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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE  34 – 2nd November 2018


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Issue 34 –  2nd November 2018


Friday 2nd November
–  Prep Transition Group B
1.30 – 3pm

Monday 5th November
–  Curriculum Day

Tuesday 6th November
–  Melbourne Cup Day

Thursday 8th November
–  Bentleigh District T20 Cricket

Friday 9th November
—  Prep Transition Group A
1.30 – 3pm

–  School Disco
Prep – 2   5.30 – 6.30pm
Years 3 – 6  7.00 – 9.00pm


– OSPS statements – please pay outstanding items or return marked statement as per the enclosed instructions to the office

– Qkr! Year 6 Camp Payment Overdue

– Qkr! Year 5 Rugby Jumper & Polo Shirt Payment/Order Due Friday 9th November

– Qkr! T20 Big Bash Gala – selected students only

– Colour Run Sponsorship – have you registered your child online? www.myprofilepage.com.au




2018 – Term 4

8 October to 20 December
(2.30pm school students finish)
21 December (staff finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

2019 – Term 1

29 January (staff start)
30 January (1 – 6 start)
31 January (Preps start 9.30 – 12.30)
End of Term – 5 April


A huge congratulations to the children who represented our school in the State Athletics Carnival on Monday.
Ori won gold in each of his three events which is an amazing effort. The 9/10 year old girls came third, the 9/10 year old boys came fourth and the 12 year old girls’ team won came first and took home the gold medal! Well done to all the children involved and the support they have received from teachers and their families

It’s getting close to our final production for the year. The Grade 2 students have been rehearsing extremely hard this term for their amazing production, ‘The Night the Reindeer Rocked’.

The performance dates are:

Tuesday 27th November
Cast 1   (2KH, 2SM, 2JB)

Wednesday 28th November
Cast 2   (2VO, 2JB, 2JD)

Thursday 29th November
Cast 3   (2SI, 2CS, 2JB)

Ticket Prices:
Adult $10.00 – allocated seating
Child: $5.00  – floor seating for children 4- 12 years of age

Bookings for Year 2 families open on Wednesday 7th November at 11:00am through www.trybooking.com
Tickets will be available to the whole community on Wednesday, 14th November.

There is lots of excitement around the school for the Colour Run. It’s going to be a fun afternoon for everyone involved. Remember it will be held on Tuesday 13th November after lunch.
There will be no whole school assembly on this day.

Lastly, just a reminder there will be a pupil free day on Monday. The teachers will be working on data analysis in preparation for writing the children’s reports. Tuesday is a public holiday for Melbourne Cup Day. See everyone on Wednesday.

Enjoy the long weekend.


Ron Cantlon



The Colour Run

There have been concerns regarding the children’s sponsorship for the Colour Run. I received a note expressing concerns about children thinking they have to raise a certain amount. I have asked my staff to ensure that the children know they can raise as much as they can. There is definitely no ‘have to’ amount.
However, it is still $10.00 to cover costs and participate.
Thank you to the parent for bringing these concerns to my attention.

Curriculum Day


A reminder to parents that Monday, 5th November is a Curriculum Day

Students are not required at school.

School Disco

Don’t forget the School Disco next Friday

Year Prep – 2   (5.30 – 6.30pm)

Years 3 – 6      (7.00 – 9.00pm)

Please bring a drink bottle, your dancing shoes and best moves.

$5 entry, pay at the door.

Help OSPS Win at Oakleigh Central


Oakleigh South Primary School has been chosen to participate in the ‘Help your school win’ at Oakleigh Central

There is $8000 in school funds to be won plus a chance to win a $50 Oakleigh Central gift card each week.

What you need to do

Step 1- Shop in any participating specialty stores

Step 2– Collect 1 token per $10 spend in food or beverages or fresh food stores or collect 1 token per $30 spend in other specialty stores

Step 3- Drop your token in the Oakleigh South Primary School box

Tile & Crockery Request from Grade 3 Village


Do you have old tiles that are sitting in the shed? Large, small or any size. Do you have old, chipped, colourful or patterned cups, plates, bowls and more? Causing clutter? Need to throw them out?

Mrs Dwyer is looking for donations for a long term mosaic project. Any donation appreciated. (except white crockery at this stage).

There will be a container outside the office or donations can be brought directly to the Village.


Year 3 Donations


The Year 3 Village  are in desperate need of donations of 2 Litre Ice-cream Containers and newspapers.

If you are able to help, please deliver donations directly to the Village


Art Room Request


Empty, clear plastic 2 litre soft drink bottles (rinsed out and clean) can be dropped off at the art room!

They will be used for the Year 2 production and to make snow globes!

Thank you




Healthy Skills For Life

Healthy Skills For Life is fun because, we play calm games and you feel relaxed afterwards and it’s great for learning. It’s good for kids to calm down and be less loud after the lesson.
– Chiara V

In Healthy Skills I learnt to do mindful breathing, which made me feel refreshed and ready for a new day.
– Amy L

In Healthy Skills For Life, we do yoga poses and calm games. We do relaxed lying and every week we do a new focus like honesty and respect. I really like the Healthy Skills For Life lessons. They are really fun and exciting and we’re learning to breathe calmly and gently.
– Julian H

I like healthy skills for life because in the program they teach about honesty and respect. They basically teach mindfulness. We also play a lot of games and participate in fun activities.
– Mithuna K

At Healthy Skills for Living, we do a variety of different activities including yoga, stretches, talking about the main topic of the week, and other fun games. Every week during these lessons, we have a different value that we learn about, and we do activities based on learning about that focus.
– Nancy C

I like Healthy Living Skills because it helps me relax and calm my mind.
– Carol D

My favourite thing about Healthy Skills For Life is that when you’re angry or sad, Healthy Skills For Life will help you.
– Theo E

I liked Healthy Living Skills For Living because I learnt how to meditate properly.
– Harrison A

The next thing I like about Healthy Skills is being very relaxed after our lessons.
– Dean T

It’s really fun and relaxing. I enjoy playing games and the yoga poses.
– James D

Healthy Skills for Life is one of my favourite things in school because when I come out of the room my body is calm, I feel refreshed and all my worries have gone away.
– Layla J

At Healthy Skills For Life, I learn how to relax when I’m stressed, frustrated or even nervous. It helped me a lot when I needed to calm down or forget about something annoying or sad that had happened.
– Gaia D

Healthy Living Skills is amazing because it calms your body down.
– Kaushik V

I have a great time in Heathy Skills for Life and I feel relaxed but the stone on my head feels cold.
– Paras S

At Healthy Skills For Living my favourite thing is playing fun games. I also like doing the yoga wave and doing a plank.
– Jasmine K

Healthy Skills For Life is an amazing way to calm down.
– Abdullah A

In Healthy Skills for Life, I have learnt about honesty.
– Kate I

Healthy Skills for Living is playing games and relaxing. It is really enjoyable.
– William J

At Healthy Skills, I love the activities and the fun games we have. Healthy Skills makes me relaxed, sleepy and calm.
– Alex Z

I learned that if you don’t have a good posture, when you’re 80 you will have a stiff back. I really enjoy H.S.F.L. because it`s fun and the games we play are the topic of the week.
– Jason R

Healthy Living Skills is fun because there are always new experiences that are challenges. The games are also very relaxing and safe.
– Ben H

State Athletics 2018

On Monday, 29th of October, 13 children represented the school at the State Athletics Championships at Lakeside Stadium.

Ori competed in the 100m, 200m and Long Jump in the Multi class section and won Gold in all 3 events. Ori is a true inspiration. He has trained so hard and gives his all on competition day. The school is very proud of Ori’s achievements.

All 3 relay teams ran heats and all qualified for finals which was fantastic.

The 9/10 Girls ran a super final and finished 3rd receiving a Bronze medal. Congratulations to Josephine, Cleo, Tricia and Isla.

The 9/10 Boys were clean with their baton changes and ran a great 4th place. Well done to Kensei, Austin, Dean and Aadam.

The 12/13 Girls qualified for the final – 0.03 of a second behind Coatesville. In the final the girls ran out of their skins and with flawless baton changes, held off Coatesville to claim the Gold medal. What a race and what a victory. Congratulations to Jessica, Anita, Teona and Aeon. This is the 3rd year in a row that Jessica and Aeon’s relay team has won State Gold.

To put the children’s achievements into perspective – There are approximately 75,000 children in each grade level across Victoria (half of which are boys and girls)

Thanks to all our wonderful emergencies who give up their time to assist the team. Thank you also to the teachers who have assisted in coaching the children.

Marcus Mooney

National Touch Football

Last week from Monday the 21st to Friday the 26th of October, two boys from OSPS travelled to Tasmania to compete in the National Touch Football Competition; Ollie and Rimon.

Representing Victoria, we were to play all other states and territories. As we made our way onto the field to play our first game against New South Wales, we knew we would never give up. After we played all the teams coming away with 2 wins, placing 6th/8, it was time for the 5th place playoff. The 5th place playoff was to be the Tasmania boys and the Victoria boys.

The last time we played them, we lost, but we would never give up. It was a hard start, losing 3-1 at halftime, but with grit, teamwork, and co-operation, we managed to pull away with a victory of 11-10.

We finished with the second best result from the Victorian Boys Team ever!

Well done Team Vic



In Hobart, Tasmania, six girls from OSPS (Aeon, Anita, Emily, Jessica, Tanasha and Teona) represented Victoria at the National Touch Football Tournament (Monday 21st- Friday 26th October).

Our hearts were beating a million beats per seconds as we, the Victorian U12 Girls Touch Football Team, made our way onto the field to play against our first team (NSW). Despite the fact that we lost against NSW we kept our heads high and went on to win 3 games against TAS, SA & NT and drew against WA.

We came 5th out of 8 teams. That is the best result that team Vic has ever achieved.


Year 2 Production

Come to the fabulous Year 2 Production on November 27th, 28th and 29th!

When the reindeer get in the way around the workshop, Santa suggests they get a part-time job.

So they form a rock and roll band to play at “Rudy’s Place” on opening night…which (OH NO!) just happens to be Christmas Eve!

How will they deliver the presents AND perform on opening night?

Applications for scholarships for Year 4 to 12 students now open

Students in Years 4 to 12 can now apply for a share of scholarship funding

More than 140 scholarships, ranging in value from $600 to $30,000, are available to Year 12 students undertaking further study in 2019. Recipients are able to use their scholarships to pay for iPads/computers, tertiary fees, and accommodation.

More than 100 scholarships, ranging in value from $300 to $1,000, are available to students in Years 4 to 11. Previous recipients have used their scholarships to purchase textbooks, school uniforms, and computers.

Apply for scholarships

Applications for all scholarships are now open.

To explore the scholarships available and for information on how to apply, see: Student scholarships

Students are encouraged to identify and apply for all scholarships where they meet the criteria. Principals are asked to share this link with interested students and their families.

More information

For more information or queries, contact Student Scholarships Coordinator Andrea Constantino via phone: 7022 1895 or email: constantino.andrea.a@edumail.vic.gov.au




The School Fun for Run Colour Explosion is less than a week away!!

How are you tracking towards your fundraising goal?

If you haven’t already, create a Profile Page at www.myprofilepage.com.au.

There are some awesome features like setting your fundraising goal by choosing your favourite prizes.

It is going to be fun filled colourful day. All participants will get sunglasses and a headband and all you need to do is bring a white T-shirt to change into before you run. There will be many obstacle courses on the oval to get through before you reach the final destination.

We are still looking for volunteers to assist on the day. If you are able to assist please email Carlyn at osparentgroup67@gmail.com

Together we can make this an explosion of fun and colour and of course make some money for our school



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