Oakleigh South Primary School


18th October, 2023

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” —Dr. Seuss


Issue 32  – 18th October 2023


Friday October 13th
– Year 5 Talk Money Incursion
– Year 5 & 6 Popcorn Day

Tuesday October 17th
– Popcorn Day (Year 1, 5 & 6)

Friday October 20th
– Popcorn Day (Year 3, 4 & 5)

Monday October 23rd
– Beachside Division Basketball

Tuesday October 24th
– Japanese Dress Up & Sushi Day


This Friday we will be welcoming the first half of our 2024 Prep children to our Transition program. This is an exciting time as our new preps visit the prep classrooms and take part in several rotational activities. During this time, there will be an information session for the parents and carers in the hall. Next Friday the second half of the group will attend their first session. Both groups will return for a second session in November.

Thank you to the Parent Group who will provide afternoon tea to the parents.

We have many children who are representing our school in the Southern Metro Regional Athletics today. I’d like to wish them good luck and enjoy the day. I will share their outcomes in next week’s report.

Don’t forget we have the school colour run coming up on Friday 17th November. Register your child today, they must collect a minimum of $10 in donations to participate. Speaking to many OSPS parents they are kick starting their child’s donations with a $10 contribution before asking family and friends to donate a couple of dollars.

To register your child head to www.australianfundraising.com.au and click on the School Run for Fun Login. Students who fundraise over $50 will go into a draw to slime a teacher.


Have a fantastic week.

Ron Cantlon




We are excited to let you know about our upcoming Japanese Matsuri Day on October 24th in Term 4, week 4.

This is a yearly event where we celebrate our students’ achievements in the Japanese program and explore Japanese culture.

Just like in previous years, we are planning a dress-up day.

We encourage students to get creative and dress up in things related to Japan.

For example, they can wear kimonos, karate uniforms, ninja or samurai outfits, or even fun Harajuku-style clothes. They can also choose to dress up as popular Japanese characters like Pikachu, Sushi, or their favourite anime characters.

We hope to see all our students participating, dressing up, and having a great time on Japanese Matsuri Day.

Let’s celebrate together!


Do you enjoy getting outdoors?

This week there’s an awesome opportunity for our school community to get involved in the Aussie Bird Count. 

Kids and their families can become citizen scientists by spending 20 minutes outdoors to count all the birds they see. This data is collected by the Bird Life Australia App.

Check out the Bird Life Australia website for more information: https://aussiebirdcount.org.au/

In celebration of the Aussie Bird Count and together with our Sustainability Captains, we are running a colouring and drawing competition with 4 prizes to be won across the junior and senior school. Students can print out the Bird Life poster and colour it in OR students can draw their own Australian bird with a short sentence to describe the bird and it’s features.

Our Sustainability Captains will visit classrooms on Monday 23rd October to collect your entries and the 4 lucky winners will be announced at the whole school assembly on Tuesday 24th October. Remember to include your name and grade.




Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of Term 4, Subway (The Links) and Canteen Hub are very pleased to be able to offer the ‘Subs For You School Lunch Program’ to our school.

Orders will close at 12pm the day prior to your selected day (eg. Orders for Thursday, 25 August will close on Wednesday, 24 August at 12pm).

Instructions on how to order and register are attached to this Compass.

  1. Please register at app.canteenhub.com.au/register-customer
  1. If you need to cancel your order this can be done via app.canteenhub.com.au under your profile up to the order cut-off time.
  1. If you need to cancel your order on the day please email help@canteenhub.com prior to 8:30am.

Please note that Classroom Cuisine is still available for orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please contact osparentgroup67@gmail.com if you have any questions or issues.

OSPS Parent Group


South Oakleigh College goes to NASA!

Students travelled to Orlando, Florida to participate in a three-day program that was conducted by Camp KSC – Kennedy Space Centre. The heart of the program was the certified Astronaut Training Experience (ATX), an exclusive opportunity not found anywhere else in the world! Here, students stepped into the shoes of astronauts, training for life on Mars and prepare for the challenges of the journey to the Red Planet. They navigated full-motion mission simulators like the Land and Drive on Mars, dabbled in virtual reality with the Walk on Mars, and even experienced the sensation of microgravity on the Micro Gravity floor simulator.

The day was all about teamwork, communication, and collaboration. The students were able to develop their skills as they guided each other through these challenges.

The students were taken on a guided tour of the behind the scenes at Kennedy Space Centre and visited the rocket launch pads, Vehicle assembly building, the Apollo/Saturn V Centre and the Launch Complex 39. These areas have restricted access to the public.


They were further immersed into the future of space exploration at Mars Base 1, which is a prototype of Mars Base.  The students were able to conduct experiments, solve engineering challenges, use robotics, and defy gravity in a microgravity simulation. They learned how to manage emergencies and planted and harvested vegetables in a series of controlled experiments.

The next stop was Los Angeles where the educational journey continued with the Knott’s Berry Farm Physics – Energy in Motion Program, where students explored the physics governing amusement park rides and roller coasters.

A day at Disneyland provided a well-deserved break for students to unwind and enjoy.

Universal Studios offered a unique opportunity to understand the intricacies of movie-making, from stunts to special effects.

Following LA our next destination was San Francisco where upon arrival at the USS Hornet, the group took part in the STEM to Stern Program and were able to see how chemistry, physics and mathematics apply to the operational functions of a World War II aircraft carrier giving the students a perspective on modern technology whilst being able to make a comparison with the past. Students learned about thermodynamics, and electromagnetism, how waves are used to track objects, hydraulics and simple machines, how pilots and sailors use vector mathematics to plot a course.

The Exploratorium provided an engaging environment with over 600 STEM exhibits. Here, students had hands-on experiences, exploring concepts like Ramps and Rollers, recording data, making comparisons, and discovering how small adjustments can lead to significant changes. They also experimented with light, shadow, and balance using multiple weights.

To round off the experience prior to our return home, students took a ferry to Alcatraz where they engaged in an audio tour casting actual voices of the correctional officers and inmates who lived on the island. The experience alerted students to careers in forensic science.

Throughout this program, students were exposed to a wide range of educational experiences, from space exploration simulations to understanding the physics of amusement park rides, all of which fostered critical thinking and a deeper appreciation for applied science.

We look forward to returning in 2025!




Term four is off to a huge start in the Art Room with all of the classes excited about upcoming projects.

The Preps are in ‘Teddy Sleepover’ mode and have painted teddies with acrylic paint and forks to give texture. This activity is a big hit every year with lots of paint on the paper. The teddies wiLL get decorated in the coming weeks to complete our masterpieces.

The Year 1s are learning about printmaking and have painted pool noodle pieces to make donuts. These will have icing and sprinkles soon, how exciting. Next, they are making a collage from Eric Carl’s book, Mister Seahorse. The Year 2s…. hmmmm….. Well that’s a secret… Production is coming up and let’s just say it’s all about “Fairy Dell’!

The Year 3s are completing their take on Albert Durer’s Rhino and loving using the fluorescent watercolours for this task. After this they will be starting their honey bee pom poms.

The Year 4s have been drawing dream houses with watercolour pencils and will be exploring indigenous art for most of the remainder of the term.

The Year 5s have a lot on! They’re printmaking with foam board, making masks, doing a continuous line drawing and exploring surrealism.

A special congratulations to all the winners of the Wizard of Oz colouring competition

The Year 6s are rendering a jigsaw inspired work using a reference of their own choice as well as making a paper-mache gingerbread house from a tissue box.

We are looking for donations of wool, empty tissue boxes and any left-over Christmas crafts you may have such as stickers, paper scraps, cotton wool to use as snow and ribbon. Thank you so very much.

From The Art Team.



Jayden – 6NM Integrity
For setting a tremendous standard for his peers as a school vice captain.

Milla – 6NM Excellence
For showing real improvement during term 3 and term 4 by working hard.

Ela – 6NM Excellence
For an showing an increased focus in our Maths sessions.

Mohammed – 6JD Working Together
For always wanting to help and cheer others up.

Michael – 6JD Resilience
For taking on new challenges, especially in Maths.

Beau – 6SC Working Together
For being a wonderful IT Monitor – Taking care of the laptops in a responsible manner.

Nikola – 6SC Excellence
For her wonderful work in our Year 6 Production.

Akshaj – 6CM Excellence
For consistently smashing his weekly Mathletics and AR targets, being a regular Mathlete contender.

Leah – 6CM Excellence
For a dazzling performance in the Year 6 Production, as ‘Dorothy’! Superstar effort, Leah!

Hongyan – 6SM Excellence
For consistently challenging himself by choosing advanced maths homework.

Alessia – 6SM Excellence
For pushing herself to great heights and growing as a performer during the Yr 6 Production.

Janul – 6SM Excellence
For consistently reaching his AR and beyond and maintaining an excellent homework routine.


Aaryan – 4OL Resilience
For striving to complete tasks to the best of his ability.

Teresa – 4OL Integrity
For taking pride in her work, always using neat handwriting and having beautiful illustrations.

Zara – 4WW Excellence
For starting Term 4 with a bang! You have been organised and focused. Keep it up!

Anaya – 4WW Excellence
For making an excellent start on your AR goal this term! You’re a star reader, Anaya!

Christian – 4AS Excellence
For working hard and completing all tasks to a high standard during Maths Groups.

Alex – 4AS Excellence
For his outstanding ICAS results. An amazing achievement, Alex. Well done!

George – 4DK Excellence
For his hard work across the curriculum and trying his best. Well done, George!

Harry – 4DK Respect
For always showing respect and kindness to everyone around him. You’re a star, Harry!

Mikaiya – 4DK Excellence
For putting in 110% effort into all she does. Keep up the incredible work, Mikaiya!

Niall – 4DK Excellence
For his unwavering dedication to his studies and exemplary behaviour. A true role model! Well done!

Andy – 4CR Resilience
For always trying his hardest despite the challenges he faces in learning a new language.

Ayelet – 4CR Excellence
For using a range of persuasive devices to write a convincing argument about living in a treehouse.


Edward – 5HP Excellence
For consistently achieving outstanding results in Mathletics.
Anthea – 5HP Integrity
For always displaying integrity every day at school. Well done Anthea!
Leni – 5HP Respect
For always displaying our school values every day at school. You are awesome Leni!
Rosy – 5MS Integrity
For being a responsible and reliable member of 5MS. Rosy, you are a wonderful role model to your peers!
Shreya – 5MS Respect
For her polite and helpful approach to everything she does, what an important member of our class!
Sienna – 5LG Integrity
For showing a huge amount of empathy to both teachers and classmates. Well done, Sienna!
Shanaya – 5LG Respect
For respecting not only her classmates and teachers, but also the school, and her own learning.
Jack – 5LG Excellence
For demonstrating a commitment to his own learning and genuinely wanting to be the best he can be.
Navtaj – 5LG Excellence
For applying himself to all challenges and enthusiastically learning new skills. Well done, Navtaj!
Nathaniel – 5EW Respect
For having wonderful manners and showing great care for the people around him.
Jonah – 5EW Excellence
For his hard work and improvements in all areas of mathematics. You are a superstar Jonah!
Zoe – 5EW Excellence
For the effort she has put into all her literacy tasks. Fantastic work Zoe!
Sienna – 5EW Excellence
For consistency in reaching her AR targets and setting new goals. Keep up the great work Sienna!
Samaira – 5KP Excellence
For working productively on all learning activities and showing improvement with her reading.
Ilias – 5KP Excellence
For settling back into class routines after his family holiday and trying hard to complete his work.





As part of the Japanese Day celebrations, a sushi lunch will be offered on Tuesday, 24 October.

Each twin pack of sushi will cost $7.50. The flavours available to purchase are avocado, tuna & avocado and teriyaki chicken & cucumber. All packs are gluten free.  There will also be fruit juice available in a variety of flavours for $2.

Orders for this event will close on Tuesday, 17 October 2023 at 12:00pm and no late orders can be accepted

Orders can be placed through the following link: https://www.trybooking.com/CMENE

If you have any questions, please contact Parent Group on osparentgroup67@gmail.com


Thank you

Parent Group


How much fun would it be for a student to pour slime over a teacher’s head and not get in trouble for it? All colour run participants that fundraise over $50 will go into a draw to do just that. At the assembly prior to the colour run, names of the lucky students will be drawn. The sliming will take place at the conclusion of the run!

Register your child today, they must collect a minimum of $10 in donations to participate. Speaking to many OSPS parents they are kick starting their child’s donations with a $10 contribution before asking family and friends to donate a couple of dollars.
To register your child head to www.australianfundraising.com.au and click on the School Run for Fun Login

If you have any questions with regards to the Colour Run, please email Parent Group at osparentgroup67@gmail.com.



We would like to advise that the OSPS branded scarves and beanies can now be purchased online as well as in the 2nd hand uniform shop.

Please click on the link below if you’d like to order. Once ordered, your items will be delivered to your child’s classroom. The scarves are $20, and beanies are $18. Please contact Parent Group on osparentgroup67@gmail.com if you have any questions.



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