Oakleigh South Primary School


15th November, 2023

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” —Richard Branson


Issue 36  – 15th November 2023

Friday 17th November
– Colour Run

Monday 20th – Friday 24th
– Year 6 Camp

Tuesday 21st November
– Prep – Year 3 Assembly

Tuesday 28th November
– Year 2 Production

Wednesday 29th November
– Year 2 Production

Friday December 1st
– Prep Meet the Teacher





Last Friday night the school came alive with the annual OSPS Disco. With the juniors starting the night with a bang and some amazing dancing, it was closely followed by the senior students showing off their dance moves to the beats of DJ Eykman!! This event is a highlight of the social calendar and very well supported by children from all year levels. Not to mention the fun everyone had with the glow products.

A huge thank you to our amazing parent group who organised and ran the disco. Thank you also to the staff who attended and to Evert Eykman for his amazing DJ skills. The children had a ball!!

The parent group is very busy at this time of the year, organising lots of events. The next one is the school’s annual Colour Run happening this Friday afternoon. Thank you to all those who have registered so far and have obtained the $10 minimum to participate.

Funds raised from the Colour Run will be used to turn the area between the Robotics Lab and the year 5 portables into an ‘outdoor classroom’ that can also be used by students to meet during recess and lunchtime. While plans are yet to be finalised, the proposed idea is to lay turf in place of the existing grass and install approximately 4 tables with bench seats.

Have a great week.

Ron Cantlon




Only 1 sleep to go until our oval becomes a rainbow! A reminder that the colour run will be held tomorrow Friday 17th November after lunch.
A reminder participating students need to wear a white t-shirt, and pants/shoes that can get colour on them. 
The event will be held at 1.30pm on the oval and parents are most welcome to attend.
The event will finsih around 3.20pm and teachers will dismiss thier class from outside their classrooms
Students who are not participating will be going to the hall. 
If you have any questions with regards to the Colour Run, please email Parent Group at osparentgroup67@gmail.com.



The year 2’s have been rehearsing hard for their up coming production.

Tickets will go on sale to the school community 10am Monday 20th November for this year’s production of ‘The Goblins Next Door’.

Pop these dates into your calendar!

Can’t wait to see you all there!



The Parents’ Association of the Melbourne International School of Japanese (MISJ) would like to invite the students, family and friends of Oakleigh South Primary School to our annual school fete, NOMINOICHI.

The “NOMINOICHI” is the annual school fete held by the Parents’ Association of the MISJ as part of our fundraising activities. It is a fun afternoon for everybody with activities for all to enjoy.

Saturday, 18th November 2023, 2:40pm-4:30pm
Oakleigh South Primary School-Basketball Court and the Hall
• Lucky Dip
• Flea Market
(Pre loved books, toys, clothes, household items etc.)
• Baked Goods and Japanese Food Stall
(Cakes, Japanese sweets, Japanese savory foods Takoyaki etc.)
• Activities organized by parents and students
(Snack fishing, Water balloon fishing, Mini bowling, Haunted house etc.)
• Wadaiko Performance
(Traditional Japanese Drumming)

Due to the popularity of this fete, we anticipate heavy traffic and an overcrowded car park.
Please consider using public transport.
We look forward to welcoming you all at our fete!



Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of Term 4, Subway (The Links) and Canteen Hub are very pleased to be able to offer the ‘Subs For You School Lunch Program’ to our school.

Orders will close at 12pm the day prior to your selected day (eg. Orders for Thursday, 25 August will close on Wednesday, 24 August at 12pm).

Instructions on how to order and register are attached to this Compass.

  1. Please register at app.canteenhub.com.au/register-customer
  1. If you need to cancel your order this can be done via app.canteenhub.com.au under your profile up to the order cut-off time.
  1. If you need to cancel your order on the day please email help@canteenhub.com prior to 8:30am.

Please note that Classroom Cuisine is still available for orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please contact osparentgroup67@gmail.com if you have any questions or issues.

OSPS Parent Group



Eva – 4DK
For being a conscientious, hard-working student. Well done, Eva!

Georgia – 4DK
For working hard in all areas of the curriculum. It’s wonderful to see you so happy and confident 

George – 4DK
For his terrific effort in class – he’s a Mathematician and spelling whiz! 

Thanishka – 4DK
For always showing kindness and respect, as well as making everyone around her smile! 

Edie – 4DK
For her incredible effort and beautiful writing – congratulations, Edie!

Dhruv – 4DK
For his excellent work ethic and doing extremely well in his reading and SRA! Well done, Dhruv!

Thomas – 4OL
For writing an excellent Cold Write narrative about his birthday gift. Keep up the great work Thomas!

Amelie – 4OL
For never giving up and making sure she completes all her set tasks. Keep up the awesome efforts Amelie!

Louis – 4AS
For working hard this term to achieve his AR goal. Well done, Louis!

Alwyn – 4AS
For exemplary demonstration of respect towards classmates and teachers.

Nabeeha – 4CR
For always maintaining a high standard of work in all areas of the curriculum. A top effort, Nabeeha!

Sasha – 4CR
For pushing himself to be the best at his chosen field and representing the school in a State final.

Kundhana – 4CR
Working Together
For consistently demonstrating the 5 School Values and always being a kind and caring friend.

Aayan – 4CR
For always showing respect towards his teachers and peers. Aayan, thanks for being so lovely!

Pushti – 4WW
For always showing your classmates and teachers respect. You’re a star, Pushti!

Justin – 4WW
For working hard in the classroom this term. Great work, Justin!

Myra – 4WW
For putting in your best effort in all areas. You’re a star, Myra!

Laurence – 4WW
For making the right choices, even when it isn’t easy. Keep up the great work, Laurence!

Leo – 4WW
For working hard to make the right choices in and out of the classroom. Well done, Leo!

Patrick – 4LD
For being the first student in 4LD to reach his AR goal this term. You are a superstar!

Jake – 4LD
For always setting a great example for his peers. He is helpful and patient with all students.

Alexia – 4LD
For completing her homework presentation early and allowing us to use it in class as an example.

Kemi – 4LD
For always having a positive attitude to the activities we do in class. Awesome work!


Lilly – 5CC
For striving to achieve her personal best at all times.

Haaniya – 5CC
For exceeding the expected SRA target weekly and striving to achieve a personal record in SRA.

Paul – 5CC
For building his skills of resilience by building strength from experiences.

Andrew – 5CC
For being persistent with achieving targets in AR, Mathletics and SRA.

Ryan – 5CC
For always trying his best and striving for excellence with his work.

Amora – 5LG
For her brilliant insights and contributions to discussions. Great work, Amora!

Iqra – 5LG
For adapting to change and showing strength when things are challenging. Well done, Iqra!

Ibrahim – 5LG
Working Together
For making a concerted effort to focus in class, and for making more positive choices.

Paul – 5LG
For demonstrating beautiful manners and always being there to support his classmates.

Cameron – 5HP
Working Together
For always being a kind and considerate friend to others in Year 5.

Winnie – 5HP
For always displaying our school values every day! You truly are an OSPS ambassador!

Nadia – 5HP
For always displaying our school values. Showing kindness and respect to everyone she meets.

Hayden – 5MS
For being a responsible and reliable member of 5MS. Hayden, you are a wonderful role model!

Mary – 5MS
For working hard on your leadership speech and always trying your personal best!

Arnav – 5MS
For demonstrating high standards in all his work, across all curriculum areas. Outstanding work!

Tanvika – 5KP
For always showing kindness and initiative when interacting with teachers and students.

Kathleen – 5KP
For working really hard on her leadership speech and reflecting on her character strengths.


Angelene – 6NM
For working hard and delivering a high standard of work with her mini maths projects.

Michelle – 6NM
Working Together
For working very well in her political campaign group.

Alex – 6NM
Working Together
For working really hard in his political campaign group.

Summer – 6NM
Working Together
For being a valuable member of her political campaign group.

Kyryl – 6SC
For creating a wonderful 3D Model of a Country House as part of his Measurement Math Project.

Evia – 6SC
For creating a great Math Project relating to our topic of Data.

Raf – 6CM
For his outstanding performance in the Year 6 Production, as ‘Lion’! You are a star, Raf!

Alicia – 6CM
Working Together
For always being a terrific team player. Great examples are Business Expo and the current Campaign.

Golahn – 6CM
For his effort in task completion, and trying to finish set tasks within timeframes. Keep it up!

Rithika – 4AS
Performing Arts
For always treating his peers with respect, encouragement, and support.

Niall – 4DK
Performing Arts
For always treating his peers with respect, encouragement, and support.

For working exceptionally during Science and demonstrating excellence during their investigations!

Ipshika – 5CC
Performing Arts
Working Together
For demonstrating excellent teamwork skills when choreographing with her group.

Alicia – 6NM
Performing Arts
For always dancing with energy, enthusiasm and expression during Performing Arts lessons.

Mia – 5KP
Performing Arts
For striving to do her best during Performing Arts lessons and dancing with energy and expression.

Dhruv – 6NM
Performing Arts
Working Together
For consistently contributing during graduation rehearsals and supporting his peers.



The Year 3 students have been working hard in the classroom and in the swimming pool but have also taken the time to think about what they appreciate in their lives.


Gratitude (G) – We are grateful for the teachers and education support staff for taking us to camp and for helping make it a safe, fun and memorable experience.


Empathy (E) – We are learning to be empathetic to others and to consider others’ feelings. We are learning to pay attention to our friends and read their facial expressions and body language. We are learning to notice if a friend is not quite right and might need some help.


Mindfulness (M) – We are learning to understand the role sleep, eating and physical exercise play in laying the foundations for healthy mind-body connection and investigate how mindfulness can help these activities.




This Term the Grade Preps and Grade Ones have been learning about the musical concept of Form and different styles of music. The Grade Preps, and Ones have also learnt a variety of dances and songs for special occasions (such as the Teddy Bear sleepover in Prep, and a fun ‘Halloween’ theme). They have continued to play Orff instruments such as glockenspiels, xylophones and metallophones whilst learning about notation.

The Grade Two students have been working on their production ‘The Goblins Next Door’, whilst learning skills in performance such as singing, acting and movement. It will be a vibrant and entertaining show!

The Grade Three students have doing research projects on World Musical Instruments whilst exploring music from different cultures. The Grade Three students have continued to refine their skills in Ukulele playing. They have learnt several different strums and chords.

This Term, our enthusiastic Grade One students joined our Junior Choir rehearsals. Junior Choir is held in the Junior Music Room on Tuesdays from 1:00pm to 1:25pm for students in Grades one, two and Grades three. We enjoyed performing ‘Reach for The Stars’ by S Club 7 at a Junior Assembly recently. We look forward to performing other songs in future assemblies.



This term the year 4 and 5 students have been exploring dance in their Performing Arts classes. They have been learning different dance styles, rehearsing choreography, and analysing dance works. Over the last few weeks the students have used the elements of dance to choreograph their own dance pieces in small groups and used their technical and expressive skills to perform their dances to the class.

Year 6 students have been preparing for their graduation by rehearsing songs and dances to perform at the event. They will surely be a highlight of the night.

OSPS School Band has continued this term. They are currently working on 2 songs, Jupiter and Mad World.

Our VSSS Choir students had the opportunity to perform one of their songs, Carrying You, at the Japanese Day assembly. Congratulations to them all, particularly Deanna who performed part of the song as a solo.



In Week 4, the grade three students set off on an amazing adventure for camp. Everyone arrived super early to school to get on the buses to make our way to Alexandra Adventure Resort. Once we arrived, we were greeted by the wonderful staff, who showed us around before we set off on our first of many amazing activities.

During the three-day camp, students had the opportunity to test their perseverance, teamwork, and problem-solving skills in activities such as canoeing, flying fox, rock climbing, orienteering, low ropes, and the giant swing. The wonderful staff at Alexandra Adventure Resort also served us an abundance of scrumptious food to refuel us for each activity. We were also treated to a bonfire, where we sang songs, played games, and had a laugh together. Overall, it was a fantastic experience for all those who came along, filled with memories that our students will cherish forever.



Recently in TRP, students have been learning to consider the feelings of others and to be able to explain the meaning of the phrase ‘walking in someone else’s shoes’.

They have also thought of reasons why it is important to have empathy for others.

Students have learnt how to identify ways in which we can show kindness and empathy to ourselves, others and the planet. Students have also been learning how to develop strategies to practise being mindful.


By Emma

“Mummy, can I please eat some cotton candy?” I pleaded.

“Fine, which one do you want?” my mum sighed. There were so many different types, it took me a year to choose – from rainbow love hearts to metre tall ones. I chose the blue unicorn one because it was the cheapest, but as soon I bit that delicious, mouth-watering cotton candy goodness a weird tickling sensation took over my body. I realised that I was shrinking…

The shops were like towering mountains, the sausages were as big as cars and I really didn’t like it. I was running around frantically trying to get my mum’s attention but my voice always got carried away by the howling wind. “OMG! Where did my daughter go?” my mum screamed in a panic. I knew I couldn’t talk loud enough but maybe I could write. Quickly I found a ginormous pencil and wrote a note with handwriting worse than a messy prep’s handwriting.

I went to the toilet mum.

Stay where you are and I’ll be back soon.


Hopefully she noticed.

Everything seemed ginormous now, the gigantic cotton candy was the size of a modern-day mansion. I could probably feed on it for 10 years at least. However, I noticed something big was ahead, it was brown and dirty. As I got closer I realised it was a shoe! Running rapidly, I zoomed slower than a slug across the park but I was a millimetre close of getting stepped on. I really had to find somewhere safe to hide.


By Lucas

 The air was freezing and the yellow, crispy snow crunched underneath Tristan’s and Lucas’ boots as multipatterned snowflakes raced down to the ground. The day has been successful and they were heading down to Tristan’s house. Then something caught the boys’ eyes… “Get a chance to win free MONEY!” the sign read. They knew what to do. They raced to the address and saw the house. They knocked excitedly at the door and then, a guy came out of a bush and shrinks them…

“Urh! WHere in the world are we?” Tristan questioned as he woke up.

“Don’t ask me!” Lucas replied. Then a booming voice shocked the two.

“I am Mr. Le! You have 30 minutes before you die!” Then a scary cackly made them jump. “Let’s go” Lucas muttered and Tristan didn’t need to be told twice and they zoomed off.

Soon they reached a wooden floor and they heard screeching and explosions ahead in the distant hole. “Let’s keep going encouraged Tristan positively and they jogged forward. Soon they reached a smoking battlefield with scents of blood and sights of half-covered bodies with mini humans raging and beetles screaming with fury as they battled. “Please help us!” a sudden voice said behind them. They turned around and saw a human the same size as them. The two exchanged doubtful glances then, when they saw a person with a badge that read “Mr. Le” riding a beetle and fighting a human, they quickly nodded and ran at the nearest beetle. Tristan kicked it and while it was distracted Lucas punched it hard on the side and it limped away in a screeching retreat.




On Thursday 9th of November, the Sport Dept headed out to Centenary Park with 23 Grade 5 children for an all day Flag Rugby Gala Day.

The children showed great sportsmanship and cooperation.

Positive attitude was carried throughout the day and they gave their best effort in all games.

Grade 5 also demonstrated respectful behaviour among other schools and coaches. 




The holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to spread warmth and cheer, especially to vulnerable children and young people who may be doing it tough this year. We are excited for our school to participate in Anglicare Victoria’s annual Christmas Toy Appeal. The Toy Appeal will be running from 30 October 2023 until 1 December 2023.

In the last financial year, Anglicare Victoria provided homes and carers for more than 1600 children and young people.  With your support, we can help make a difference and bring smiles to their faces on Christmas Day.

Donation suggestions are on the attached document and donations can be left at the office. Anglicare have asked where possible that we focus on the older age groups; 10 – 12 and 13 – 16 years old.

We thank you in advance for your generosity in the lead up to Christmas.

For more information, please feel free to contact osparentgroup67@gmail.com, or you are welcome to contact Anglicare directly. Their contact details can be found on the attached flyer.



Last Friday, Parent Group hosted their annual disco. Seeing the hall with over 200 children in a conga line was a sight to see. There were so many smiles, so much laughter and of course some ripper dance moves.

Throughout the night, 4 students, Freya M, Edward P, Nikki N & Jeremy C were awarded prizes for their sensational dance moves and air guitar.

We would like to sincerely thank Mr Eykman, also known as DJ E, for his amazing work with the music and Mrs Virtuoso for helping supervise the night and for showing the senior students how to Nutbush.

To all the other teachers that were in attendance throughout the night, and all our wonderful parent volunteers, thank you!


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