Walking into the hall, both year fives and sixes were chatting amongst each other, unaware that a famous Olympic aerial skier was standing in amongst the crowd of teachers.After entertaining us with an inspirational speech about his journey to being a famous aerial skier, David Morris has inspired us all to persist and challenge ourselves in everything we do. He relayed 3 important messages:

  1. The first message is to keep persisting and pursuing what you want to do, no matter what anyone says
  2. The second message is to learn from failures.
  3. The third message is that you’re not remembered for your results, you’re remembered for your dignity.

He spoke about his journey and all the difficulties he faced along the way to becoming an Olympic aerial skier. Most Olympic athletes get 8-10 years to train for the Olympics, but David Morris only had 4 years to train.

Overall, David Morris has motivated us to follow our dreams and to never give up. Everyone has learnt a lot. Thank you for coming to OSPS David.