Wow, wow, wow…..the most amazing news for Oakleigh South Primary School being awarded millions from the government towards new classrooms and an administration wing. Huge thanks to Meng Heang Tak MP and Steve Dimopoulos MP for their tireless efforts working for our school and community. Photograph with our school captains out the front of our school with Steve Dimopolous MP, Principal Mr Cantlon and Heang Tak MP.
Another wonderful supporting post from Steve Dimopoulos MP announcing the $8.847 million upgrade of the Oakleigh South Primary School administration wing, main building and classrooms. He acknowledges the work of Meng Heang Tak MP
and Principal Ron Cantlon for their tireless work in the community and for the school. Thank you Steve for your unwavering support of our school and outstanding work you do for the Oakleigh community and beyond. Steve thanks the school council and community, staff, parents and of course the kids! Thank you so much to everyone involved in this amazing project!