No doubt many of our school community will have heard the news from Dan Andrews and the Victorian Government yesterday about extending the school holidays by another week from Monday 13th to Friday 17th July. Additionally that Metropolitan Melbourne and the Shire or Mitchell is back in Stage 3 lockdown for 6 weeks.

There is a CareMonkey coming out today with further information.

We have not been advised what Monday 20th July onwards will look like from a school perspective but, rest assured , we will endeavour to inform the school community as soon as any information comes to hand.

All children who are able to stay at home (or where alternative care arrangements can be made) must stay at home for the extended week of holidays – with exceptions only in extremely limited circumstances (check CareMonkey for details).

We are disappointed that we are will not be starting Term 3 back at school as anticipated. It is really important that the government addresses the current COVID-19 cases and spread.

We hope that everyone stays safe, stays isolated, and seeks medical advice if anyone in the household is experiencing symptoms.