Oakleigh South ventured to a sunny Bald Hill Park hoping to defend our District Cross Country title. All the students had been training for about 10 weeks for the big occasion. It was a super tight contest all day, but we managed to hold Coatesville off by 4 points to again win the title. Everyone ran so well and we are so proud of your efforts.

Congratulations to Jai, Nikita, Max, Sophie, Tricia, Lucia, Austin, Sienna, Vanessa, Jake, Tahj, Kate and Lauren who finished in the top 8 and have qualified for Division Cross Country to be held on the 28th of May.

9/10 Boys

Runner Up

9/10 Girls


11 Boys
Jai (2nd)

Nikita (4th)

Max (6th)

Hamish (14th)

Campbell (17th)

Shinichi (18th)

Rhyle (20th)

Fionn (21th)

Jacob (22nd)

Sophie (1st)

Tricia (2nd)

Lucia (6th)

Greta (12th)

Yuki (13th)

Aanika (17th)

Sarah (19th)

Aditi (28th)

Alexandra (30th)

Austin (4th)

Hideki (14th)

Archie (21st)

Tom (22nd)

Chris (23rd)

River (25th)

Yohan (34th)

Julian (43rd)

11 Girls


12/13 Boys 12/13 Girls


Sienna (2nd)

Vanessa (5th)

Summer (10th)

Claire (12th)

Amy (14th)

Lisa (18th)

Gaia (35th)

Sapphire (40th)

Mackenzie (41st)

Jake (7th)

Tahj (8th)

Maxwell (9th)

Daniel (15th)

Themi (20th)

Raf (26th)

Lucius (28th)

Flynn (31st)

Theo (32nd)

Kate (2nd)

Lauren (8th)

Indiana (13th)

Reanna (16th)

Zoe (18th)

Kyah (22nd)

Ella (24th)

Isha (25th)

Alicia (27th)

Sienna (29th)


Thank you to all the helpers who make Running Club possible. Jade Freeman and Helen Paroukas have been enormous with their help with the breakfast.Ennis Wintersea and Maria Sakellaris have been fantastic with their help for Nick Crane and Marcus Mooney with coaching. It has been a huge effort by all.

Well done to Oakleigh South on a wonderful day.