Code Camp has been running a school holiday program at Oakleigh South Primary School for our students for several years now. However, due to the current climate we are facing, we have decided to cancel the program this April school holidays.

There is good news! We are pleased to say that the team at Code Camp have been working hard to create an online program which allows students to be creative digital storytellers, problem solvers, and coders during their school holidays and throughout any school closure periods thereafter. This is available to all our students!

Code Camp have a fantastic team of around 50 experienced staff members who teach students at their camps every school holidays. They’ll be ready to teach our students how to code via their online webinar classrooms to ensure students continue learning at home. Topics that their lesson plans cover include: loops, sequencing, iteration and animation.

While this is usually a paid program, Code Camp will be giving the program to our students for free as a thank you for the schools continued support and to keep our keen coders at Oakleigh South Primary School coding!

Please see the digital flyer with the link that you can sign up to for free.

If you would like further information, visit Code Camp at the following link.

A special thanks to all at CODE CAMP!!!