles to the class. Great job!

Ayaat – 4LD
Working Together
For working well with others during our science and Rube Goldberg projects.  Great work!

Joanna – 4WW
For treating all around her with respect and compassion. We are lucky to have you in 4WW!

Jesse – 4WW
For trying your best to read every night to reach your AR target. Keep it up, Jesse!

Aashvi – 4WW
For settling back into classroom routines after returning from your holiday. Good to have you back!

Alex – 4WW
Working Together
For being a great team member in your Mission to Mars group. Well done, Alex!



Sienna – 6NM
Working Together
For being an awesome team member on camp!

Yuto – 6NM
For being terrific on camp. Yuto gave everything a go and was an absolute superstar!

Vanya – 6CM
For the new Premier of Martinez! Vanya always demonstrates empathy, honesty and maturity. Amazing!

Veer – 6CM
Working Together
For his positive ‘can-do’ attitude at Year 6 Camp, and his encouragement of his team. Super effort!

Siana – 6CM
Working Together
For her enthusiastic and supportive approach to her Year 6 Political Campaign group. Thanks Siana!


Rheanne – 4OL
Performing Arts
Working Together
For always working well with her peers to choreograph interesting and creative dance routines.


Julian – 4OL
Performing Arts
For always dancing with energy, enthusiasm and expression during Performing Arts lessons.

Prayag – 5MS
Performing Art
For always striving to do his best during dance lessons and embracing each new challenge.

Leah – 6CM
Performing Arts
For always dancing and singing with energy and enthusiasm during graduation rehearsals.

Hongyan – 6SM
For helping teachers and junior students learn Japanese during Week 8. You did an amazing job!

Xander – 6SC
STEM – Science
For being respectful and helpful assisting in Science last week

Hongyan – 6SM
STEM – Science
For being respectful and helpful during science last week.

Aidan – 6JD
STEM – Science
For being helpful and respectful last week in Science.


Masaki – 5HP
For always displaying excellence and integrity towards his teachers and peers.  You are a champ!

Anvita – 5HP
For always displaying integrity and kindness every day!

Zack – 5HP
For working hard every day and never giving up!

Chloe – 5HP
Working Together
For always showing positive interactions with her classmates. You are a 5HP star!

Marco – 5LG
For always speaking respectfully to his teachers. Well done, Marco!

William – 5LG
Working Together
For demonstrating a wonderful ability to work well with all classmates and peers. Well done, William!

Orlando – 5LG
For always doing the right thing and always looking for ways to help others. Well done, Orlando!

Manvika – 5LG
Working Together
For working beautifully with all members of the class and always being a good friend.

Mia – 5CC
For working hard to improve her writing skills.

Gayun – 5CC
For working hard to catch up in her goals after being away. Well done Gayun.

Theodore – 5CC
For always treating others with acceptance and understanding.

Viyaan – 5CC
For always striving to achieve his best. Well done Viyaan.

Zara – 5CC
For always being honest and trustworthy. Well done Zara.

Cecilia – 5CC
For working hard to improve her writing skills. Well done Cecilia.

Maks – 5MS
Working Together
For demonstrating good team work skills while collaborating with his peers on his Geocaching project.

Bohan – 5MS
Working Together
For always being reliable and a great role model with responsibilities within the 5MS classroom.

Chloe – 5EW
For her persistence and ability to overcome difficult challenges. Well done Chloe!

Sienna – 5EW
For her efforts in researching and responding to her biography task. Awesome effort Sienna!

Rani – 5EW
Working Together
For her initiative and effort she’s put into every team and group task.

Jordan – 5EW
For the amazing effort that he has put into his Mathletics and AR goals. Well done Jordan!

Libby – 5EW
Working Together
For doing a great job with organising our class resources this year. We appreciate your efforts!

Angus – 5EW
For demonstrating respect to others by showing attentive listening skills in classroom lessons.

Evie – 5EW
For her attention to detail with her own work and for the class throughout the year.

Jason – 5EW
Working Together
For working well with his peers and always assisting where needed.

Zoe – 5EW
For her efforts in A.R reading this year and for her biography task. Well done Zoe!

Spyros – 5EW
For always trying his best and being a respectful class member. You’re awesome Spyros!

Kate – 5EW
For always striving to do better in everything she does! Well done Kate!

Nathaniel – 5EW
For being hardworking, respectful and always striving to do his best. Great effort Nathaniel!

Achilleas – 5KP
For stepping up this term to focus on his learning and meet his AR reading target.

Lidia – 5KP
For showing ongoing determination to get the most out of her learning. Keep it up!





G: Grateful for a wonderful 5 days on camp. An experience we will never forget.

E: Empathy for previous years where covid meant there were no camps.

M: Mindful of all the different emotions that people are feeling in their final days at OSPS.




This term the Year 6’s went on a phenomenal camp to Halls Gap. Not only did we have a great time but we also learnt important values, through the fun activities provided to us. We visited the beautiful Venus Baths, faced the exhausting challenge of climbing the Pinnacle and hung off the edge of a cliff during the nerve-wracking abseiling. The exhilaration we felt after facing our fears on these adventures was priceless. Another entertaining aspect of camp was the variety of sport areas we had to play at: tennis court, soccer ground, volleyball court and ping pong table.

The campsite even had a pool! The Halls Gap staff served us fantastic meals throughout the week consisting of parma, pasta, pizzas, wraps, burgers, ice cream, pancakes – the list could go on! Accommodation-wise each room had comfortable beds and we even had our own en-suite! Overall, the Year 6 Camp was a blast and the time we got to spend with our friends and teachers will be treasured for many years to come. What a way to end our primary school journey!



Over the last two weeks, our Year 6 students have been involved in a ‘secondary school simulation’ program to try and fast track their preparation for next year. Subjects have included: Maths, English, Wellbeing, Geography, Art and Science. Organisational skills have been superb and our Year 6 students are ready for the leap to secondary school!


In Semester 2 this year, the grade 6s continued to uplevel their vocabulary and expression, developing further their writing skills and audience engagement. One highlight was learning the foundations of essay writing.  Students were challenged to analyse a short film prompt called The Lost Thing, and demonstrate their knowledge and understandings clearly in the essay style. This work was aimed at preparing them as much as possible for the secondary years to come.

As part of their integrated unit on government and politics, the Year 6s analysed political speeches. They learned about what makes an effective political campaign speech and put this into practise by writing a campaign speech for a new government leader. An additional element of this unit was learning the style and format of formal debating, supporting the speaking and listening component of their Year 6 curriculum.



Our budding leaders have been on an incredible journey during Term 4, delving into the fascinating world of Government & Civics & Citizenship.

In an immersive and hands-on unit of work, each class embarked on a real-life political adventure by electing their very own Premier! The vibrant states of James, Major, Marsden, Martinez, Morrey, and Wells have witnessed the birth of multiple political parties, each with its unique flair and focus.

Our students have not only stepped into the shoes of politicians but have also explored the dynamics of teamwork and leadership. Within each political party, there were dedicated roles such as Candidate, Speaker, P.R. Manager and Clerk. Together, these young minds have worked collaboratively, putting their skills to the test to ensure their candidate secured the coveted title!

A key aspect of this engaging program was the development of policies. Lively discussions, brainstorming and deciding on three policies, represented the core values and beliefs of their respective parties. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to articulate their ideas and understand the importance of thoughtful policymaking and debating.

We’re sure our Year 6 parents and guardians have heard about these policies in the past weeks as our Year 6 students have presented their visions for a better and brighter future.

Premier of James: Atharv (6JD)
Premier of Major: Kyryl (6SC)
Premier of Marsden: Lilly (6SM)
Premier of Morrey: Jonathan (6NM)
Premier of Martinez: Vanya (6CM)
Premier of Wells: Michael (6FW)


Dear Parents and Carers,

From Friday 24 November until Friday 8 December, all standard uniforms in the 2nd hand shop will be $2 (excludes scarves, beanies, hats & sport shirts). School bags will be reduced to $3.

Please note, the uniform shop accepts cash only.

During the building works it is accessible via the far ends of the year 1 and year 2 corridors.

The uniform shop is open Wednesday and Friday, from 8.45am – 9.15am.

Please note the uniform shop will be closed on Friday December 1.

Thank you

Parent Group


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