OSPS students from Student Voice members attended a special ANZAC Day for Schools Service. The program was supported by the Glen Waverley Secondary Band and a Catafalque Party supplied by the Australian Defence Force. There were 600+ local students and staff from 30 local schools from the City of Monash that attended together with 18 of our students. Several Local, State and Federal Politicians as well as many other dignitaries were also there.

This year, there was a focus on the contribution women have made to our country. There were many inspirational talks, including a touching speech by Group Commander and orthopedic surgeon, Annette Holian, who explained what it was like to serve our country in Afghanistan with an ICU team of only 10 people. She reminded us that: “ANZAC is not merely about loss. It is about courage and endurance and duty and love of country and mate-ship and good humour, and the survival of a sense of self-worth and decency in the face of dreadful odds.”

Once the speeches concluded, there was a wreath laying ceremony where students from OSPS and the other schools layed down wreaths to represent their schools. After that, The Last Post was played, followed by one minute of silence, and finally, the national anthem.

It was a wonderful service. Lest We Forget.