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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE  37 – 23rd November 2018


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Issue 37  –  23rd November 2018



Friday 23rd November
–  Yr 6 Camp returns

Monday 26th November
Yr 6 Fire Education

Tuesday 27th November
– Yr 2 Production

Wednesday 28th November
–  Yr 2 Production

Thursday 29th November
– Yr 2 Production
– Yr 1 Pen Pals Excursion
– Yr 5 Leadership Day at South Oakleigh College

Friday 30th November
– Dress Up for Tigray Day


OSPS Statements – please pay outstanding items or return marked statement as per the enclosed instructions to the office

– Qkr! Year 5 Camp Full Payment Overdue
Year 5 Camp Medical Forms Overdue

Year 4 Craft Power Incursion Due Monday, 10th December

Year 2 Production DVD Orders Due Sunday, 2nd December

Qkr! Year 1 Pen Pals Excursion Due Friday, 22nd November





2018 – Term 4

8 October to 20 December
(2.30pm school students finish)
21 December (staff finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

2019 – Term 1

29 January (staff start)
30 January (1 – 6 start)
31 January (Preps start 9.30 – 12.30)
End of Term – 5 April

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


Our school has been buzzing with activities again this week. The Year 2 children have been through their full dress rehearsals for the production which is on next week, the oval is being used as a carpark for the World Cup of Golf being held at the Metropolitan Golf Club and to top everything off, we hosted the fantastic Engineering Expo held by the Monash University.

The children had a brilliant day yesterday rotating through lots of activities, which highlighted to them how engineering is part of our everyday life. From spaghetti towers and robotics, to recycling plastics and rocket launching, the expo showed the children the work the uni students are involved in their engineering degrees.

Forty five students, volunteers and leaders were involved in organising this spectacular activity for our school. We also invited students from Clarinda and Huntingdale Primary Schools to join us in this great initiative.

Thank you to Lindsay Guy, Alana Harries, Erik Albers and Evert Eykman for collaborating and organising this unique opportunity for our children.

OSPS was featured in The Monash Leader newspaper this week for our School Run 4 Fun fundraiser.
The article was in this week’s Monash Leader, page 11: https://leader.smedia.com.au/oakleigh-monash/

Finally, it is my pleasure to announce a former student of our school, Lachlan Wilkin, has been appointed the school captain at South Oakleigh College for 2019. Congratulations Lachlan.



Our Sister Village School in Tigray – Ethiopia

Village to Village  “Together we Achieve”


Dear Parents

Next week Haftu  Strintzos will address the assembly in full Ethiopian colours.

For those of you who are new to the school  – Haftu is a former student.   His mother Maria Strintzos has worked and volunteered for an Ethiopian local organization the Relief Society of Tigray (REST) for over 26 years.  Through Maria and Haftu we have continued to support the children of his village.

Please read the full article further down in the newsletter to understand how important this fundraiser is, and how easy it can be to positively impact children’s lives.

OSPS children can support our adopted sister school by dressing in one or more of the colours of Tigray on Friday November 30th and by sending along a $2.00 coin.   Please consider sponsoring a child to attend school for another year at a cost per family of $5.50.

Enjoy the weekend

Ron Cantlon


The Night The Reindeer Rocked

Only 4 sleeps left until the Year 2 students perform the well rehearsed production!!

It is perfect for the junior grades and siblings, as the show is 45min long.
A great opportunity for the older kids to watch their buddies, and remember how exciting it is to be in your first primary school production.

The Year 2s have completed their dress rehearsals and are full of anticipation! We’d love to see as many people in the audience as possible – so don’t be a Grinch and miss this fabulous production!

The performance times are listed below:

  • 7pm Tuesday 27th November (2KH, 2SM, 2JB)
  • 7pm Wednesday 28th November (2VO, 2JB, 2JD)
  • 7pm Thursday 29th November (2SI, 2CS, 2JB)

Ticket Prices:

Adult $10.00 – allocated seating
Child: $5.00 – floor seating, for children aged 4-12 only


OSPS Engineering Showcase

On Thursday, OSPS held and hosted the Monash University Engineering Expo, which all Prep to Year 5 students from OSPS, along with visiting Year 5 students from Clarinda and Huntingdale Primary School participated. The day was about fostering STEM learning and in particular the engineering component to which the Monash University facilitators study and practise on a daily basis.

The students took part in eight interactive sessions throughout the day, including creating Race Car Simulators, Mars Rover Bots, Human Powered Vehicles, Human Powered Vehicles, and Small Launchable Rockets.

All OSPS students took part in the eight Teams Expo activities – ‘Precious Plastic Monash’ ‘Nova Rover Robot Stand’ ‘Nova Rover Arm’ ‘Unmanned Aerial Systems Team’ ‘Monash Human Power’ ‘Motorsport Simulator’ ‘High Powered Rocketry Art Station’ ‘High Powered Rocketry Launch Station.’

As part of the expo, students were given information on sustainability and sustainable products in engineering (e.g. What can and cannot be recycled, recycling machinery and what can be done with recycled products).
A Race Car Simulator, a Mars Rover Robot, an Autonomous Aircraft, a Small Launchable Rocket, and a Human Powered Vehicle, were all shown to the students, and demonstrated the different uses and fields of engineering.

In addition to the expo, the OSPS Year 3 students, took part in the ‘Engineers Without Borders’ unit workshop – a group who build basic water filters. Each team was assigned a different country and the budget, cost of materials, and instructions given all varied, depending on GDP and literacy rates of their assigned country.

The Year 4’s worked in small teams as part of their ‘Robogals’ unit to construct towers made from spaghetti strands and tape. The aim of the activity was to create the tallest, strongest tower and the team that built the highest tower that stood to support a marshmallow at the top won.

In conjunction with the Year 4 ‘Robogals’ unit, the Year 5’s built small, programmable robots further developing the skills they have learnt in the OSPS Robotics and Coding Program.

The Monash University Engineering Expo educated the students on the global application of engineering in 2018, and how recycling and sustainability is playing a big role in the engineering industry and the development of technology, why engineering and STEM subjects are important, and how the financial and educational status of different countries affects their quality of engineered products, how and what they are used for, and the how economic factors impact different countries.
Engineering is a rapidly growing, and diverse area that will continue to grow and provide interest and opportunities.

A huge thank you to Lindsay Guy, Alana Harries and the incredible students from the Monash Engineering Faculty, for their dedication and support in helping deliver such a wonderful learning experience for not only our school, but also students from outside the community.

Thank you OSPS from Tsefa Primary School in Ethiopia in Africa

With just a few weeks to go before Haftu Strintzos finishes Year 12, as his mother, we both wanted to take this opportunity to thank every Oakleigh South Primary School student and teacher who has supported the many hundreds of poor and disadvantaged children and students in Haftu’s community in Tigray, since 2012.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky that upon arriving in Australia in 2011, Haftu was given the opportunity to attend OSPS – initially in the last term of Grade 5, and then for the whole of Grade 6 starting in 2012. His short time at OSPS can best be described as formative, and he loved every minute of it. Its where Haftu learnt to read and write in English, study maths, science, history, geography and Japanese – a language he enjoys, has become proficient in, and is one of his favourite VCE Year 12 subjects.

OSPS is also the place where Haftu discovered his talent for running. From cross country to track, his first state level competition was running in the Green and White OSPS colours. Though in Grade 6 he found himself at the back of the racing pack, today he is leading the way from the front, and is currently Australia’s reigning U20 Cross Country and 5,000m athletics champion. In August this year, Haftu equalled Robert Castella’s record winning both the Australia and Oceania U20 Cross Country titles in Maleny, Queensland.

Apart from Haftu receiving the best introduction to life and schooling in Australia, he was made to feel at home and respected for the hardships he had suffered growing up an orphan in rural Tigray, Ethiopia. This was powerfully demonstrated when in December 2012, Grade 6 students, and eventually the whole of OSPS responded with extraordinary compassion and generosity towards helping poor children in Haftu’s impoverished community in rural Tigray, Ethiopia.

Seeing firsthand how a few resources, hope and opportunity had changed Haftu’s life, the efforts of OSPS students to change the lives of children less fortunate than themselves, has been extraordinary, transformative, and very moving.

Since 2012, this kind-heartedness by OSPS towards Haftu’s community and his old primary school – Tsefah Primary School – has just grown and grown, and brought about genuine change in poor children’s’ lives.  Thanks to these incredible community-to-community and student-to-student relationships, the following spectacular outcomes have been achieved:

  • $20,350.25 raised for various education related projects
  • Education packs comprised of exercise books, pens, pencils, text books, erasers and sharpeners provided to over 420 Tsefah School students and orphans on three occasions. Each education pack was enough to cover a student’s needs for at least a year. That’s 3 years of school supplies and books per student!
  • Sports equipment (skipping ropes, soccer balls, volleyball net, volleyballs, frisbees) were given to the Tsefah School so that students can play and stay healthy and active.
  • OSPS contributed to the development of a water well near the Tsefah School compound so that students no longer have to go to school thirsty.
  • Contributed to the construction and set-up of the first ever Tsefah School Library. Built to Government standards, the Library has been successfully built (its beautiful!), and purchase of the furniture and books is currently underway. This is a huge and much needed project that will build the knowledge and know-how of all students; and it’s a legacy of Australian generosity that will live on forever. Equipping of the library is expected to be completed by the end of November 2018.
  • Through presentations, displays of Ethiopian cultural items and talks at OSPS assemblies, students were able to learn about different cultures, social justice issues, and how poverty affects the educational outcomes of children in rural Tigray. These events were very successful and motivating, and helped OSPS students understand how in their own way they can make a difference in the lives of children on the other side of the world.

Finally, we have no words to express how grateful and overwhelmed we are by the generosity and love shown to us and the children at the Tsefah School, by the OSPS community.  Every single dollar has impacted the lives of poor children in a very meaningful way.  You can’t imagine the joy OSPS has given to the Tsefah School students – they can now go to school with all the learning materials they need, they have access to clean drinking water, and will soon have access to a proper library where they can study, read and learn new things every day.  This is what we call “empowerment” and “resilience building”.

Truly, we cannot thank OSPS enough.  We feel very humbled.

Maria & Haftu Strintzos

School Banking

This is an important announcement regarding the end of year arrangements for school banking.

The last day for ordering rewards for delivery in 2018 is next Monday the 26th of November. Any reward requests after this date will be held over to 2019. All accumulated tokens (not used towards rewards in 2018) will be carried over into 2019.

The last day for all banking will be Monday the 3rd of December. No bankbooks will be accepted after this time.

If you have a child in Grade 6 who is leaving OSPS, they can still bank with us if you have other children at the school – just send in their books to your younger childs’ class.

Thank you for being a part of the OSPS school banking program in 2018. We look forward to welcoming you back next year.


Katrina Jones, Julie McNess, Michelle Englund, Caryn Vincent, Adeline Raymer
– School Banking Parent Volunteers
The OSPS Community would like to thank the Parent Volunteers for their time each week organising School Banking.

Village News

The Village are in desperate need of the following items

*    2L Ice Cream containers
*    Egg cartons
*    Newspapers

If you are able to help, please deliver straight to the Village.

Thank you
The Year 3 Team


Year 1 Messenger Dogs Incursion

To tie in with Remembrance Day, last week the Year 1 students participated in the incursion, ‘The Messenger Dogs – Tales of WWI’. This free puppet show followed the journey of Nell, Trick and Bullet – three dogs responsible for carrying messages between headquarters and the front line. All three were real dogs and served with the No. 3 Messenger Dog Section, attached to the 4th Divisional Signal Company. You can see a photo of them at www.awm.gov.au/collection/E02318/

The show was tailored to Year 1 children and addressed tales of courage, determination and mateship in a child-friendly manner. We all enjoyed learning about the vital role dogs played in World War One.


Caine’s arcade game planning has begun!

Our term 4 integrated studies unit is inspired by Caine’s Arcade, a short film about 9 year old Caine Monroy from East Los Angeles. He built his own cardboard arcade in his father’s used auto parts shop, entirely out of recycled cardboard boxes! After a summer of waiting for customers, filmmaker Nirvan Mullick discovered the arcade and filmed a short documentary that we watched in Year 1 assembly (the video is available for viewing on YouTube by searching ‘Caine’s Arcade’). His story shows how engineering can be learned in a natural way and has started a global movement encouraging children all around the world to create, design + play!

After spending the last few weeks exploring the physical sciences of elasticity, balance, slopes and inclines and push and pull, we have begun creating our own cardboard arcade! Students need to collaborate, design + build their own games! In the coming weeks, we will be inviting our parents and Year 5 buddies to play our arcade games!




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