The team at Edendale always comment on how much they enjoy working with Oakleigh South students; this year was no exception. Activities throughout the day saw us taking part in activities aligned with the new Australian Curriculum where sustainability is a cross curriculum priority. The need to reduce our environmental footprint was the main message of the day.

Waste disposal – reduce, reuse, recycle – what goes into what bin? Sorting through the types of things we throw away. Did you know that you can’t put shopping bags into your recycling bin?

Earth and worm farming – looking at the different soils around Edendale and the difference worms can make . Did you know that worms are nature’s recyclers.

Food – ‘ Consumption Down’ looking at labelling of various foods – how can we make a difference? The further away the food – the greater the footprint.

Environmental Art – looking at the colours in nature and how they are used to make the colours we still use today. Ask your child how cochineal or red food colouring is made ? Creating a colourful print on a calico bag using fresh flowers and leaves.

Animal discovery– a tour of the farm to meet and feed the Edendale animals.