Oakleigh South Primary School


7th June, 2024

‘Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.’ — Unknown


Issue 17  – 7th June 2024


Tuesday 11th June
– Year 4 Jam Donut Day
– Year 6 Nuggets & Chips Day

Wednesday 12th June 
– Region Cross Country
– Prep Melbourne Zoo Excursion

Thursday 13th June
– VSSS Mass Dance Rehearsal

Friday 14th June
– Year 3 Dim Sim & Potato Cake Day
– Year 5 Wedges Day

Wednesday 19th June
– Year 4 Production Dress Rehearsal Cast 1

Thursday 20th June
– Year 4 Production Dress Rehearsal Cast 2

Wednesday 26th June
– Year 3 Jump Rope for Heart

Friday 28th June
– Last Day of Term 2 (2.30pm finish)


Once again, thank you to our Parent Group who are providing special days for some of our year levels in the coming weeks. Please check your Compass notifications for those days that are applicable to your child’s year level.

Our teachers are very busy at the moment preparing your child’s mid-year report. These reports will be sent to parents on Friday 28th June, the last day of term. This year we will be having parent-teacher meetings in the first week back in Term 3, on Tuesday 16th July. Keep your eye out for more information regarding these meetings.

Tickets went on sale this week for the Year 4 production to the families of year 4. Next Monday the tickets for ‘Gladis Bake Gladiator’ will go on sale for the rest of the school community. Please click HERE to buy your tickets for this fun show.

Last Tuesday night the school council approved 2 upcoming student free days. The first will be on Monday 2nd September and the second will be on Monday 4th November. Please note these in your diaries.

Finally, a reminder that next Monday, 10th June, there will be a public holiday for the King’s Birthday.  Children are not required at school on this day.

Enjoy your long weekend.

Nikki Virtuoso

Acting Principal




Check out our Year 4 Production dates of Wed 26th and Thu 27th June for the hilarious Gladis Baker Gladiator show!
Welcome to the Colosseum of Ancient Rome where the stage is set for the first Great Roman Bake off!
You will be whisked into a frenzy, beaten to a foam and knocked back in a competition where Flour is Power!
Can orphan Gladis escape the clutches of her miserable aunt and uncle by winning the Great Roman Bake Off and becoming the Gladisbaker?
Tickets go on sale via trybooking.com for the whole school Monday 10th June at 10am.
We can’t wait to see you at the Year 4 Prodcution!



If you have a child school starting in 2025, Prep Enrolments are now open.

Please go to our Enrolments tab, and follow the instructions to register via the Student Insight Portal.

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted by Friday 26th July 2024.

This is in line with the new statewide Prep enrolment timeline, introduced by the Department of Education.

If you know of other new families who are considering applying for a 2025 Prep placement, please encourage them to submit their forms as well.



The Victorian Government offer a Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund for families who hold a valid means-tested concession card are eligible to apply. A special consideration category also exists. A payment of $150 for eligible primary school students will be paid directly to the school to be used toward camps, sports and excursion costs for the student’s benefit.

If your circumstances have changed recently and you now hold a Health Care Card please apply for Camp, Sports and Excursion funding, or if you have not yet submitted a form this year, please do so before the 28th June 2024.

Those families that were eligible in 2023 will be rolled over, you do not need to reapply.

Please click HERE to download the form.

Once you have completed the application form, please send it to carlyn.backers@education.vic.gov.au along with a photo of your Health Care Card.



Due to the increasing amount of lost property, it is no longer sustainable to sort the items and hand them back to their owners. Going forward, lost property will be cleared up to twice a term with clearly named  items being on display at a time and location that will be advised to the school community via compass. We strongly encourage parents/carers or students to look for any items they have lost during the school term. At the conclusion of these ‘display sessions’ any items not collected will either be donated to charity, placed in the uniform shop or disposed of.

We would like to thank our parent volunteers that have worked on lost property up until this point. Hundreds of items were handed back due to their efforts.


We were delighted to have Return-it at our recent Fete, promoting all things recycling with regards to cans, bottles and containers that bare the 10c mark (usually near the bar code).
OSPS is now collecting to help recycle and fundraise at the same time!
Bring your cans, bottles and containers in to OSPS and drop them top the Year 3 Village purple bins!
Use the bar code at any depot to donate to OSPS!




Mirai N. PAL – Empathy: For always being a kind and caring student and for helping others on the playground and in the classroom. Well done, Mirai! You’re a star!

Vicky S. 1NM – Empathy: For always offering to help others that need support, being kind to others and helping to make the classroom clean.

Ari W. 2TM – Gratitude: For showing appreciation and consideration towards his teachers and peers.

Olivia J. 3DP – Empathy: For always being a kind, caring and considerate student and showing empathy for her classmates.

Mina M. 4CR – Empathy: Always looking out for others and making sure they’re okay. Mina, thank you for being a great friend.

Kosta N. 5PG – Gratitude: For being such a remarkable Year 5 student always showing kindness and caring for our school grounds by cleaning up the yard! You are a real GEM Kosta, we truly thank you!

Mia C. 6SC – Mindfulness: For thinking of those around her by demonstrating care and consideration.



Integrated Studies: History

Year 6 students delved deep into history this term, learning about the events that shaped WWI, and the impact and cost of war. This unit was packed with insights relating to the roles of the Allies and the Central Powers, Australia’s involvement in the war, the recruitment campaigns, the changing war sentiment, the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations. Students were challenged to see various perspectives on the war, and to empathise with the differing views. They were also forced to evaluate the impact and costs of WWI for the various countries involved, by considering the ownership/loss of land, reparations, and military/social/economic/political repercussions. At the end of the history unit, students reflected on how much their views of history and WWI had grown and changed. As one student exclaimed, “I never thought learning about history and war could be so much fun!” A number of students asked, “Can we learn about WW2 next?”

Year 6 Production

This year’s production of Frozen Jr is moving along nicely. The show is cast, and rehearsals have started. As this is the first time we have performed this show, we are looking forward to creating costumes and sets ‘from scratch’. So, thank you to the parents who have offered their expertise and assistance towards the making of our show. If you would like to be involved, and haven’t put your name down yet, it’s never too late. Simply let us know. Thanks!

Costumes: carissa.martinez@education.vic.gov.au

Sets: fiona.wells@education.vic.gov.au

Year 6 Art Incursion with Daniel Butterworth

On Friday 24th May, the Year 6 Students delved into the fascinating world of Daniel Butterworth, an established artist renowned for his captivating portraiture. Daniel frequently uses self-portraits to express his social, political, and personal views, making his work both deeply personal and universally relatable. The Year 6 classes were very lucky to see first-hand, his unique style and compelling work that has made him a sought-after guest artist and teacher across Australia.

Known for his innovative use of materials, Daniel often paints on scrap cardboard and uses house paints. He even incorporates everyday items like coffee and Vegemite into his art, demonstrating to the budding artists in Year 6, that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Daniel visited the art room where he inspired children by sharing stories of his career and encouraging them to use everyday objects to create art. He believes in the power of daily practice, advising the young artists to draw for just 10 minutes a day to improve their skills.

It’s fair to say all the students had a ball!


This term, the Year 6 Writing program was integrated with our history unit on WWI and the ANZAC campaign at Gallipoli. Students were required to convey a strong understanding of the events and emotions related to the war experience by producing heartfelt war journals and letters from a first-person perspective.

In Writing Groups, the Year 6 students learned the foundations of essay writing. They were presented with evocative short film prompts that challenged their thinking and encouraged them to form a contention and use supporting evidence to construct an argument. The most recent essay topic was based on the theme of ‘Legacy’. Here are a couple of example paragraphs of this writing:

My legacy in my family will be my generosity. When my brother tore his ACL and meniscus, I helped him for 7 months until he recovered from surgery. Then when he tore it again, I helped him for another 3 months. When he smashed his head against the ground, I helped him for 3 weeks by making sure he was comfortable. When my other brother fell off his bike in the middle of the road, I picked him up so he didn’t get run over. That is proof that I show generosity. I also help with the little things as well, like when my friend fell today, and I picked him up and helped him to a teacher. And I don’t do that just for my friends, I do it for everyone. One more example of my generosity is my always giving to the homeless. Overall, I am very generous, and I love helping people.

– Thomas, 6SC.

In hockey I play for the Southern United Hockey Club. Nicole Nageli once said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”. My hockey journey did not start great, but my team believed in me and I scored a goal, and we won the game. That will be my legacy in SUHC. I also want to be remembered for my kindness and wanting others to be their best.

– Kate, 6SC.

This legacy is probably the most important to me. Now it hasn’t happened yet, but soon I will be donating my hair to the Cancer Council. This is important because I could help people who have cancer feel just a little bit better, and I would love to be remembered for this. I love to help people, and by donating my hair I would be helping parents, children or even families.

– Evelina, 6SC.


G: We are GRATEFUL for the opportunity to put on a large scale Year 6 production.

E: We are EMPATHETIC towards our teachers during this busy assessment and reporting time.

M: We are MINDFUL of the health of other students and teachers, ensuring we stay at home if we are unwell.



On Tuesday 28th May, 19 superstar runners travelled to Bald Hill Park to compete in the Division Cross Country. It was a brilliant day with the sun shining overhead and lots of excited chatter and encouragement being shared throughout the day. We had an outstanding amount of talent being showcased and the competition was fierce. The Running Club coaches are incredibly proud of all the hard work and dedication of all of the runners, and they represented OSPS beautifully and with pride. All students ran well and were competitive to the very end. Well done to, Aadhiyan, Drewin, Emma, Jack, Koby, Mika, Olia, Sasha, Patrick, Makaela, Mickey, Kathleen, William, Ovi, Rory, Alex, Tiyah, Lidia and Karlos for making it to Division Cross Country, this was a fantastic achievement.

We also wish to say a huge congratulations to Koby who came 8th in the 9-10 year old boys age group and is progressing through to Regional Cross Country, alongside Sasha who came 2nd in the 11-year old boys age group. We wish you all the best at Regionals!!



Our Oakleigh South Girls Football Team took part in the Bentleigh District round robin day on Tuesday 4th June at Centenary Park. 22 of our Year 5 and 6 girls (some having played before and others for the first time) made up the OSPS team that competed against 4 other teams. After a respectable defeat against perennial premiers St Peters, we had two narrow losses by a combined margin of 7 points against Coatesville A and St Paul’s. Coaches Miss Gunning and Mr Morrey were left perplexed as to how we didn’t come away with a win in either of those games! There were some standout moments whether it be Olive’s phenomenal running to get the ball, Mabel’s ability to break tackles or Anthea’s (Josh Daicos) mindboggling goal that left everyone (especially) her stunned!

After a bye and a chance for the girls to stretch their legs and (annoy) play with Mr Morrey’s daughters at the playground, we took on the other Coatesville side in our last game. Kathleen was absolutely everywhere kicking a couple of goals, captain Nadia was kicking the ball long and Jade was a little pocket rocket as we won 17-0 to come away with a well deserved win. 

Our girls represented our school superbly and can be very proud of the way they played across the day. Credit certainly goes to Miss Gunning and Mr Morrey for giving up their lunchtimes for training and for their guidance and effort throughout the matches as well. Hopefully all the girls that played enjoyed the experience and might take up footy at their local club in the future if they don’t play already.




Our wonderful Oakleigh South Primary School Parent Group have featured in the Parents Voice Newsletter for promoting an inclusive Mother’s Day and Special Person Day.

Well done Parent Group on all the work you do to provide events to our school community that include everyone.

To view the Parents Voice Newsletter, please click on the following link:





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