Term 3 in The Village is all about healthy eating with a focus on dairy.  It is a hands on, interactive learning term in keeping with The Village approach.  A highlight as always is raising a large animal – and for the fourth year in a row this has been a calf generously given to us to raise by Travis and Kylie from Chesterfield Farm. We named her Ester and she was just about the sweetest calf we have raised so far.  All children, as farmers and in class groups were involved in her bottle feeding and general care.  The unit of work culminated in an excursion to Chesterfield Farm.

We were also fortunate to be selected to take part in Dairy Australia’s 2019  Picasso Cows Program – an engaging interactive learning program to learn about the Australian dairy industry, its products, health and nutrition benefits, farming processes and the manufacturing process. This cross-curricular program was highly interactive, catering for a diverse range of learning styles. It encouraged the development of ideas and creativity through cooperation and teamwork. The children were truly engaged and we were able to produce a learning journal of such quality that we took out one of the major prizes – winning the award for the BEST LEARNING JOURNAL from entrants across Australia and $1000 for The Village.  You can view our learning journal on line.

Information Picasso Cow Project