Oakleigh South Primary School


2nd May, 2024

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”John C. Maxwell


Issue 12  – 2nd May 2024


Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd May
– Mother’s Day Stall

Friday 10th May
– Year 6-7 Transition Forms Due @ 11 AM
– Last Day to Purchase Early Bird Ride Wristbands

Saturday 11th May
2024 OSPS Autumn Family Fete

Thursday 16th May
– VSSS Mass Dance Rehersal

Tuesday 21st May
– VSSS Mass Choir Rehersal

Thursday 23rd May
– Final School Tour @ 9:30 AM

Tuesday 28th May
– Beachside Division Cross Country


On Tuesday, we hosted our third school tour for the year. We had many interested parents and children who toured the school, where we highlighted the wonderful facilities we offer at OSPS.

There is one last school tour scheduled for Thursday the 23th of May.

The OSPS Cross-Country team competed at Bald Hill Park on Tuesday. Congratulations to all the children who competed and a big thank you to the staff who supported the team in preparing for the event. OSPS proudly won the overall event for the district, with many in our team now progressing to the Division Cross-Country competition. Well done everyone!

We are now on the countdown to the OSPS Autumn Fete, to be held in 8 sleeps time on Saturday 11th May. You would’ve already received lots of information via your children and Compass. If you haven’t already done so, please help your children’s class by volunteering some time on their stall. Many hands make light work!
Fete day is always an amazing opportunity for the community to come together with loads of fun for family and friends.

Don’t forget to purchase your Early Bird Ride Wristbands through trybooking.com.au by Friday 10th May. Search OSPS and order your wristband for $45 for unlimited rides between 10am and 3pm. Wristbands will not be available for sale on fete day. Tickets will be available for sale for individual rides.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Ron Cantlon





If you have a child school starting in 2025, Prep Enrolments are now open.

Please go to our Enrolments tab, and follow the instructions to register via the Student Insight Portal.

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted by Friday 26th July 2024.

This is in line with the new statewide Prep enrolment timeline, introduced by the Department of Education.

If you know of other new families who are considering applying for a 2025 Prep placement, please encourage them to submit their forms as well.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a government requirement that ALL Year 6 students in Victoria must complete and return this form by Friday 10th May, regardless of where they will attend in 2025.

If you have any questions, please email enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au or your child’s classroom teacher.



Important Information for ALL Year 6 Parents/Guardians


Last week, all parents of Year 6 students were sent the Year 6-7 Transition Forms via Compass.

Please ensure you take the time to read the Compass message, then complete the “Application for Year 7 Placement 2025” which must be returned via email by 11 am on Friday 10th May.

It is extremely important that you thoroughly read and correctly complete every applicable section in the Application for Year 7 Placement form. Your child’s VSN was distributed via the classroom, and all students will have it glued into their diary. We ask that you please enter your child’s VSN into Section 1.

The “Application for Year 7 Placement 2025” forms MUST be returned as 1 document via email to enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au by 11am Friday 10th May. Please ensure that you have completed every applicable section and provided all required information.


Late submissions may affect placements for 2025.




If you are applying for an Out-of-Zone school, please check with them if they require further documentation to be submitted. It is the parent’s responsibility to check and provide this information.



Gwen – 4LW
For her exceptional work ethic and completing tasks to an exceptional level.
Jack – 4LW
For always completing his tasks neatly with excellent format. Well done Jack!
Arthur – 4AS
Working Together
For displaying exemplary sportsmanship & kindness during Cross Country. Well done, Arthur!
Aavni – 4AS
For demonstrating attentive listening & showing utmost respect towards her teachers & peers.
Marcus – 4CG
For showing great writing skills and determination to create a narrative story for his Prep buddy!
Safaa – 4CG
For always giving 100% in every task and striving to challenge herself and extend her knowledge.
Fifi – 4CR
For her beautifully written and illustrated picture story book. An awesome effort, Fifi!
Araiya – 4CR
For her beautifully written and illustrated picture story book. Awesome effort, Araiya!
Wanyi – 4LD
For creating a positive and educational picture story book for their buddy in Prep.
Koby – 4LD
For giving his best effort during our school fun run. What a fantastic result!
Daniel B – 4WW
For starting Term 2 with a bang! So impressed with your attentive listening and amazing effort in all areas.
Natalie – 4WW
For making an excellent start on your AR goal this term. Keep up the amazing work, Natalie!



Julian – 5LG
Working Together
For showing terrific initiative around the classroom and always offering assistance when needed.
Kai – 5LG
Working Together
For keeping Mrs Goudie happy and giggling with your wonderful sense of humour and quick wit!
Emma – 5LG
For always displaying outstanding behaviour and achieving a wonderful result in all areas.
Sushant – 5PG
For being a responsible member who actively contributes valuable insights during literacy rotations.
Kosta – 5PG
For his positive attitude towards all areas of his learning, especially Maths. Well done Kosta!
Danni – 5EW
For setting a great example of what can be achieved with hard work and determination.
Ruhaan – 5EW
For his relentless efforts in improving each draft of a very well written recount.
Jayla – 5MM
For being a helpful, positive and courteous class member who leads by example. Super Star Jayla!
Krishiv – 5MM
For demonstrating a positive ‘Can Do’ attitude and working hard to reach his academic learning goals.
Rheanne – 5KP
For her solid commitment to learning and making wonderful progress with extending her reading level.
Alexia – 5KP
For starting the term off with a dedication to her learning and desire to do her personal best.
Leo – 5DR
For trying his absolute best and completing 3 SRA cards in a single session – WOW! Well done, Leo!
Fiona – 5DR
For always being respectful and producing amazing work. You’re a star, Fiona!


Ipshika – 6NM
For being diligent with her time management balancing all of her responsibilities as a house captain.
Michael – 6NM
For a terrific geography project on Chad and for giving 100% in the classroom.
Adam – 6NM
For bringing a terrific attitude to 6NM every day, making everyone’s day better!
Vivian – 6SM
For always displaying respect towards her teachers and being tolerant and accepting of her peers.
Rosy – 6SM
For working diligently during SRA sessions with exceptional results.
Saanvi – 6CM
For always speaking with respect and courtesy, using manners, and being kind to others.
Theodor – 6CM
For demonstrating excellent standards of work his recent Geography project and his Slam Poem too.
Sienna – 6LJ
Working Together
For her desire to help others and participate in classroom discussions. Sienna is full of ideas!
Maksim – 6LJ
Working Together
For always supporting his classmates with clarification on topics and tech support when needed!
Zoe – 6LJ
Working Together
For always lending a helping hand, she takes the initiative to help her classroom run smoothly.





Pia K. PBB – Empathy: For always helping her peers and teachers without ever being asked! Incredible work, Pia!

Charissa B. 1LD Gratitude: For always being kind, using her manners and showing gratitude to her classmates and teachers.

Lana M. 2VO Empathy: For always showing empathy, patience and kindness to her peers. You are a wonderful student and friend, Lana.

Jiyana S. 3DP Mindfulness: This certificate states ‘mindfulness’ as the reason for this award, however, it is because Jiyana displays all three parts of GEM. Her work ethic and consideration of others is constant. A most deserving recipient! Congratulations Jiyana!!

Amaira J. 4WW Gratitude: For always being incredibly thankful for everything in her possession and treating everyone, and everything, with such respect.

Rishaan N. 5LG Mindfulness: For his active commitment to GEM sessions, including mindful participation in class meditations.

Shanaya P. 6CM Empathy: For always displaying care for those around her.



The Year 2s have jumped into Term 2 with some amazing learning!

We have begun learning about the Water Cycle and all had investigation walks around the school to see where and how we use water at OSPS. Some classes even visited the new Year 3 Village and saw the exciting hydroponics system in action!

We are also getting ready for the Fete and hope you all come to visit our Year 2 stalls…maybe you could start your day with a coffee and cake at the Dino Café, browse the Toys and Books, go and get some Crazy Hair and Tattoos and finish with a Pancake for afternoon tea! We can’t wait to see you all there!!



The Year 2s are working hard to brainstorm choices, choose a point of view and construct their persuasive writing. We are very pleased at how well the students are striving to improve their persuasive writing, especially with their sizzling starts and including examples and evidence to back up their reasons.

Here is some incredible persuasive writing based on the topic of Rapunzel and her mother wanting to keep her locked up in the tower:

Do you want to catch the plague and die? Certainly not! I highly doubt you will survive out in the world. I shall persuade you with my three fantastic reasons.


Firstly, the plague is a very common disease that if you catch it you could die. For instance, all the doctors haven’t got a cure! Also, this disease acts quickly – you can die in just a few days!


Secondly, if you aren’t careful you might step into quicksand. For example, if you are at the beach or in the mud.


Lastly, flora that is poisonous is common. For example, the night shade plant’s fruit can kill you.


In conclusion, I strongly ask you to never leave this tower! I am sure I have convinced you with my three phenomenal reasons.


Now please never leave this tower!

– Radmehr, 2MJ

Do you want to get lost in the woods? Well if you do, you’re so clumsy! I totally believe that you should stay here with me. I will definitely tell you about all the dangers in the world and convince you to not go out with my three outstanding reasons.

Firstly, there are so many dangerous bugs that will eat you like poison ivy or thorns so please stay with me in the tower.

Secondly, you’ll definitely die from all the plague out there. Do you want to die by the plague?

Lastly, there are so many cannibals that will eat you and there are robbers and bandits that will stop you and take your money!

In conclusion, I passionately plead with you to never leave this tower. I’m certain that I have persuaded you with my three reasons. NEVER ASK ME TO LEAVE!

– Matthias, 2MJ


Gratitude – we are VERY grateful for the new junior playground!

Empathy – for everyone staying warm in the cooler weather.

Mindfulness – sit outside when it is sunny, maybe read a book or go for a walk.


Year 2 students have had fun identifying all of the things that they are grateful for. They have also begun to further understand what empathy is and different ways that they can be kind to one another.

Later this term we will be focusing on understanding our own emotions and ways that we can ‘bounce back’ from difficult situations or emotions.



On Tuesday 30th May, OSPS took 50 of their best runners to compete in Bentleigh District Cross Country. Despite a couple of rain showers, the day will filled with excitement, determination and triumph! The 9 and 10-year-olds started the day with a bang, Mika P and Koby P took 2nd and 3rd  place for the boys with Olia A and Emma M bringing home 1st and 3rd respectively for the girls! Jack O, Aadhiyan R and Drewin D also qualifying in this age group for the next round.

Throughout the races, athletes showcased incredible perseverance and sportsmanship. Cheers and encouragement echoed around the oval as teammates and supporters rallied behind each runner, spurring them on right to the finish line.

The 11-year-olds were up next, running the 3km.  Sasha M and Rory M received 1st and 2nd while Makaela T brought home a 4th. Mickey Z, Patrick P and William J had a brilliant race also qualifying in their age group for Division. As the clouds parted and the sun broke through, casting a golden glow over the field, the last 2 races were held for the 12- and 13-year-olds. Karlos W finished 4th for the boys while Lidia V had an incredible victory in the girls’ races, followed by Kathleen H who came in 3rd. Also qualifying for Division were Ovi M, Alex R and Tiyah S.

In the end, Oakleigh South Primary School emerged victorious, with cheers of joy and pride filling the air.  It was a testament to the hard work, dedication and teamwork of our athletes, coaches and supporters. A huge congratulations to all who participated and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped make the day a resounding success. Good luck to those athletes making their way to Division on Tuesday 28th May. We wish you all the best!



Each year, our wonderful Parent Group pleased hold a Mother’s Day & Special Person Day Stall on Thursday 2nd May and Friday 3rd May. Students will have the opportunity to purchase some gifts (priced between 50c and $10.00) for Mother’s Day & Special Person on Sunday 12th May.

Please see the Class Roster below to find your child’s allocated class time:

Thursday – 2 May 2024

Year 1 – 1.50 pm – 2.40 pm

1.50 pm – 2.05 pm – 1LB & 1KS
2.05 pm – 2.25 pm – 1MT, 1SC & 1JG
2.25 pm – 2.40 pm – 1NM & 1LD

Year 4 – 2.40 pm – 3.25 pm

2.40 pm – 2.55 pm – 4CG & 4AS
2.55 pm – 3.10 pm – 4CR & 4LW
3.10 pm – 3.25 pm – 4LD & 4WW

Friday – 3 May 2024 

Year 3/PREP – 9.05am – 9.50am

9.05 am – 9.20 am – 3JD & 3MW
9.20 am – 9.35 am – 3AN & 3NM
9.35 am – 9.50 am – Prep HM & Prep BB

Prep/Year 3 – 9.55am – 10.40am

9.50 am – 10.05 am – Prep FG & Prep MC
10.05 am – 10.25 am – Prep AL, Prep LM & Prep NC
10.25 am – 10.40 am – 3NH & 3DP

Recess – Year 6

Friday – 3 May 2024 (cont.)

Year 2 / Year 5– 11.10am – 11.55am

11.10 – 11.25 am – 2AP & 2MJ
11.25 – 11.45 am – 2VO, 2CD & 2TM
11.45 am – 12.00 pm – 5KP & 5DR

Year 5 / Year 2 – 12.00 pm – 10.40 am

12.00 pm – 12.15 pm – 5EW & LG
12.15 pm – 12.30 pm – 5PG & 5MM
12.30 pm – 12.45 pm – 2SR & 2GL

Any students that missed their allocated time  12.45 pm – 1.10 pm



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