Outside the library, looks like something out of the finals of Master Chef. If only they were edible!

The Year 6 students have made these extraordinary chocolate cake slice sculptures. The process was rather lengthy, and the students did an amazing job adding the next bit to the process week after week while they also went on with other tasks.

They started with a cardboard inner which they stuck together themselves with masking tape. Then they were wrapped in fin foil and labelled and placed onto bamboo plates. The following week they were covered in mod-rock plaster bandage and left for a few weeks to fully dry. While that went on, the students painted the plate the base colour of their choice and let that dry also. Then began the task of making strawberries, cherries, blueberries, lollies, cream and other decorations with air clay. These were then hot glued onto the cakes before the painting began.

Miss Cato worked her magic and mixed sensational and very yummy looking cake colours and the painting began. These required several layers and lessons for touch ups to get them all perfect. Next came the hundreds and thousands with posca paint pens and squeezy bottles with brown paint to look like chocolate sauce… Last came the layer of varnish and we have a cake display fit for a king.

Sadly, you will not be seeing them as part of a Matilda display this year but we hope you enjoy looking at all the photographs. If you feel hungry now there’s a very nice cake shop called Vanilla in Eaton Mall although I do think the Year 6 cakes look better. Enjoy!