After receiving approval from School Council, we are excited to share with you all what we are fundraising for with the Colour run.

There is an area of grass between the Robotics lab and Year 5 portables that currently does not get much use. We will be turning this area into an ‘outdoor classroom’ that can also be used by students to meet during recess and lunchtime.

While plans are yet to be finalised, the proposed idea is to lay turf in place of the existing grass and install approximately 4 tables with bench seats.

We look forward to keeping the school community updated with the progress once work begins on this area.

Register your child today, they must collect a minimum of $10 in donations to participate. Speaking to many OSPS parents they are kick starting their child’s donations with a $10 contribution before asking family and friends to donate a couple of dollars.

To register your child head to and click on the School Run for Fun Login

If you have any questions with regards to the Colour Run, please email Parent Group at