The OSPS 77 strong athletics team competed in the Bentleigh District Athletics. We were very successful in coming back with the District Athletics Shield for the 16th year in a row. 44 athletes finished with either 1st of 2nd in their event and will be heading off to Beachside Division Athletics early September.

The following children finished either 1st or 2nd and will compete at Division.

Tanasha – 1500m and High Jump
Kate I – 1500m
Sophie V – 1500m
Ethan C – Discus
Ethan K – Triple Jump
Salote M – Shot Put
Daniel Mac – Triple Jump, Hurdles and Relay
Emily R – Long Jump, Relay and 800m
Letitia – Shot Put
Sahaan – Discus
Rimon – Triple Jump
Theodore – Long Jump|
Teona – Long Jump, Relay and 800m
Panagiotis O – Shot Put
Ori – AWD Long Jump, AWD 100m and AWD 200m
Arjun – Shot Put
Olivia J – Triple Jump
Olivia G – Long Jump and Relay
Luka D – Shot Put
Samuel H – Hurdles and Relay
Anita K – Hurdles and Relay
Myrto S – Hurdles, 200m and Relay
Aadam K – Hurdles, 100m and Relay
Josephine C – Hurdles and Relay
Hudson C – 100m, 200m and Relay
Aeon – 100m, 200m and Relay
Jazmin B – 100m and Relay
Dean T – 100m and Relay
Austin H – 200m, Relay and 800m
Isla M – 200m and Relay
Tomoki H – Relay
Jessica I – Relay and 800m
Themi G – Relay
Jake A – Relay
Ciad K – Relay
Ryan F – Relay
George H – Relay
Ricky T – Relay|
Rowan R – Relay
Kyah H – Relay
Kensei S – Relay
Tricia S – Relay and 800m
Cleo B – Relay
Maya S – 800m