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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE  36 – 16th November 2018


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Issue 36  –  16th November 2018



Friday 16th November
–  Prep Transition Group B
1.30 – 3pm

Monday 19th November
–  Yr 6 Halls Gap Camp
students to be at school at 6.15am
– Yr 2 Dress Rehearsal at 11.15am

Tuesday 20th November
–  Yr 2 Dress Rehearsal at 11.15am

Wednesday 21st November
–  Yr 2 Dress Rehearsal at 2pm

Thursday 22nd November
–  Monash University Engineering Expo

Friday 23rd November
–  Yr 6 Camp returns


OSPS Statements – please pay outstanding items or return marked statement as per the enclosed instructions to the office

Qkr! Year 6 Camp Payment Overdue
Year 6 Camp Medical Forms and Medication Due Friday, 16th November

– Qkr! Year 5 Camp Full Payment Due Friday, 16th November
Year 5 Camp Medical Forms Due Wednesday, 14th November

Year 2 Production DVD Orders Due Sunday, 2nd December

Qkr! Year 1 Pen Pals Excursion Due Friday, 22nd November





2018 – Term 4

8 October to 20 December
(2.30pm school students finish)
21 December (staff finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

2019 – Term 1

29 January (staff start)
30 January (1 – 6 start)
31 January (Preps start 9.30 – 12.30)
End of Term – 5 April

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish



What a fun filled afternoon the children and teachers had on Tuesday as the oval exploded with colour. It was such a great sight to see fresh white t-shirts being transformed into a mix of bright colours as the children ran around the oval, ran under the sprinklers then got doused in the colourful powder. I’m not sure who was having more fun, the children getting wet and coloured or the teachers who were squirting the children with the powders as they ran past.

As well as being a terrific fundraiser for the school, it was great to the children having pure and simple fun together.

A big thank you to Carlyn Backers, Marcus Mooney and everyone else involved in making this afternoon happen. Also thank you to the children, who along with their parents collected sponsors to raise money for the school to put towards the Robotics Lab that will be built soon. Finally, thank you to the parents who came along to support their children in this event. There are more fantastic pictures of the day in the “School Matters” section of the newsletter.

This week our last group of 2019 Preps will engage in their second transition session. The parents are invited to the main Music Room to hear about the Prep Curriculum in Literacy and Mathematics and other matters of interest.

Congratulations to the Girls’ Volleyball Team who won the regional final on Monday. They will now play in the state final next Friday. Good luck everyone!

Enjoy the weekend.

Ron Cantlon



Monash University Engineering Expo

We are very excited to announce that Oakleigh South Primary School will be holding its first ever Engineering Expo to support the school’s STEM initiative through the school. Monash University’s Faculty of Engineering will host the engineering extravaganza at Oakleigh South Primary School on Thursday November 22.

There will be a robot designed to explore Mars, and a machine that tackles plastic pollution by re-purposing waste into valuable goods, and many more exhibits. Students will even launch rockets with the Monash High Powered Rocketry team on the school oval. Our Year 3 and 5 students will participate in workshops run by Robogals and Engineers without Borders.

All of these activities are lead by Monash Engineering students – our real-life superheros! Please keep this date in your diaries!

Thank you

Erik Albers

Year 2 Production

Tickets are now open to the whole school community available via Trybooking.
Search for OSPS Grade 2 Production The Night The Reindeer Rocked.

When the reindeer get in the way around the workshop, Santa suggests they get a part-time job.

So they form a rock and roll band to play at “Rudy’s Place” on opening night…which (OH NO!) just happens to be Christmas Eve!

How will they deliver the presents AND perform on opening night?

The performance times are listed below:

  • 7pm Tuesday 27th November (2KH, 2SM, 2JB)
  • 7pm Wednesday 28th November (2VO, 2JB, 2JD)
  • 7pm Thursday 29th November (2SI, 2CS, 2JB)

Ticket Prices:
Adult $10.00 – allocated seating
Child: $5.00 – floor seating, for children aged 4-12 only

OSPS Disco

Our OSPS kids bought their dancing shoes and dance moves to the Annual OSPS Disco put on by Parent Group on Friday night. A fantastic time was had by all!!

Thank you to DJ Rowe and DJ Eykman for their musical magic, and Mr Morrey and Mr Beaumont for assisting. Also thanks to James Melbourne for another great sound and light display, and the teachers who came and had a dance with the kids.

Colour Explosion

We are thrilled to announce that our School Run4Fun Colour Explosion was a HUGE success.

On behalf of Oakleigh South Primary School, we would like to thank you for your time and effort that was put into this year’s School Run4Fun Colour Explosion.

It was wonderful to see the spirit and enthusiasm that was displayed in supporting our school and of course the smiles on the student’s faces. What a blast of colour it was! The kids can’t wait to do it again next year.

Students who registered and raised $10 or more on line will need to order their prize/s. Please login on the Profile Page at www.myprofilepage.com.au.
You have until Saturday 17 November at 4pm to order your prize.

The sooner we finalise the prize order the sooner the students will receive their prizes.

Thanks again for your support.

Village News

The Village are in desperate need of the following items

*    2L Ice Cream containers
*    Egg cartons
*    Newspapers

If you are able to help, please deliver straight to the Village.

Thank you
The Year 3 Team


Art Report

This semester the Art Room has been a hive of excitement as the year 4 and year 6 productions drew near. Everyone was working hard and children were busy putting finishing touches on displays for the foyer of both productions. We hope you took the time to see the foyer for Seussical as all the children were represented and over 1200 artworks were on display.

The Junior School

So the Preps are off to a great start with a display of printed Teddy Bears in the corridor. The grade ones have been introduced to the concept of print making and have had a great old time printing and decorating donuts. If you have a child in year two please ask them about the artist Gustav Klimt. They are a wealth of information on the Artist and have enjoyed creating a ‘Tree of Life’. The threes are finally completing the long awaited Pom Pom Chickens and Rabbits as well as Hutches and Coupes for their creations. They have also learnt a lot about Vincent Van Gogh and Starry Night.

The Senior School

The year fours have been making aboriginal themed landscapes using mixed media. The year fives, have been drawing their own school shoes. It’s much harder than it sounds but they are enjoying the challenge. Finally, the year sixes have completed the Seussical component of their art curriculum. They are now exploring the world of Street Art and the meditative value of Zentangling.

As a reminder please, can all parents walking through the school with smaller children please ensure that they do not touch the art works and sculptures, as it is terrible when work is damaged or taken.

Thank you

Miss Hunt, Mrs. Cantlon and Mrs. Wilkin



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