The art room had a special visitor, artist and school reacher Daniel Butterworth. He is known for painting on scrap cardboard and for using house paints. He has been an Archibald finalist and a Moran Portraiture finalist and he believes he has painted over 2000 self portraits!

He spoke to the children about his career and about using things around the house to make art like coffee and even vegemite. He encouraged the children to draw every day, even if it’s  just for 10 minutes to improve their skills.

They worked this charcoal, graphite pencil, Vegemite, white Chinagraph, white oil pastel, masking tape and shellac to create a finished newt picture on cartridge to be displayed in the foyer for the production of Matilda Jr.

The children had a great time and got very messy. Each child experimented with different media and mark making. We can’t wait to see them mounted and up on display.