Parent Group ran the Christmas stall for the teachers and students. With money in hand, we watched as the students excitedly chose presents for their families, friends, and in some instances, themselves.

It seemed the hardest part for some was having to decide which present to choose. It was great seeing children in all year levels put their math skills to use and add up their purchases or work out how much change they should be getting.

As always, we would like to thank all parents that helped with the set-up, pack-up and the sale itself. Without our wonderful volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to continue with these events.

For the last month, Parent Group along with the leadership team has given their support to Anglicare by hosting a toy drive for those less fortunate and doing it tough at this time of year. To all our wonderful families that donated, thank you! The office has received an incredible amount of donations which we are sure will bring a smile to families in need in the lead up to Christmas.

On behalf of Parent Group, we’d like to wish the school community a happy and safe holiday season and thank you for supporting our events in 2023. We look forward to a fun-filled 2024.