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22nd November, 2023

“Education doesn’t just make us smarter. It makes us whole.” —Jill Biden


Issue 37  – 22nd November 2023

Monday 20th November – Friday 24th November
– Year 6 Camp – Halls Gap

Tuesday 21st November
– Prep-Year 3 Assembly

Tuesday 28th November
– Year 2 Production

Wednesday 29th November
– Year 2 Production

Friday December 1st
– Prep Meet the Teacher





On Monday the year 6 students and staff set off on their trip to the Grampians for their 5-day camp. From the reports that I have received so far, the children are having a great time, experiencing the many outdoor activities the camp has to offer, enjoying the delicious food and having fun, living, working, and playing together away from school and home. We welcome them back on Friday afternoon.

Last Friday afternoon the parent group hosted the annual OSPS Colour Run. What a great afternoon full of colour and laughs. Both the children and the staff had a great time running through the colour stations and enjoyed the activities along the course!! They especially enjoyed the ‘Slip and Slide’. We were thankful for the great weather. Thank you to the staff who volunteered to get ‘slimed’ by the students, this was definitely a highlight of the afternoon.

The very excited year 2 students and teachers are putting the finishing touches on their production, ‘The Goblins next Door’ which will be performed next week on Tuesday 28th November and Wednesday 29th November. Tickets are still available for both nights. The students have been working very hard and cannot wait to perform in front of a packed house!


Have a great week.


Ron Cantlon




The Year 2 students have been rehearsing extremely hard this year for our amazing production of The Goblins Next Door!
The performances will be on the following times and dates in the school hall.
Blue Cast – 2CD, 2LW, 2TM and ½ of 2AP – Tuesday 28th November
Green Cast – 2GL, 2MJ, 2SC and ½ of 2AP – Wednesday 29th November
Tickets are on sale to the whole school comuntity.
Children under the age of 4 can sit on the knee of an adult in the seated area.
Ticket bookings through trybooking.com
The event titled ‘The Goblins Next Door’ can be found at this link:
Ticket Prices: Adult $10.00, Child: $7.50
We hope to see you all there.

CODE CAMP After-school is back @ OSPS Term 1 2024 (Prep – 2 students 2024)


Code Camp is back for an after-school program from Term 1 in 2024. To begin with, they will be offering their ‘Little Coders After-school’ for 2024 Prep – Year 2 students on Tuesdays from 3.45pm – 5.00pm in the Prep Building Computer Lab. They hope that programs for older students will be offered in future terms.

Code Camp is an outside service provider approved by OSPS school council to use our facilities. Parents register directly with Code Camp and the group sizes are from 8 – 12 participants per facilitator (Max. 2 facilitators).

Parents will receive a $15 Early-Bird saving if they enrol by 15 December at $284, after this time it will cost $299. To utilise the early bird discount, please use the following code: T124EB

A bit about the Little Coders program: ‘Your child will love the fun and interactive way we teach kids to code at Little Coders. In fact, it’s so much fun, they won’t realise they’re learning! Throughout the term, our students discover the basics of coding and take their first steps to becoming a coding superstar via fun, age-appropriate explanations, real-world scenario demos, games and group activities. Each week they will learn a new coding concept and apply this knowledge to code different games using drag and drop coding blocks within Code Camp World (our purpose-built coding platform).’

Happy coding!



Last week, over 850 students, staff and volunteers got to experience our oval turning into a rainbow. After being hosed down, the first stop was the large slip n slide and what a success this was. The kids piled on the mat, with smiles and laughter. Further along, as the students went past each colour station, their once white tops got more and more colourful.

Some students ran their fastest making it their mission to avoid the colour bombs while others took their time wanting to get as much colour as possible. The highlight for many came after the run, when they got to watch some of our teachers get slimed by the students. Overall, I think we can say it was a fun day for all involved!

We would like to thank our Parent Group for organising this amazing event and the staff that participated on the day, especially those that put their hands up to get slimed. We also owe a huge thank you to our amazing volunteers who make days like this possible.



Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of Term 4, Subway (The Links) and Canteen Hub are very pleased to be able to offer the ‘Subs For You School Lunch Program’ to our school.

Orders will close at 12pm the day prior to your selected day (eg. Orders for Thursday, 25 August will close on Wednesday, 24 August at 12pm).

Instructions on how to order and register are attached to this Compass.

  1. Please register at app.canteenhub.com.au/register-customer
  1. If you need to cancel your order this can be done via app.canteenhub.com.au under your profile up to the order cut-off time.
  1. If you need to cancel your order on the day please email help@canteenhub.com prior to 8:30am.

Please note that Classroom Cuisine is still available for orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please contact osparentgroup67@gmail.com if you have any questions or issues.

OSPS Parent Group




G – We had gratitude for the weather being beautiful on Colour Run Day!

E – For all students everywhere who are finishing with exams and assessments.

M – Belly breathing works wonders when you need a time out.


The year 1s were very lucky to have the team from Wanyara come out and teach us all about life and culture as an Aboriginal.  We played a game that teaches young Aboriginals how to spear fish, it’s called Jumpinpin.  We used special symbols and markings to draw pictures of our families and communities and we connected with the land through Aboriginal dancing.  The year 1s had a great time and were very respectful to our special guest.





This term has been a busy term with the Resilience Project and starting our Positive Gender topic in Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships.


In TRP we have been looking at why rules are important – we know that rules are there to help people and make sure everyone is safe and healthy.  We also examined what clues our body gives us when we are feeling unsafe.  Sometimes our legs might shake, other times our tummy feels like it has butterflies.  We know though that there are always people we can go to for help! Mums and Dads, teachers and even other adults we know and feel comfortable with.


The Year 1s have also been looking at positive gender and identities.  We’re already superstars at knowing that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can play with anyone and do any activities that make you feel happy and good!



Our creativity has been flowing nice and brightly as we have been looking at poetry.  We have used our 5 senses to describe colours, thought of adjectives and verbs to go with our favourite thing in life and thought of some beautiful words to go with our acrostic poems.  Our colour poems made us think about how favourite colours make us feel, what we see when we think of them and what we can smell.



Yellow is a happy colour.

Yellow tastes like mangoes.

Yellow smells like sunflowers.

Yellow looks like the sun.

Yellow sounds like a yellow taxi beeping.

Yellow makes charge like lightening!

Yellow is my favourite colour


Heyan P 1LD





Blue is a big van.

Blue tastes like bubble gum.

Blue smells like cotton candy.

Blue feels like soft carpet.

Blue looks like a fish.

Blue sounds like the ocean.

Blue makes me sad.

Blue is my favourite colour!


Ellie Y 1LD


Cinquain poems were the next challenge.  We found it a little challenging to come up with only a couple of words to describe our favourite things.  Our brains had to flick from nouns to adjectives to describing words.  It was a lot of fun!


Warm, delicious

Eating, dipping, licking

A great café food

Fast food

Hunter C 1JG



Kind, thoughtful

Teaching, playing, helping

A nice mum


Sofia M 1JG



Fun, cool

Building, testing, using

Fun to make


Alvin D 1JG






The holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to spread warmth and cheer, especially to vulnerable children and young people who may be doing it tough this year. We are excited for our school to participate in Anglicare Victoria’s annual Christmas Toy Appeal. The Toy Appeal will be running from 30 October 2023 until 1 December 2023.

In the last financial year, Anglicare Victoria provided homes and carers for more than 1600 children and young people.  With your support, we can help make a difference and bring smiles to their faces on Christmas Day.

Donation suggestions are on the attached document and donations can be left at the office. Anglicare have asked where possible that we focus on the older age groups; 10 – 12 and 13 – 16 years old.

We thank you in advance for your generosity in the lead up to Christmas.

For more information, please feel free to contact osparentgroup67@gmail.com, or you are welcome to contact Anglicare directly. Their contact details can be found on the attached flyer.

Dear Parents and Carers,

From Friday 24 November until Friday 8 December, all standard uniforms in the 2nd hand shop will be $2 (excludes scarves, beanies, hats & sport shirts). School bags will be reduced to $3.

Please note, the uniform shop accepts cash only.

During the building works it is accessible via the far ends of the year 1 and year 2 corridors.

The uniform shop is open Wednesday and Friday, from 8.45am – 9.15am.

Please note the uniform shop will be closed on Friday December 1.

Thank you

Parent Group


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