The Lion King Jr, Year 6 production was without a doubt one of the highlights of the year thus far. Performed on 12th, 13th and 14th of September the year 6 casts and year 5 choir were phenomenal. Thank you to all the staff and parents who worked tirelessly on costumes, sets, props, choreography, directing, singing and producing.

The Lion King Jr. is the story of a young lion prince, living in the flourishing African Pridelands. Born into the royal family, precocious cub, Simba, spends his days exploring the sprawling Savannah grasslands and idolizing his kingly father Mufasa while youthfully shirking responsibilities his position in life requires. This changes when an unthinkable tragedy orchestrated by his wicked uncle Scar, takes his father’s life. Simba flees the Pridelands leaving his loss and the life he knew behind. Eventually companioned by two hilarious and unlikely friends, Simba starts anew. But when the weight of responsibility and a desperate plea from the now ravaged Pridelands come to find the now adult prince, Simba must take on a formidable enemy and fulfill his destiny to be King. A vibrant and exciting tale from the great creatives at Disney, The Lion King Jr. is a story of love and redemption that nobody should miss.